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LOT825 Hungary

1843 Entire with Pesth straight line with 1/8 mark addressed to Vienna. With Wien 3 Sep on reverse.

LOT826 Hungary

1871-1930s Ancient collection mint and used on old-time printed leaves for early to issues to 1930s incl defins and commems noted 1871-72 to 25kr, wide range of Harvester defins, overprints, porto, tax ovpts, back of the book material, etc, excellent opportunity to fill those gaps. Nice original lot.

LOT827 Hungary

1874-1973 A mint & used / CTO collection on Scott printed album pages including modern 1950s to 1970s sets or ranges, odd better noted 1920 Wheatsheaf to 10k mint (cat £56), 1931 Air Zeppelin ovpt set of 2 mint (cat £260), 1933 Scouts set m (cat £40), 1935 Death set 5 m (cat £50), 1946 Railways set m, etc, clean lot with nice condition & useful cat value. Ex-estate lot unpicked as received.

LOT828 Hungary

1899-04 Wmk A P. 12 x 11ó 2f grey-blue hinged mint example with small thinning on reverse, couple gum bends otherwise fine, specialist example, SG 97 (Yv.53A cat €350).

LOT829 Hungary

1914 War Charity top 3 values fine and fresh mint, 1k+2f red, 2k+2f blue, 5k+2f red. SG 167/9.

LOT830 Hungary

1918 Air surcharge set of 2 fine used Repulo Posta. SG 271/2. Cat £62

LOT831 Hungary

1918 Air surcharge set of 2 mint Repulo Posta. SG 271/2. Cat £58

LOT832 Hungary

1925 Sports set of 8 unmounted mint, fresh, SG 452/459.

LOT833 Hungary

1927 Air top values hinged mint for 80f, 1p, 2p & 5p, all fine, SG 486/9 Cat £69.

LOT834 Hungary

1931 Air Zeppelin 1931 overprint set of 2 fine used Legi Post CDS cancels, SG 529/30.

LOT835 Hungary

1934 2nd Hungarian Phil. Exhib. 20f Liszt miniature sheet hinged mint, vertical gum bend with burr (doctor blade type) flaw vertical on the left side, SG MS 568 cat £225.

LOT836 Hungary

1947 Roosevelt Four Freedoms imperf miniature sheets set of 2 unmounted mint, very fine, Mi. Bl.10/11.

LOT837 Hungary

1948 Air Re-opening of Budapest Chain Bridge both miniature sheets very fine unmounted mint, superb, SG MS 1036a/b. Cat £320.

LOT838 Hungary

1949 Cent. of Budapest Chain Bridge 50f lilac miniature sheet superb CTO CDS used with EGEP cancel SG MS 1077a cat £600.

LOT839 Hungary

1950 Death Centenary of Gen. Bem miniature sheet unmounted mint, very fine, SG MS 1156a.

LOT840 Hungary

1951 Air 80th Anniv. of First Hungarian Postage Stamps set of 3 miniature sheets each cancelled MISKOLC CDS cancels, 2f grey has few minor surface marks otherwise fine, SG MS 1199a. Cat £275.

LOT841 Hungary

A selection of approx. twenty-five covers and postcards. Includes registered covers, 1926 Legi Posta overprints and interesting postmark interest.

LOT842 Hungary

Old Time collection on leaves mint and used with useful noted 1871 Litho & Engraved incl 2kr orange mint (cat £110), all values to 25k used (25k is on paper with TALVANY CDS), 1888 numerals in black incl 2f mauve (cat £55), 5k red and pink mint (cat £70), 24k mint (cat £44), used to 3fo, large range of Turul defins for diff printings, 1913 Flood Charity 12 values mint incl 1k & 5k (cat £76), 1914 War Charity 15 values mint to 2k & 5k (cat £100), 1918 Air set 2 mint (cat £58), 1925 Jokal set m, 1929 Defins to 70f mint, 1927 Air set used (cat £65), 1932 Madonna 10p f.u. (cat £100), 1p & 2p mint (cat £130), 1922 air to 2p used (cat £40), 1p green mint (cat £65), some back of the book, mixed but overall fine and STC £1300+.

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