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LOT825 Gibraltar

1840 (17 Sept) Entire Letter to Cadiz bearing a good strike of the GIBRALTAR curved boxed cancel in black (Type 2) with PAID in black underneath, manuscript 18 reals chargemark carried on the P & O Steamer Montrose on her maiden voyage which called at Falmouth 6th Sept., Cadiz 13th Sept., Gibraltar 13th Sept., Cadiz 18th Sept. & back to Falmouth on 26th Sept. Intr maiden voyage item.

LOT826 Gibraltar

1881 GB used abroad: Three Queen Victoria 1d lilac on A26 cancelled cover from Kings Bastion to United States with enclosed letter. With via France & England manuscript. Receiving CDS on reverse.

LOT827 Gibraltar

1886-1935 Mint and used assembly with better pickings including 1886 ½d mint, 1d, 2d & 2½d used (Cat £117), 1886-7 1d, 2d & 2½d mint, 1889 to 25c on 2½d (Cat £165), 1889-96 mint for 20c, 50c, 75c, both 1pta (Cat £134), 2p & 5p used (Cat £130), 1898 Reissue mint set 7 (Cat £190), 1903 to 1s m & u, 1904-08 6d & 1s m, 1912-24 2s & 4s mint (Cat £67), 1921 2s m, 4s used (Cat £130), 1925 2s, 2/6 & 10s mint (Cat £52), 1931-22 set m (Cat £95), 1935 SJ set m. (83).

LOT828 Gibraltar

1886-87 Complete set of 7 hinged mint to 1s bistre all mounted mainly fine, ½d is unused, all very fine fresh frontal appearance, scarce set, SG 8/14.

LOT829 Gibraltar

1889 50c on 6d bright lilac and 5p slate-grey both mounted mint with SPECIMEN overprint in black, fine, SG 20s & 33s.

LOT830 Gibraltar

1902-1910 GB used abroad: King Edward VII 1d red on postcard of Castle Street with Gibraltar Paquebot cancel. Addressed to United States.

LOT831 Gibraltar

1902-1910 GB used abroad: King Edward VII 1d red on postcard of Madeira with Gibraltar Paquebot cancel. Addressed to United States.

LOT832 Gibraltar

1903 2s green and blue hinged mint with fresh appearance, SG 52 Cat £200.

LOT833 Gibraltar

1908 Wmk MCA Ordinary set to 2s hinged mint, nearly all nicely mounted with good colour and sound, ½d, 1d & 2d are unmounted mint, 2s has pencil on reverse, SG 56/62.

LOT834 Gibraltar

1910 Wmk MCCA 2/- purple and bright blue on blue a lovely and fresh hinged mint example, fine SG 72.

LOT835 Gibraltar

1925 £5 violet and black a superb good fine used example with neat REGISTERED / 3 JY 36 / 2/ GIBRALTAR oval datestamp, trace of blunt perf otherwise superb key top value, SG 108 Cat £6000.

LOT836 Gibraltar

1935 Silver Jubilee set of 4 fine used mainly fine, SG 114/17.

LOT837 Gibraltar

1937-1949 GVI Collection hinged mint complete for the period including 1938-51 set of 14 (cat £180), 1948 RSW set (cat £60), 1949 UPU, etc, cat £246. (29).

LOT838 Gibraltar

1951 (27 Oct) Large privately printed registered envelope to UK bearing GVI 5 defins to 3d tied REGISTERED CDS cancel, printed blue artworks of the Island, Bullfighter and Fly postman fly, bring me a quick reply. Sent from L/T Wheatly HMS Broadward. Some wrinkles otherwise fine and unique.

LOT839 Gibraltar

1953-1997 Good mainstream collection of mint and used defins and commems in a lever arch file, 100s, plenty of 1990s commem sets mint, mainly to middle values, good qty.

LOT840 Gibraltar

1966-1982 Unmounted mint collection in a stockbook of many commem sets, Ships set to £1, thematics galore neatly arranged, STC €316.

LOT841 Gibraltar

1970 British Air Mountains Official Expedition typed cover BFPS Gibraltar postmark and signed by leader Major D.N. Hall.

LOT842 Gibraltar

1987 200th Anniversary of the Royal Warrant to the Royal Engineers three typed illustrated covers with autographs of commanding officers.

LOT843 Gibraltar

2005-2007 Four special packs, year packs or folders with U/M sets and ranges noted 2005 (cat £98) & 2007 (cat £129) Year pack, 2005 Pope, 2005 VE folder. (4).

LOT844 Gibraltar

Attractive mint & unmounted mint assembly on seven large stockcards some light duplication noted 1889 20c olive-green f.u. (Cat £100), mint (5), 50c mint (3), 1931 GV set (3, cat £26 each), 1912 2s mint, 1938 SG 122, 126A mint, extra values to 5s, 1949 UPU etc, nice clean lot. (Approx 130).

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