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Hong Kong Stamps

A vitally important foothold in China obtained by Treaty under duress in 1841 and operating a postal service from that time using 'Crown Circle' handstamps. The first stamps of Hong Kong were issued in 1862 and these were available for use throughout the “Treaty Ports”. Among many sought after Hong Kong stamps are the 1863 96c olive bistre, the 1891 handstamped surcharges (with many varieties!) and 1891 Jubilee issue. Subsequent issues of Hong Kong stamps featured the British monarchs and were issued in sets up to the value of $10.

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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT466 Hong Kong

1863 Wmk CC 12c pale blue hinged mint with hinge remains, very fresh frontal appearance, SG 12a.

LOT467 Hong Kong

1880 48c brown a nice fine used example with part S! duplex, sound, SG 31 Cat £110.

LOT468 Hong Kong

1898 $1 on 96c grey-black part original gum with heavy hinge example, few minor tones otherwise sound, SG 52a Cat £200 mint.

LOT469 Hong Kong

Postal Fiscal: 1890 2c dull purple CDS used, red crayon line on left side otherwise sound, SG F8.

LOT470 Hong Kong

Queen Victoria unused UPU reply postcard 3c with 4 cents overprint in red in very good condition. Plus QV 1c overprint on 4c postcard and 1c overprint on 5c postcard. Plus QV 4c overprint on 3c.

LOT501 Hong Kong

1862-1935 Early mint & used collection on printed Imperial leaves with better content throughout including 1863 to 96c grey used, 1880 QV Values mint 2c green, 5c yellow, 10c ultr., 12c blue, all fine, odd one expertised on reverse (SG 56, 58, 59 & 60, cat £131), 1880 5c on 8c bright orange sound used duplex cancel S1, SG 23 (cat £110), 1891 $1 on 96c purple on red without character surcharge sound used B62 neat cancel, SG 47 (cat £350), 1891 14c on 30c mauve fine used wing margin with nice part CDS of Singapore (SG 44 cat £80) etc, (c85), ideal to fill those gaps. STC £700+.

LOT502 Hong Kong

1880 48c brown very fine used neat B62 cancel in black, very fine, SG 31 Cat £110.

LOT503 Hong Kong

1937 Receipt from Weing Hing Chinaware to Regimental Exchange Shanghai for $66.50 with ten cents stamp duty stamp.

LOT504 Hong Kong

1938 Chalky $1 dull lilac and blue very fine used nice side CDS showing short leg to R variety, very clear, SG 155a Cat £190.

LOT505 Hong Kong

1947 Chalky $5 green an violet unmounted mint, fine, SG 160 ab Cat £120.

LOT506 Hong Kong

1981-1997 Double collection of mint & used for each set with mostly unmounted mint collection in a large well filled binder much complete for the period noted 1982 set to $50 hinged mint (cat £88), No wmk set to $50 mint, 1987 both type sets to $50 u/m (cat £80+ each), 1989 Imprint set to $50 u/m (cat £70), imprint 1990 set to $50, 1991 Imprint set to $50, 1992 set of 28 plus one phosphor band extras, coil strips, etc, huge catalogue value c £1000+.

LOT507 Hong Kong

1997-2000 Commem & defins sets, miniature sheets and souvenir sheets mostly unmounted mint collection in a large well filled binder much complete for the period noted 1998 Panda M/S & FDC, 1999 Landmarks set to $50 u/m plus two M/S to $50, World Stamp Exhibition M/S's, etc, useful lot with good cat value.

LOT508 Hong Kong

Collection in a smaller springback album with useful used collection including 1935 SJ set, 1938 almost complete (just needs the two expensive high vals) to $10, 1941 Cent. set, 1954 set, 1989 set, good range of commem sets to 1990s, and mint and used to 1997,, ideal for expansion, 100s.

LOT509 Hong Kong

Collection on Hagner pages from QV onwards including many duplicated issues 1863 to 48c red (4), 96c grey-black, EDVII to $1, GV to $2, P.O. in China to 50c, etc, useful assembly, 100s.

LOT510 Hong Kong

Stockbook containing some duplicated used ranges inc odd better noted incl QV defins to 96c grey, 1938 to $5, 1941 Centenary set, 1954 to $10, then many commems to 1990s.

LOT511 Hong Kong

Well filled Stockbook with a QV to QEII collection mainly fine used with better content throughout including QV defins some with treaty port cancels, Yokohama Y1 on 24c green, EDVII to 20c mainly used, P.O. in China GV to 50c used, GV to $1, GVI to $10, hereon many defin sets to $50 used, commems etc, to modern issues.

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