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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT749 Hong Kong

1862-1935 Early mint & used collection on printed Imperial leaves with better content throughout including 1863 to 96c grey used, 1880 QV Values mint 2c green, 5c yellow, 10c ultr., 12c blue, all fine, odd one expertised on reverse (SG 56, 58, 59 & 60, cat £131), 1880 5c on 8c bright orange sound used duplex cancel S1, SG 23 (cat £110), 1891 $1 on 96c purple on red without character surcharge sound used B62 neat cancel, SG 47 (cat £350), 1891 14c on 30c mauve fine used wing margin with nice part CDS of Singapore (SG 44 cat £80) etc, (c85), ideal to fill those gaps. STC £700+.

LOT750 Hong Kong

1863 Wmk CC 12c pale blue hinged mint with hinge remains, very fresh frontal appearance, SG 12a.

LOT751 Hong Kong

1880 48c brown very fine used neat B62 cancel in black, very fine, SG 31 Cat £110.

LOT752 Hong Kong

1882-1949 Mint collection on leaves with better classics although mixed condition noted 1882 2c (2), 4c, 5c, 10c green (Unused), 10c purple on red, 1938 26 values to $5 green and violet (Cat £80), $2 reddish violet & scarlet (Cat £50), 1941 Centenary set (cat £90), 1949 UPU set (Cat £50), few postage dues etc, mixed but useful cat value. (74).

LOT753 Hong Kong

1891 14c on 30c mauve heavy hinged mint with very fresh appearance, SG 44 Cat £200.

LOT754 Hong Kong

1891 2c carmine Jubilee overprint fine used Jan 22 B CDS, sound, SG 51 Cat £130.

LOT755 Hong Kong

1891 2c Rose with "1841/Hong Kong/JUBILEE/1891" overprint, showing "U" of "JUBILEE" shorter, pos. R. 1/1, hinged mint with some remains, very fine original gum, nice variety. S.G.51b Cat £800.

LOT756 Hong Kong

1904 $1 purple and sage-green mounted mint with light diagonal bend, nice looker, SG 86 Cat £200.

LOT757 Hong Kong

1912-21 $10 purple and black on red very fine used neat corner CDS with couple of blunt perfs at bottom right, good colour, SG 116 Cat £110.

LOT758 Hong Kong

1912-21 $2 carmine-red and grey-black on red fine used, good colour, SG 113 Cat £75.

LOT759 Hong Kong

1926 $3 green and dull purple hinged mint example with hinge remains and very fresh appearance, SG 131 Cat £200.

LOT760 Hong Kong

1937-1949 GVI Collection hinged mint complete for the period including 1938-52 Complete set of 23 defins (cat £1100) including the scarce $10 green and scarlet which is lightly mounted mint, extra shades, perfs and chalky paper printings seven values to $2, 1941 Centenary set (cat £90), 1948 RSW set (cat £328), 1949 UPU set U/M (cat £65), Postage Dues 1938 set of 7 (cat £95), Postal Fiscal 1938 5c green mint (SG F12) etc, Total cat £1956. (56).

LOT761 Hong Kong

1938 $10 green and violet sound used two CDS cancels, good colour, SG 161 Cat £140.

LOT762 Hong Kong

1938 Chalky $1 dull lilac and blue very fine used nice side CDS showing short leg to R variety, very clear, SG 155a Cat £190.

LOT763 Hong Kong

1938 P.14 10c bright violet in an attractive block of 4, top two hinged mint, bottom two unmounted mint, nice fresh block, SG 145 Cat £200 for mint.

LOT764 Hong Kong

1938 P.14 50c purple in an attractive block of 4 unmounted mint, SG 153 Cat £220 for mint.

LOT765 Hong Kong

1941 Centenary $1 brown and red showing extra stroke variety lightly mounted mint, fine, SG 170a Cat £130.

LOT766 Hong Kong

1941 Centenary of Br. Occupation set of 6 in hinged mint PAIRS, very fine and fresh, SG 163/8 Cat £180.

LOT767 Hong Kong

1941 Centenary of Br. Occupation set of 6 unmounted mint, very fine and fresh, SG 163/8 Cat £90 for mint.

LOT768 Hong Kong

1948 P.14 20c scarlet-vermilion in an attractive block of 4 unmounted mint, SG 148 Cat £56 for mint.

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