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LOT894 Gibraltar

1800's Thirty Queen Victoria postal stationery unused postcards/wrappers various values includes ½d, 1d and 10c + 3 King Edward VII postcards mixed condition some toning fading and frayed corners.

LOT895 Gibraltar

1831 (22 Sep) Entire Letter Gibraltar to Villanueva bearing 'De GIBR / S.ROQUE / ANDA BAXA' h/s in red and charge marks '1' & '2' in black., contents in Spanish. Minor faults and fold otherwise sound, good strike of 3 line h/s.

LOT896 Gibraltar

1886 2½d Blue hinged mint very fine showing Watermark inverted variety, nice example and scarce (SG 11w, £400)

LOT897 Gibraltar

1890 Part receipt from a court document bearing Stamp Duty revenues 1884 1p.25c lilac, 2p50c lilac, 5p lilac and red pair and a single all tied oval datestamps of the Supreme Court. Mainly sound, scarce on early docs. Barefoot 2, 5, 6.

LOT898 Gibraltar

1898 4 values hinged mint with fresh appearance for 2d, 4d, 6d & 1/-, all fine SG 41, 43/5.

LOT899 Gibraltar

1903 (4 Jun) Photo postcard of Algerciras addr to Scotland bearing ½d green tied Gibraltar A26 CDS & duplex, some tone spotting and underpaid so T & 1d / IS / D handstamps applied on reverse with manuscript 1/5. Nice early item.

LOT900 Gibraltar

1912 4s black and carmine very fine used sock on the nose GIBRALTAR / PARCEL POST / 6 MY 15 CDS cancel, very fine, SG 83 cat £55.

LOT901 Gibraltar

1912-30 Small mint range on stockcard incl 1912 2d, 1/- (black and green, or emerald back), 2/- dull purple and blue on blue mint, 1921 low vals x 6 to 1/- olive and black mint.

LOT902 Gibraltar

1935 Silver Jubilee set of 4 fine hinged mint from an old time collectors hoard, SG 114/17.

LOT903 Gibraltar

1938-51 Complete set of 14 unmounted mint to £1, very fresh, SG 121/31 cat £180.

LOT904 Gibraltar

1948 Royal Silver Wedding £1 brown-orange high value unmounted mint, fine, SG 135. Cat £60.

LOT905 Gibraltar

1949 P.13 1d red-brown Rock of Gibraltar in a complete sheet of 60 pl.2B unmounted mint, folded in half otherwise very fine, SG 122d STC £330.

LOT906 Gibraltar

1953-59 Queen Elizabeth II mounted mint set of 14 definitives, SG 145/58.

LOT907 Gibraltar

1966 Queen Elizabeth II Our Lady of Europa 2/- first day of issue cover posted at the site of the original shrine at 'Euopa point'. Rare and scarce item.

LOT908 Gibraltar

1967 (3 Apr) Large illustrated First Day Cover of the entire 1967 set of 14 to £1 addr to UK tied large GIBRALTAR / FIRST DAY OF ISSUE rock illustrated cancels and Phil. Exhib cachet bottom right, few minor bends otherwise pretty ideal for thematic collector. SG 200/13 (no 5d from 1969). Cat £50 for used set.

LOT909 Gibraltar

1999-2009 Annual Year packs for 1999-2004 complete and then 2009 each with unmounted mint stamp sets for each year. Original retail upwards of £34 each. Mainly fine. (7).

LOT910 Gibraltar

A useful collection QV to modern jumbled on leaves mint and used with better content including QV 1886 to 2½d m & u, 1898 to 1p, 1903 to 1s used, GV to 2s, 5s mint, 1938 to 2s mint, 1960 to £1 mint, 1967 Ships to £1 mint, 1977 to £5, 1982 to £5 mint, 1987 to £5 mint, then a run of defins and commems to 1991, useful lot for sorting out.

LOT911 Gibraltar

Mint duplicated collection on stockpages with better pickings including 1886 ½d (2), 1d, 1889 20c (2), vals to 2p, 1898 ½d (2), 1d (2), 2d, 2½d pair (96), 4d pair, 6d, 1s pair (Cat £96), 1938 set of 14 (Cat £180), plus many vals to £1, 1948 RSW set, 1953 set (Cat £180), 1960 set to £1 (Cat £80), commems to 1970s etc, very mixed but useful cat value (£1425+) & assembly.

LOT912 Gibraltar

QV 2d red registered postal stationery envelope unused with large SPECIMEN printed on reverse, flap slightly stuck down and closed tear otherwise sound.

LOT913 Gibraltar

QV Newspaper Wrapper postal stationery unused with 10 CENTIMOS red and overprinted SPECIMEN diagonally in black. Mainly sound.

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