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LOT531 India

1902-52 Thirty-four various covers includes King Edward VII 3p on 1911 cover and King George V ½a on postal stationery various cancels.

LOT532 India

1939 Twenty-eight postal stationery postcards from Jaipur State with various cancels.

LOT533 India

1946 3p on 1a3p yellow-brown in two half sheets of 160 unmounted mint, very fine, SG 282.

LOT534 India

1947 (21 Nov) Registered cover bearing 3½a Independence PAIR tied BOMBAY GPO / REG CDS cancel on first day of issue to Secunderabad Club, Deccan. Small ageing spots otherwise nice item.

LOT535 India

1947-64 Two books containing stamps of India mounted to pages. Includes 1963 centenary of Red cross block of four, 1962 centenary of Indian high courts blocks of four three values and 1946 Victory set.

LOT536 India

1949 10r purple-brown and deep blue in attractive fine used strip of 4, and 10r purple-brown and blue in attractive fine used strip of 3, nice multiples, SG 323, 323b.

LOT537 India

1950-70 4 presentation folders with sets of stamps incl 1950 Inauguration set tied 26.1.50 CDS's, 1970 Commem stamp, 1952 Saints & Poet set mint affixed to special pages, some faults (4).

LOT538 India

A box with approx. 350 postal stationery postcards. Mostly quarter anna massive amount of cancels including Indian States.

LOT539 India

First Day of Issue special folders with mint sets affixed inside for 1937 GVI set to 1r U/M, 1947 Air set 3 & 1953 Railways 2a black blk of 4, mainly sound. (3).

LOT540 India

First Day of Issue special folders with mint sets affixed inside for 1947 Air set 3, 1953 Railways 2a black blk of 4,1954 Stamp Centenary set (toned cover), mainly sound. (3).

LOT541 India

Mint & used 1940s-60s commems in blocks of 4 and ranges on Hagner pages including Officials GVI singles to 10r mint, GVI defins to 14a & 1r mint, 1929 Air 3a, 6a & 12a mint (cat £32), 1949 2r unmounted (mounted in margin cat £30), 1948 Indep Anniv. 12a Ghandi mint (cat £27), nice little lot.

LOT542 India

Officials: 1883 OHMS overprint in black on 1a brown-purple wmk star in a small box with 1000s loose or in bundles of 100, must be 5000+ ideal for watermark varieties, overprint varieties, postmarks etc, cat £2500. SG O40.

LOT543 India

Officials: 1939 GVI 10r assembly of used blocks including positional gutter margin block of 8, block of 6 (3), strip of 3 (2), large block of 12 left side marginal, block of 8 (2), block of 9,etc, also range of lower values, other normal GVI to 25r used etc, enormous catalogue value, approx 105 10r SG O141 Cat £20 each £2100 total. Unchecked for inverted watermarks (cat £95 each).

LOT544 India

Officials: 1939 GVI 10r purple and claret overprinted SERVICE in a scarce block of 20 fine used with NEW DELHI DHQ CDS cancels, some creases and bends but scarce multiple and huge cost in 1939. SG O141 cat £400.

LOT545 India

Officials: 1950 10r reddish brown in a superb block of 4 with central CDS cancel, very fine, SG O164.

LOT546 India

POSTAL ORDER - 1965 R2 Five Naye Paise postal order with counterfoil unused with POSTAL ORDER 8 12 65 CDS cancel in black, very fine for these, two neat punch holes otherwise pristine.

LOT547 India

POSTAL ORDER - 1978 & 1980 Two different used without counterfoils, R10 & R20 in blue or purple, few minor faults otherwise sound.

LOT548 India

Scott printed album with useful mint and used 1854-1970s wide range of defins and commems including different printings for 1854 ½a & 1a, 4a red and blue cut to shape, 1855 4a, 1859 to 8a, 1860s defins much complete incl a blk of 4 cancelled RMS, 1860 8p mauve mint, 1895 2r & 3r used, EDVII to 10r (telegraph cancel), GV to 15r, 1926 to 10r, 1931 set m & u, GVI to 10r, 1952 Poets set used, back of the book incl CEF, officials, also Pakistan ranges m & u, useful pickings and good cat value.

LOT549 India

Twenty-seven covers and postcards includes KGVI cover with 26 stamps to GB, opened by censor cover, 1954 postage stamp centenary readdressed cover and various KGV covers.

LOT550 India

Used in Iran: Bushire 1911 Two very tatty Registered covers from Bushire to same addr in UK bearing India GV defins 2a6p pair & 1, other cover had 1a pair and 2a6p rate, both with Bushire CDS cancels, and registered etiquette's No. 63 & 149, one has PASSED CENSOR BUSHIRE violet d/r CDS but torn severely affecting the cover. Intr duo.

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