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Below are the Stamps that we are currently offering for sale; you can bid and buy in complete confidence as all the items we sell are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT349 Hong Kong

1891 50c on 48c dull purple, mounted mint example with vertical crease otherwise fine, SG 49 Cat £80.

LOT350 Hong Kong

1891 7c on 10c green, hinged mint example with vertical and diagonal crease otherwise fine, SG 43 Cat £95.

LOT351 Hong Kong

1904 $1 purple and sage-green mounted mint with light diagonal bend, nice looker, SG 86 Cat £200.

LOT352 Hong Kong

1938 $5 dull lilac and scarlet hinged mint example, short top right corner otherwise sound, SG 159 cat £70.

LOT353 Hong Kong

1948 Royal Silver Wedding set of two mounted mint, fresh lookers, SG 171/2. Cat £325.

LOT354 Hong Kong

1949 Universal Postal Union 80c bright reddish purple fine used CDS showing Crack in rock variety, very fine, SG 176a Cat £180. Hard to find!

LOT355 Hong Kong

1981-1997 Double collection of mint & used for each set with mostly unmounted mint collection in a large well filled binder much complete for the period noted 1982 set to $50 hinged mint (cat £88), No wmk set to $50 mint, 1987 both type sets to $50 u/m (cat £80+ each), 1989 Imprint set to $50 u/m (cat £70), imprint 1990 set to $50, 1991 Imprint set to $50, 1992 set of 28 plus one phosphor band extras, coil strips, etc, huge catalogue value c £1000+.

LOT356 Hong Kong

1997-2000 Commem & defins sets, miniature sheets and souvenir sheets mostly unmounted mint collection in a large well filled binder much complete for the period noted 1998 Panda M/S & FDC, 1999 Landmarks set to $50 u/m plus two M/S to $50, World Stamp Exhibition M/S's, etc, useful lot with good cat value.

LOT357 Hong Kong

Collection in a smaller springback album with useful used collection including 1935 SJ set, 1938 almost complete (just needs the two expensive high vals) to $10, 1941 Cent. set, 1954 set, 1989 set, good range of commem sets to 1990s, and mint and used to 1997,, ideal for expansion, 100s.

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