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LOT382 Germany

1872-1945 Mint and used collection in a well filled DAVO printed album with many useful sets incl 1872 to 7k, 1872 large shield to 7k (very mixed), 1902-11 to 5m m & u, 1920 set used, inflation issues m & u incl odd better catalogued, 1938 Motor Racing incl ovpt set mint, 1940s mainly mint sets, airs to middle values (No Zeppelins), officials, then Zones m & u, French Zone incl Baden, Rheinland, Wurttemberg, Soviet Zone incl ovpts, many 100s ideal lot for expansion. High cat value.

LOT383 Germany

1930s-1945 Used duplicated stock in stockbook of over 2300 stamps, some better includes Hindenburgs and Hitler defins with setenant strips or pairs from booklets, Alsace ovpts set mint, 1934 air to 3m used, 1938 Party Official to 40pf used, 1935 OSTROPA singles unused 3pf, 12pf, 25pf (Cat £55 each), plus many more, good catalogue value. Approx 2300+.

LOT384 Germany

1930s-1945 Used duplicated stock in stockbook of over 4200 stamps, some better includes 1920 Deutsches Reich overprint to 20m used (Cat £1924 Welfare set mint (Cat £46), then dozens of inflation issues mainly used, 1922 Exhibition to 20m used, 1928-31 Airs Zeppelin set 3 mint (Cat £130), used 1m, 4m (3, cat £165), plus many more, good catalogue value. Approx 4300.

LOT385 Germany

1933 Zeppelin Chicago Flight 4m black-brown fine used nice CDS example, Michel 498, €250.

LOT386 Germany

1933 Zeppelin Chicago Flight set of three hinged mint 1m, 2m & 4m, fresh examples Michel 496-498, €1200.

LOT387 Germany

1939 Deutsches Reich overprint set fine used, couple 15pf red short corner, otherwise fine, SG 704/717 Cat £250.

LOT388 Germany

1940 (18 May) Registered express envelope Moresnet to Cheminitz bearing 5m Hitler and 15pf both tied MORESNET 25.8.44 -17 CDS, sent insured for Wert 20,000 RM few wrinkles accompanied by Oechsner 2007 certificate, nice postal franking. Michel 802A.

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