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LOT799 India

1895 5r ultramarine and violet very fine hinged mint, SG 109.

LOT800 India

1931-35 Unmounted mint sets for 1931 Inauguration and 1935 Silver Jubilee, odd tones otherwise sound, SG 226/231, 240/6. Cat £62.

LOT801 India

1937-1951 GVI Collection hinged mint complete for the period including 1937-40 set of 18 to 25r (cat £600), 1940-43 set of 14 (cat £45), 1948 1st Anniv. Ghandi low vals to 12a, 1949-52 set (cat £325), 1949 UPU, 1950 Inauguration, 1950-51 defin set 3. Cat £1139. (73). Very useful lot.

LOT802 India

1937-40 set of 18 to 25r fine used, mainly sound, SG 247-64 Cat £140.

LOT803 India

1948 1st Anniv. of Independence 10r purple-brown and lake unmounted mint, couple of gum blemishes otherwise nice key top value, SG 308 Cat £400 for mint.

LOT804 India

British Post Offices in Nepal; 1921 (17 Dec) H.R.H. Hunting Camp Cover in Terai, Nepal bearing I.E.F. 3p grey block of 4 tied tied to plain cover to Bombay by "HRH The Price Of Wales' Camp P.O." fancy postmark, arrival backstamp, Fine. This marking used at hunting camp on Terai district of Nepal, Ex Singer, fine and scarce.

LOT805 India

British Post Offices in Nepal; 1921 H.R.H. Hunting Camp Cover in Terai, Nepal, 15th Dec 1921 India 9p and ¼p surcharges tied to imprint cover to Ratnagiri, India by "HRH The Price Of Wales' Camp P.O." fancy postmark, arrival backstamp, ex Singer. Fine & scarce.

LOT806 India

Officials: 1937-1951 GVI Collection hinged mint sets for the period including 1937-39 set 7 to 10r, 1939 1a on 1½ mauve U/M, 1939-42 set of 11, 1950-51 set of 14, total cat £160, SG O135/150, O151/164.

LOT807 India

Scott printed album with useful mint and used 1854-1970s wide range of defins and commems including different printings for 1854 ½a & 1a, 4a red and blue cut to shape, 1855 4a, 1859 to 8a, 1860s defins much complete incl a blk of 4 cancelled RMS, 1860 8p mauve mint, 1895 2r & 3r used, EDVII to 10r (telegraph cancel), GV to 15r, 1926 to 10r, 1931 set m & u, GVI to 10r, 1952 Poets set used, back of the book incl CEF, officials, also Pakistan ranges m & u, useful pickings and good cat value.

LOT808 India

Stockbook containing a mint and mainly used assembly from GV to 1972 including 1929 Air set mint (cat £50), 1931 Inauguration set mint (cat £32), set used (cat £50), 1948 Ghandi low vals set to 12a mint, set to 12a used,1949 UPU in U/M corner blocks of 4 for 2a-12a (cat £92), 1950 Inaug. set m, 1952 Saints & Poets set m, hereon much complete mint or U/M or used some mint blocks to 1972, huge cat value, duplicated but many useful pickings.

LOT809 India

Useful collection in a ring binder from QV to modern noted 1855 4a black on blue, 1866-67 4a green, 1874 1r with RalliBrothers overprint, 1937 15r mint (tone spot cat £180), 25r used (cat £45), good range of officials to 10rm & u, Convention states incl vals to 1r mint and used, etc, useful pickings and cat value.

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