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LOT936 Grenada

1863-1935 Mint collection on Imperial printed leaves with useful throughout incl 1863-71 1d green unused, 6d vermilion CDS used, 1883 to 8d mint, 1886 1d on 1s orange mint, 1888 4d on 2/- mint, ½d on 2/- orange m, 1d on 8d m, 1895 set of 8 to 1/- mint, 1902 EDVII set to 2/- m, 1904-06 6d, 1/-, 2/-, 1906 Badge of colony set incl both 2½d shades, 1908 1/- m, 1908-11 3d, 6d & 2/-, 1913-22 12 values to 5/- incl 1/- x 3 shades, diff papers etc, 1921-32 set of 22 to 10/- m, 1934 set of 10 to 5/- m, 1935 SJ, P.Dues 1892 1d m, surch set of 4 used, 1906 set 3 mint, 1921 set 4 mint. Useful cat value. (108).

LOT937 Grenada

1883-88 tete-beche pairs incl ½d strip of 3 mint, 2½d ultr mint pair, 1888 1d on 8d grey-brown mint pair, mainly fine, SG 30a, 32a & 46a

LOT938 Grenada

1934-36 Complete set of 10 very fine hinged mint, SG 135/144e Cat £60.

LOT939 Grenada

1935 Silver Jubilee set of 4 fine hinged mint from an old time collectors hoard, SG 145/8.

LOT940 Grenada

1935 Silver Jubilee set of 4 fine used from an old time collectors hoard, SG 145/8.

LOT941 Grenada

1938 P.14 (narrow) 10/- Steel Blue and bright carmine very fine hinged mint, fresh, SG 163a.

LOT942 Grenada

1943 P.14 (narrow) 10/- Slate-blue and bright carmine very fine hinged mint, fresh, SG 163b.

LOT943 Grenada

1944 P.14 10/- Slate-blue and carmine side marginal very fine hinged mint, fresh, SG 163d.

LOT944 Grenada

1944 Wide setting perf 14 10/- slate-blue and carmine-lake very fine mounted mint right marginal example, fresh, SG 163d.

LOT945 Grenada

1946- 1994 A mint & used / (mainly) unmounted mint collection on Scott printed album pages including modern 1950s to 1970s sets or ranges, odd better noted 1948 RSW set 2 mint, 1949 UPU m, 1966 set u/m, 1967 to $5 u/m, etc, clean lot with nice condition & useful cat value. (700+). Ex-estate lot unpicked as received.

LOT946 Grenada

Collection on stockpages of mint and used duplicated assembly including 1938 set m (Cat £80), 1951 set m (cat £35), QV used Chalon heads, 1953 set m (Cat £65), commem sets etc.

LOT947 Grenada

GV Registered Postal Stationery envelope for 2d blue very fine unused, pristine.

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