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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT476 Hong Kong

1937 (21 Apr) First Flight cover San Francisco to HK bearing US 20c & 50c airs tied large cancel in black and blue illus h/s on left with Victoria arrival CDS on rev. Mainly fine.

LOT477 Hong Kong

1938 GVI defins range including 1c-5c, 10c, 15c, 20c scarlet-verm., 25c blue, 30c yellow-olive p.14 (cat £150), 50c, $1 lilac and blue, $2 orange and green, $5 lilac and scarlet mint top values with disturbed gum but with fresh appearance.

LOT478 Hong Kong

1938 P.14 30c yellow-olive mint with disturbed gum but with fresh appearance, SG 151 cat £150.

LOT479 Hong Kong

1948 RSW $10 carmine CDS used example, some wrinkles or bends otherwise mainly sound, SG 172. Cat £130.

LOT480 Hong Kong

1958 light reddish violet and bright blue $10 top value hinged mint with fresh appearance. SG 191a.

LOT481 Hong Kong

1962 Annigoni 5c red-orange in a sheet of 100 unmounted mint with R2/2 showing broken 5 in 5c variety, most of the sheet is split across the perfs on row 3, folded but still nice positional sheet, SG 196, 196a, cat £95.

LOT482 Hong Kong

1965 Int. Cooperation Year $1.30 commercial used examples on paper with wavy line or slogan postmarks x 95 singles and 9 pairs. Mainly sound and fine, SG 217 Cat £5.50 each, total £621.50.

LOT483 Hong Kong

Br. P.O. in China: 1917-21 $3 green and purple used heavy oval cancel, pulled corner perfs otherwise sound, hard to find, SG 15.

LOT484 Hong Kong

Collection hinged mint on leaves 1937-1949 incl 1938 35 different values to $5 incl shades, perfs etc, 1941 Centenary set 6 to $1, 1949 UPU set, all sound, STC £600+. (51).

LOT485 Hong Kong

EDVII PPC from Victoria to UK bearing 4c adhs tied CDS and sent PER GERMAN MAIL handstamp in violet along the top, very fine. No forwarding cachets, unusual.

LOT486 Hong Kong

Postage Dues: Mint & used range on leaves for diff printings incl 1941-45 o 6c, 1950 8c m, 10c m, 20c black, etc (13) STC £144.

LOT487 Hong Kong

QV to modern useful assembly duplicated on Hagner pages noted QV 5c on 18c used (clipped perfs), EDVII to $1 used GV to 50c mint, GVI incl 1938 duplicated used defins to $10 (violet and blue), 1941 Centenary set set fine used (2), etc, useful cat values.

LOT488 Hong Kong

Stamp Duty Revenues: 1980 set of 13 to $1200 fine used. Good cat value.

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