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LOT783 Greece

1850-1936 Original collection earlies to 1936 on well filled unpicked New Ideal printed pages with a nice mint and used range of approximately 147 different incl better earlies, Hermes heads to top values with many nice fine used examples, part runs of turn of the century mint & used mainly to 1d or 2d. Useful lot mainly sound and fine, ideal to fill those gaps. (c147). Useful catalogue value.

LOT784 Greece

1861-1958 Collection in old time Springback with better earlier on Borek printed leaves including Hermes Heads mainly fine used 3-4 margin examples 1861 to 80l, 1861-62 to 80l, 1862-67 to 30l, 1888 25l blue mint (Cat £75), P11½ 25d blue mint (Cat £85), 1900 surcharge 5d on 40l imperf mint (Cat £140), 1896 Olympics 10d brown CDS CTO used with gum (Cat £500), 1900-01 Surch on Olympics 5d on 1d & 2d on 10d brown both mint (Cat £97), 1901 set to 5d gold mint, Greek Administration overprints, 1930 Monastery 8d mint (Cat £70), 1930 Cent. of Indep. set to 50d brown mint (Cat £320), 1933 Air set 3 mint (Cat £375), 1933 Air to 20d m, 1940 Balkan Entente set 2 m, 1951 Reconstruction 5000d mint (Cat £120), 1952 Air set m (Cat £90), 1952 50th Birthday of King Paul set m (Cat £105), 1954 Ancient Greek Art set to 20,000d m (Cat £360), 1954 Enosis set m (Cat £160), 1957 long set m (Cat £145), 1958 Greek Ports set (Cat £115), superb lot with an enormous cat value in excess of £4200.

LOT785 Greece

1863-1984 Extensive collection in a binder on many leaves with good sections both mint and used for each issue includes Hermes heads imperfs, 1930s incl University Centenary to 5000d mint, 1922 Revolution surchs mint, then 1950s better, good assembly of back of the book and related areas, 100s with high cat value.

LOT786 Greece

1896 First International Olympic Games 2d olive mounted mint, very fine looker, SG 119 Cat £300.

LOT787 Greece

1896 First International Olympic Games 5d green mounted mint, very fine looker, SG 120 Cat £550.

LOT788 Greece

1900-01 Olympic Games surcharged 1d on 5d green fine used good CDS and expertised on reverse Yaremdji. Superb, SG 151. Cat £225.

LOT789 Greece

1900-01 Surch on Olympics 5d on 1d & 2d on 10d brown both mint (Cat £97), SG 148 & 152.

LOT790 Greece

1927 Centenary of Battle of Navarino set of 6 hinged mint, very fine and fresh, SG 427/432. Cat £260.

LOT791 Greece

1927-28 Centenary of Battle of Navarino 5d black and brown Sir Edward Codrington hinged mint, sound, key stamp. SG 430 Cat £95.

LOT792 Greece

Balkan War Issues: Ikaria 1912 2l orange & 5d grey mint, Greek Occupation 1l green & 5l green (cat £65 each) mint, Samos prov. Govt 1912 10l pink incl bisect used on paper BAOY CDS 1913, 1915 Vathy Hospital Fund set to 1d orange mint, 1d brown air mint, Lesbos 1912 Stamps of Turkey 10pa red ovpt used, 50l on 20pa mint, Limnos 16 vals to 1d m & u, etc, intr little lot to fill those gaps. (c40).

LOT793 Greece

Collection of Islands and Occupations with better earlier on Borek old time printed leaves including Thrace overprints, 1920 Occupation of Adrianpole surch set, Epirus 1914 set 8 to 5d f.u., 1914 set of 8 Eagle mint, North Epirus 1914-15 almost complete set ovptd to 1d mint, 1915 Engraved 2d & 3d mint (Cat £150), Samos, 1913 Turkish Evacuation 1d & 2d mint (Cat £44), 1915 Vathy Hospital Fund 2d blue used, Crete 1900 ovptd 5d green and black mint (Cat £90), 1908 ovpts to 5d mint (Cat £1909 5d mint (Cat £45), Russian Admin; 1899 2m blue and 2m orange both with control marks (Cat £66), second printing x 20 values m & u, etc, STC £1200+.

LOT794 Greece

Italian Occupation of Corfu: 1923 (24 Sept) Surcharge mint range for 25l on 10c rose, 60l on 25c blue, 70l on 30c orange-brown and 2d40l on 1l brown and green all fine and fresh, SG 9/11, 13 Cat £206. The 60l & 70l surcharges were not sent to Corfu as the Island was evacuated by Italian troops on 27th Sept. before they could arrive.

LOT795 Greece

Italian Occupation of Corfu & Paxos: 1941 (5 June) 10d red-brown Temple of St Dememtrius hinged mint Corfu overprint in black, very fine and fresh, a scarce key stamp, SG 16 Cat £600. These were made during the occupation of the Ionian Islands by Italian troops.

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