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LOT873 Grenada

1863-1935 Mint and used assembly with better pickings including 1863 1d green F CDS of Carriacou, 1d dull rose-red used, 1888 surcharges 4d on 2s used, 1921-31 to 3d m & u, 1d on 2s f.u. (Cat £70), 2½d on 8d mint, 1935 SJ used. (110).

LOT874 Grenada

1875 1s deep mauve large hinge remains mounted mint, part original gum, few small perf faults otherwise fine, SG 13 Cat £700.

LOT875 Grenada

1883 QV Set of 7 to 1s pale violet hinged mint, 1s has tone spots along the top otherwise all fine lookers, SG 30/36. Cat £250.

LOT876 Grenada

1886 Revenue stamps surcharges 'set' of three 1s on 1½d orange, 1d on 1s orange, 1d on 4d orange, all fine hinged mint, SG 37/9 Cat £280.

LOT877 Grenada

1888-1891 Revenue stamps surcharges 4 on 2s orange (4mm), 4d on 2s (5mm), ½d on 2s, 1890 1d on 2s, 1891 1d on 2s, 1d on 8d & 2½d on 8d all hinged mint, mainly sound, SG 41/47 Cat £270. (7).

LOT878 Grenada

1895-99 QV complete set of 8 to 1s green and orange hinged mint, original gum, mainly very fine, SG 48/55 Cat £110.

LOT879 Grenada

1895-99 QV Set of 8 to 1s hinged mint, 8d short corner & 1s has vertical gum bend otherwise all fine lookers, SG 48/55. Cat £110.

LOT880 Grenada

1902 EDVII Complete set of 10 hinged mint, 10s green and purple has thin and lightly toned gum, all have nice frontal appearance, SG 57/66. Cat £250.

LOT881 Grenada

1902 EDVII Specimen overprints on 2s green and ultramarine, & 5s green and carmine both hinged mint mainly large part original gum, nice fresh lookers, SG 64s/65s.

LOT882 Grenada

1913-22 Complete set of 10 to 10s including both 10s colours, and three 1s colours all hinged mint, mainly very fine, SG 89/101a. Cat £165+. (14).

LOT883 Grenada

1921-31 Complete set of 22 to 10s including all colours hinged mint, mainly very fine, SG 112/134 Cat £110.

LOT884 Grenada

1921-32 Wmk MSCA ½d to 4d values hinged mint each overprinted Specimen in red (4d) black, nice group of 9 different values.

LOT885 Grenada

1929 (8 Apr) Registered cover to Bristol bearing 3s green and violet tied CARRIACOU / C / AP 8 / 29 CDS cancels and registered handstamp and boxed Nr. 5995, few tones or marks, nice genuine use, SG 132 Cat £108.

LOT886 Grenada

1934-36 Definitive set of 10 to 5s hinged mint, mainly sound, SG 135/144. Cat £60.

LOT887 Grenada

1935 Silver Jubilee set of 4 fine used on an attractive cover from an old time collectors hoard, SG 145/8.

LOT888 Grenada

1938 (14 Feb) Long registered cover to UK (J Lea philatelist Manchester) bearing 1934 set of 8 values to 1s GV defins tied GPO GRENADA BWI CDS'S, some marks from postal use otherwise attractive cover. SG 135/142.

LOT889 Grenada

1948 Royal Silver Wedding set of two unmounted mint, very fine, SG 166/7 (2).

LOT890 Grenada

1949 (7 Apr) Cover to Grenada bearing 1948 Royal Silver Wedding set of 2 tied GPO GRENADA / BWI CDS cancels, SG 166/167.

LOT891 Grenada

Postage Due: 1892 1d SURCHARGE POSTAGE on 6d mauve very fine hinged mint, SG D4 Cat £130.

LOT892 Grenada

Postage Due: 1892 2d SURCHARGE POSTAGE on 6d mauve mounted mint with large hinge remain, otherwise fine, SG D6 Cat £200.

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