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Below are the Stamps that we are currently offering for sale; you can bid and buy in complete confidence as all the items we sell are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT436 Hong Kong

1863 Wmk CC 8c bright orange mint part original gum with hinge remains, couple pulled perfs along the top, fresh colour, SG 11b Cat £475.

LOT437 Hong Kong

1891 2c Rose with "1841/Hong Kong/JUBILEE/1891" overprint, showing "U" of "JUBILEE" shorter, pos. R. 1/1, hinged mint with some remains, very fine original gum, nice variety. S.G.51b Cat £800.

LOT438 Hong Kong

1905 Wmk MCCA $3 slate and dull blue sound fine used sock on the nose strike of VICTORIA 1908 CDS cancel, sound and fine, SG 88 Cat £350.

LOT439 Hong Kong

1905 Wmk MCCA $3 slate and dull blue sound used incomplete CDS cancel, sound and fine, SG 88 Cat £350.

LOT440 Hong Kong

1912-21 $10 purple and black on red very fine used neat corner CDS with couple of blunt perfs at bottom right, good colour, SG 116 Cat £110.

LOT441 Hong Kong

1938 $10 green and violet sound used two CDS cancels, good colour, SG 161 Cat £140.

LOT442 Hong Kong

1938 P.14 10c bright violet in an attractive block of 4, top two hinged mint, bottom two unmounted mint, nice fresh block, SG 145 Cat £200 for mint.

LOT443 Hong Kong

1938 P.14 50c purple in an attractive block of 4 unmounted mint, SG 153 Cat £220 for mint.

LOT444 Hong Kong

1948 Royal Silver Wedding $10 carmine used with partly smudged CDS, sound, SG 172 Cat £130.

LOT445 Hong Kong

1948 Royal Silver Wedding 10c violet in a positional top right corner sheet number unmounted mint marginal block of four with bottom left stamp showing SPUR ON N variety, few minor bends in margin otherwise very fine positional piece, SG 171/171a Cat £110. Seldom offered.

LOT446 Hong Kong

Forgeries: QV 12c blue forged pane of 15 in top left marginal block 'used' by black B62 cancels, various bends, light tones and creases but overall nice piece, hard to find in multiples.

LOT447 Hong Kong

Imperial Printed album pages with a very mixed mint and used collection noted 1863 values to 96c, 6c lilac with Y1 cancel in blue (faults), Amoy CDS on 5c ultr., 1885 50c on 48c used, 1921-37 set to $5 used (Cat £200), very mixed but some better pickings. (100).

LOT448 Hong Kong

Jumbled mint and used ranges on stockpages mixed but includes QV 1880 10c on 12c blue (cat £55), 1885 50c on 48c (Cat £50), QEII to $20 etc.

LOT449 Hong Kong

P.O. in China: 1917-21 Wmk MCCA $1 reddish purple and bright blue unmounted mint top marginal example, hinged on margin only, very fine and fresh, SG 13 Cat £85 for mint.

LOT450 Hong Kong

Postal Fiscal: 1938 5c green three singles on shortened cover to Scotland (typed addr) tied Victoria 14th Jan 1938 CDS's. These were authorised for postal use between 11th & 20th Janaury 1938 due to a shortage of of 5c. Cat £204 on cover. Nice genuine use.

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