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Hungary Stamps

Hungary stamps in our auctions...

Below are the Hungary Stamps that we are currently offering for sale; you can bid and buy in complete confidence as all the items we sell are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT471 Hungary

1871-1936 Old time collection on Ideal printed leaves with much useful material incl 1871 to 25k lilac (2 cat £280), 1888 to 3fo used, 1913 Flood Charity set, top values CDS used (cat £115), 1915 War Charity, 1918 air 1k50 on 75f mint, 1919 Marx set m, 1920 Harvest ovpt 20 values mint to 10k, 1921 Madonna set, 1925 Jokai set m, 1925 Sports Assoc set 8 mint, 1936 Air 8 vals to 5p used, few occupations, back of the book etc, mainly sound. (415+). Huge cat value in excess of £1180.

LOT472 Hungary

1932 10p brown Madonna & Child top value fine used full CDS cancel of SALGOTARJAN, fine, SG 538 Cat £100.

LOT512 Hungary

1871-1973 Simplex springback album on pages containing a useful collection all identified by SG number unpicked as found mint and used with mainstream ranges throughout incl 1871 to 15kr (litho), 1888 to 3fo used incl 2k, 3k & 50k (cat £88), 1919 Marx set m, 1920 air set m, 1924 airs, 1936 air set used, 1945 Reconstruction tete-beche pairs mint, huge range of commems to 1973, back of the book, ideal to fill those gaps.

LOT513 Hungary

1872-1966 A superb mainly fine used extensive collection with useful content throughout in a well filled KA-BE printed album much complete for the period incl 1871 Both printings to 25k lilac used, 1888 set, 1913 Flood Charity set, 1914 War Charity set, 1918 air set m plus both red ovpts, 1919 Marx set, 1925 Sports set, 1927 Air set, 1932 Madonna & Child set (cat £110), 1933 Air set to 2p, 1936 Air set, 1938 Eucharistic M/S used (cat £75), 1938 St Stephen both 1st issue (used cat £44) 2nd issue M/S U/M (cat £65), 1939 Protestant Day M/S (cat £65), 1945 Liberation set, 1945 Trade Union set (cat £80), 1945 Nat. Relief set, 1947 Welfare set, 1947 Roosevelt 4 Freedoms set of 2 M/S m, 1949 Puskin M/S m, 1949 Youth M/S m (cat £60), 1949 Stamp Day blk of 4 cto used, 1951 Air 80th Anniv. of First Hungarian Postage Stamps set of 3, 1953 Costumes set, 1955 Cent. M/S U/M (cat £50), 1958 TV Service M/S CTO (cat £60), 1958 Air M/S U/M (cat £50), plus huge amount of postage dues, officials, newspaper stamps for the different printings, superb lot with not many spaces left to fill, enormous cat value.

LOT514 Hungary

1932 Madonna & Child set of 4 fine used decent CDS cancels, SG 535/8 Cat £123.

LOT515 Hungary

Well filled Scott printed album with useful mint and used 1871-1973 Huge range of defins and commems including different printings for 1871 Litho to 15kr, Engraved to 25kr, 1874 onwards much complete for defins to 1950s, then plenty of commem sets, back of the book incl airmails incl 1931 Zeppelin set 2 CDS used (cat £260), 1933 Air set to 5 (cat £260), postage dues, officials, newspaper stamps, occupation issues French, Romanian, Transylvania, Baranya, Temesvar, etc, very useful lot with plenty to expand on, 100s, good cat value.

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