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LOT759 Germany

1861 (12 Jan) Entire Letter Berlin to Paris bearing nice BERLIN / 12 / 1 5-6 d/r CDS, large fancy '19; charge mark h/s in black and red transit on obverse, backstamp receivers, filing fold addr to the bank 'De Rothschild Freres'. Fine.

LOT760 Germany

1872 10Gr grey fine used pen cancel example, very sound, Michel 12 Cat €220.

LOT761 Germany

1872-1945 Simplex springback album and pages containing a useful collection all identified by SG number unpicked as found mint and used with many useful pickings throughout including 1872 small shields to 5gr (cat £140), & 7kr (cat £140), Large shields to 5gr (2½gr cat £120) & 9kr (cat £650, short corner), 1874 2½ on 2½ f.u. (cat £65), 1875 to 50pf, 1902-16 Germanias to 2m mint, 2.50m lilac mint (SG 116a cat £140), 1920 Reich ovpts to 10m used, 1923 Inflation surchs incl 800t on 200m red used (cat £120), 800t on 500m green CDS used (cat £2250), 1926 air incl 3m top val used (cat £140), 1933 Welfare Fund top val (cat £200), f.u., 1934 Air set used (cat £110+), 1935 Costumes set m, officials, back of the book, also good range of Zones, etc, etc, ideal to fill those gaps, enormous cat value STC £2500++.

LOT762 Germany

1903 Two postal stationery covers with 5pf + 5c o/p and 10p o/p cancelled by Jerusalem Deutsche Post cancels.

LOT763 Germany

1911 Wmk lozenge 3m black-violet 25:17 very fine unmounted mint example, slightly centred low, scarce unmounted, Michel 96AI Cat €70 mint.

LOT764 Germany

1915 Prisoner of War correspondence from camp in Prussia a postal stationery letter from the commander of Munster addressed to International Red Cross with passed by censor cachet.

LOT765 Germany

1923 Inflation key value 800T on 500m green fine used double ring part 1923 CDS from AU..., nice fine used example of this scarce stamp, SG 300 Cat £2500.

LOT766 Germany

1924 Eagle 40pf brown-olive attractive bottom marginal example showing vertical rule lines of imprint, commercially used and expertised Schelgel BPP on reverse. Michel cat €400. Mi. 360 var.

LOT767 Germany

1924 Welfare Fund 10 + 30pf red in a superb complete sheet of 50 unmounted mint with sheet markings, fine, SG 366, Michel 352 cat €450.

LOT768 Germany

1928 Hindenburg 80pf chocolate brown attractive bottom marginal example showing vertical rule lines of imprint, commercially used and expertised Schelgel BPP on reverse. Michel cat €1200. Mi. 422 var.

LOT769 Germany

1930's-40's Seven German Feldpost covers and cards with Swastika cancels. Includes covers to Munich and Paris. Also 1915 Post Expedition Reserve Division cover. Plus three letters.

LOT770 Germany

1933 Air Zeppelin Chicago Flight 2rm blue fine used decent WUPPERTAL 1935 CDS cancel, sound SG 511 Cat £300.

LOT771 Germany

1935 Germany front only with block of four Hindenberg 25pf Memorial stamps red manuscript Luftpost.

LOT772 Germany

1935 Two registered typed fronts only from Berlin with four 25pf on one cover and a 25pf on the other. Addressed to Tanganyika territory.

LOT773 Germany

1945 Revolutionary overprints of Osvobozene Horazdovice with Lion overprints on Hitler 60pf and 1.20pf stamps very rare cover.

LOT774 Germany

A selection of approx. thirty mixed covers includes three rare postcards note in poor condition, 1878 Bayern 5pf postal stationery postcard, 1800's Bayern 3k on cover and 1987 expedition to Antarctic.

LOT775 Germany

c1920 Freight Revenue Tax stamps a very fine unmounted mint range of 14 different values 5pf to 6m depicting Mercury in different colours for Fracht stempel (Freight Stamp), all very fine the mark values are in bicolours. (14).

LOT776 Germany

Enormous collection in a well filled 64 sided stockbook with 100s and 100s of middle to modern used, few Zones, West to 1990s, Occupied areas, East to 1980s, CTO thematics etc, huge qty.

LOT777 Germany

Locals: Lobau Hitler complete overprint set of 23 fine used mainly 10th or 11th June CDS cancels each expertised Sturm BPP on reverse along with 1973 Sturm certificate, magnificent set, the top values unpriced by Michel. Michel 1/25.

LOT778 Germany

Six postal stationery cards and covers plus 1903 10pf Berlin colour postcard. All have clear crisp various cancels. One cover to Kronach has tear in centre.

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