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LOT546 Germany

1872-1945 Extensive old time collection with most issues represented mint and used plus many extras and shades, fine used copies throughout noted 1872 Small Shield ¼Gr (4), 1/3Gr (2), ½Gr (5), 5Gr (2), 1kr green (3), 2kr (3), 7kr blue, 18kr (2 thinned or damaged copies cat €500 each), Large Shield ¼Gr used (2 Cat €260), 2½Gr (2 cat €100 each), 5Gr (2), 2kr orange (cat €3200 thinned and faults but presentable), 9kr brown (3 examples incl shades cat €500 each minor faults), 18kr mint, 1872 Due 10Gr & 30Gr mint / unused, 1874 2½ on 2½Gr (6) & 9 on 9kr used (cat €930), 1900 Reichpost 5m Type II fine used (cat €500), 1902 set incl both types for 1m-3m & 5m 26:17 fine used (cat €250) plus extras, 1905 top vals to 5m used, 1912 Airs set 3 mint, 1920 Reich overprint set m & u, 1924 Airmail set of 7 used (cat €350), 1926 Air set mint (cat €140), 1926 Welfare set used (cat €160), 1927 ISS ovpt set mint (cat €100), 1928 Zeppelin air 2 M used (cat €65), 4m mint, 1928/29 Welfare set mint (cat €145), 1930-33 Welfare Fund sets mainly mint, 1934 Welfare set used (cat €160), etc, etc, some mixed mixed condition but huge catalogue value in excess of €12,000 for mentioned issues, jumbled collection some identified by printings and or Michel or SG numbers, good lot to sort out, 100s.

LOT547 Germany

1873 Printed postcard bearing Small shield 2kr red-orange tied Grebenhain CDS. few ink marks or smudges stamp is fine, Michel Cat €500.

LOT548 Germany

1886 (23 Jul) Berlin Local Post HANSA-KARTE 2pf blue postal stationery card used with violet HANSA / 23.7.86 / I/ , Berliner Verkehrs Anstalt CDS sent locally in Berlin. Few dog eared corners otherwise sound.

LOT549 Germany

1887 (13 Jun) Berlin Local Post PACKET FAHRT KARTE 2pf brown postal stationery card used with black Packet / Fahrt / 13 Jun 87 I CDS sent locally in Berlin. Paper adherence in corners otherwise sound.

LOT550 Germany

1900 Five 5pf Sunburst new millennium postcards with Offenburg Baden cancels but no addresses.

LOT551 Germany

1912 (22 Jun) Airmail printed postcard for the 100th Anniv. Post Flight bearing 30pf green airmail x 1 + PAIR each tied & 5pf green Germania defin both tied special FLUGPOST AM RHEIN U. AM MAIN / DARMSTADT. Michel III, very fine.

LOT552 Germany

1914-18 World War I internal German Military Mail postcard to Berlin.

LOT553 Germany

1923 Typed readdressed cover to Bern with fifteen x 200pf red inflation period stamps.

LOT554 Germany

1932 Wasserkuppe Rhoen Segelflug Glider Airmail cover to Dusseldorf bearing 4pf & 12pf pairs tied Fliegerlagen Gersfield 17.7.32 CDS's and Glider cachet in black. Mainly fine.

LOT555 Germany

1933 Aschersleben Philatelic Exhibition (Aug 19-21) set of 10 publicity labels showing German War Memorials each different design. (10)

LOT556 Germany

DAVO printed album with mint & used collections for West Germany 1950s to 1984, Berlin scattered ranges to 1984, Amercian & British Zones etc, good qty for expansion.

LOT557 Germany

Fournier Forgery: 1889 5pf green in a double block of 12 imperf (one block printed each side), Eagle 25pf orange imperf marginal blk of 6, 50pf perf pair, plus 20pf blue pair, and four postmark on one piece. (40).

LOT558 Germany

Large stockbook 64 sided with a duplicated early to 1950 range including 1870s Reich, Inflations m & u, 1930 Zepp 2rm & 4rm, commems to 1945, officials, Field post, Fund sets, Lobau (Saxony) locals 19 diff values to 80pf mint (Cat €400), Zones, few Colonies etc, huge qty.

LOT559 Germany

Locals: 1945 Lobau set of 20 overprints each on paper cancelled LOBAU (SACHS) 11.6.45 CDS cancels on Hitler heads, 1pf to 1m very fine, Michel 3/22 Cat €1040.

LOT560 Germany

Locals: 1945 Lobau set of 20 overprints mainly hinged mint on Hitler heads, 1pf to 1m very fine, Michel 3/22 Cat €475.

LOT561 Germany

Locals: Grossbraschen 1945 (20 Dec) Crossed hammer set of 12 imperf tied to neat printed card sent locally, each tied A GROSSBRASCHEN 28.2.46 CDS cancels, small corner bend otherwise nice philatelic item, Michel 31/42.

LOT562 Germany

Occupation issues: Latvia 1919 (2 Jan) Libau diagonal overprint in violet on 20pf blue fine used tied to paper by complete Deutsche Feldpost 168 b CDS cancel on 14th Jan 19, very fine. Michel 4B b cat €80.

LOT563 Germany

Occupation issues: Latvia 1919 (2 Jan) Libau diagonal overprint in violet on 15pf violet-black fine used tied to paper by complete Deutsche Feldpost 168 b CDS cancel on 8th Jan 19, very fine. Michel 3B a cat €400.

LOT564 Germany

Propaganda: 1939-45 12pfg Himmler & 3pf goring in setenant block of 4 fine hinged mint (diagonal gum bend), scarce in such a nice format showing two stamps for each value, nice combination Michel 30/31 Cat €1500+.

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