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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT760 Hong Kong

1862 Basic set complete to 96c No Wmk on album page some with faults but mainly sound noted 2c deep brown (cat £170), 8c orange 12c, 18c, 24c green (trimmed perfs), 48c rose used blue B62 (mainly sound cat £350), 96c brownish-grey some trimmed perfs along base otherwise f.u. (cat £450), nice group. (10).

LOT761 Hong Kong

1862 No wmk 12c pale greenish blue used with good strike of sunburst Shanghai cancel in black and part B62 cancel, mainly sound, SG Z767 Cat £160.

LOT762 Hong Kong

1863-1900 Queen Victoria collection on leaves with useful content throughout including 1863 Wmk CC 13 different values to 96c brownish-black, small postmark study of B62 cancels written up on leaves, two forgeries, 1896 4c mint, 1882 5c pale blue mint, good range of cheaper surcharges etc, mixed but useful pickings. (c180).

LOT763 Hong Kong

1863-71 QV 30c mauve, wmk crown CC inverted, variety 'GKON damaged'. VFU, blue barred oval pmk, probably Shanghai in China. SG 16aw cat £600 for normal wmk, non-variety cat x13 with inverted wmk, thus this should be £7800! Extremely rare combination.

LOT764 Hong Kong

1876 28c on 30c mauve fine used part S1 of Shanghai cancel in black, superb, SG 21.

LOT765 Hong Kong

1876-77 16 Cents surcharge on 18c lilac showing variety split '1' in '16'. F-VF U, oval barred 51 pmk of Shanghai. SG 20(var) cat £150+ as normal, other varieties cat £900.

LOT766 Hong Kong

1877 16c yellow neatly used part B62 cancel, blunt corner otherwise fine, SG 22 Cat £65.

LOT767 Hong Kong

1884 10c deep blue-green fine used part 62B late fee cancel, sound, SG 37.

LOT768 Hong Kong

1885 $1 on 96c grey-olive very fine used part SHANGHAI CDS cancel, superb, SG 42.

LOT769 Hong Kong

1891 14c on 30c mauve fine used part B62 cancel in black, superb, SG 44.

LOT770 Hong Kong

1898 10c on 30c grey-green with character part original gum hinged mint, SG 55 fresh.

LOT771 Hong Kong

1903-1911 Edward VII collection on leaves with useful content throughout including 1903 11 different values to $1 used, plus many extras LIGNE French mailboat cancel on 5c, HK Receipt in violet, some Treaty Ports, $1 purple and sage-green extra (4), etc, mixed but useful pickings. (c90).

LOT772 Hong Kong

1912-1935 George V collection on leaves with useful content throughout including 1912 set to $3 used (cat £230+), 1921-37 set to $5 (2 x $5 one with regd cancel), 1935 SJ set mint & set used, 1937 (29 Apr) Printed F/F Airmail cover to Manila etc. Nice assembly.

LOT773 Hong Kong

1921 Wmk Script CA 25c purple and magenta top marginal plate 2 pair mounted in margin only (very brown streaky gum) showing broken flower variety, SG 126/126a.

LOT774 Hong Kong

1921-37 $5 green and red on emerald a lovely CDS very fine used example SG 132 cat £80.

LOT775 Hong Kong

1937 (21 Apr) First Flight cover San Francisco to HK bearing US 20c & 50c airs tied large cancel in black and blue illus h/s on left with Victoria arrival CDS on rev. Mainly fine.

LOT776 Hong Kong

1937-1950 George VI collection on leaves with useful content throughout including 1937 Coronation set on illus FDC, 1938-52 good range of values to $10 (Chalky $10 x 5 extras Cat £90), 1946 $10 vfu, 1941 Cent. set used, 1946 Cover sent locally FDC for reopening of HK P.O following liberation 28 SP 1945, good quantity with many extras, high cat value.

LOT777 Hong Kong

1938 GVI defins range including 1c-5c, 10c, 15c, 20c scarlet-verm., 25c blue, 30c yellow-olive p.14 (cat £150), 50c, $1 lilac and blue, $2 orange and green, $5 lilac and scarlet mint top values with disturbed gum but with fresh appearance.

LOT778 Hong Kong

1938 P.14 30c yellow-olive mint with disturbed gum but with fresh appearance, SG 151 cat £150.

LOT779 Hong Kong

1941 Centenary $1 x 9 used copies, mostly sound, odd perf faults, SG 168 Cat £117.

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