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LOT720 Greece

1861-2012 A substantial mint and used collection in a well filled Barrington peg album with many useful sets including earlier imperfs to 80l, 1896 Olympics to 1d used, 1900 surcharges incl Olympics 2d on 10d mint (cat £75), 1902 P.Due set 14, 1902 Head of Hermes set used (cat £55), 1912 Balkan Wars ovpts mainly mint (24 vals), 1913 Union mint, 1916-17 overprints, 1918 Red X Zigzag (2 diff) mint, 1923 Revolution ovpts to 3d on 3d black & orange mint, 1926 Air set 4 mint (cat £90), 1930 Cent set used to 25d, 1933 Air set to 20d mint (cat £70), hereon mainly used sets to 1963, then many mint / unmounted mint sets to 2000, used sets and ranges for same periods incl long sets and defins cat up to "4 per set, huge cat value and quantity.

LOT721 Greece

1900 Olympic Games surcharge set of 5 mint / unmounted mint with key 1d on 5d green hinged mint, 2d on 10d has short corner, all fresh lookers, SG 148/152 Cat £657.

LOT722 Greece

1906 Second Olympic Games set of 14 mounted mint, mostly sound and fresh, 1d-3d are nice lightly mounted, 5d top value is little bit patchy but nice looker, SG 183/196, cat £595.

LOT723 Greece

1927 Centenary of Battle of Navarino set of 6 hinged mint, fine, SG 427/432. Cat £270.

LOT724 Greece

1951 Reconstruction set of 6 mounted mint with hinge remains, nice looking key set, SG 692/7 Cat £290.

LOT725 Greece

1953 National Products set of 7 mounted mint with hinge remains, nice looking key set, SG 706/712 Cat £130.

LOT726 Greece

Cinderella - 1960s Civil War Space design labels in imperf blocks of four for Ap4 or AP8 incl Oxia, Dragonera, Arcoudi, six different blocks of 4 in different colours. (24).

LOT727 Greece

Duplicated collection in two smaller well filled stockbooks with a huge range from Imperf Hermes to modern, dozens of earlier to mainly 30l imperf & perf, then pictorials, defins, ovpts galore with many 100s, STC £1200+.

LOT728 Greece

Fournier Forgery: 1861-1899 Nice range of Hermes imperfs used (6), then unused with coloured framelines (8), 1896 Olympics 10d brown, Postage Dues incl setenant blks of 6 unused imperf, surcharges x 12 on one piece. (48).

LOT729 Greece

Mint collection in two old time albums on plain leaves with better throughout incl 1930 Centenary of Independence set (cat £325), 1927 Navarino 4 values to 5d (cheaper vals cat £127), 1932 surcharge set, 1937 100d red marginal plate B1 pair (Cat £62), 1940 Fourth Anniv. of Greek Youth Org. set of 10 to 100d (cat £920), etc, useful lot, STC £1500+.

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