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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT119 Andorra

1930 Air complete set of 7 to 3fr violet in unmounted mint blocks of 4, fine and fresh, SG 288/294. (15,000 sets issued).

LOT120 Andorra

1931 3f mauve and red very fine used nice crisp CDS with sound condition, good looker, SG F20.

LOT121 Andorra

1931 75c mauve and 1f blue Ceres defins fine used CDS, 1f has horiz. crease otherwise sound, SG F15 & 17.

LOT122 Andorra

1931 Complete definitive set to 1f50 hinged mint with fine appearance, high cat value, clean lot, SG F1/18.

LOT123 Andorra

1950 Air 100f indigo very fine unmounted mint, SG F143 Cat £140.

LOT124 Andorra

1962-64 Selection of mint definitives includes 1964 Virgin of Santa Coloma, Philatelic 1964 5c with margin, Andorrian History 60c and 1f used and unused. (16).

LOT125 Andorra

1969-70 Selection of mint definitives includes 1969 Church of St John of Caselles 30c, 40c and 70c, 1969 Europa 40c and 70c. (15).

LOT126 Andorra

1971-73 Selection of mint definitives includes 1971 Nature Protection, 1971 Altar scene church of St. John of Caselles and 1973 Pyrenean flowers. (25).

LOT127 Andorra

1974-76 Selection of mint definitives includes 1974 Church Sculptures 1974 Europa Paintings, 1976 Catalan Forge. (26).

LOT128 Andorra

1977-80 Selection of mint definitives includes 1977 St. Roma's chapel, 1978 Europa, 1979 Pre-Romanesque art. (31).

LOT129 Andorra

1981-83 Selection of mint Andorra definitives includes 1981 Nature Protection, 1982 St. Thomas Aquinas, 1982 1st official exhibition of Andorran Postage Stamps two miniature sheets 1983 early Coat of Arms. (37).

LOT130 Andorra

1984-87 Selection of mint Andorra definitives includes 1984 Europa 2f green and 2f.80 red with margins, 1985 nature protection, 1986 football world cup, complete booklet of 1.90f and 2.20f plus part booklet. (40).

LOT131 Andorra

1988-91 Selection of mint Andorra definitives includes 1988 Transport, 1988 Romanesque Art, 1989 Europa Childrens games, 1990 Europa post office buildings. (47).

LOT132 Andorra

1992-93 Selection of mint Andorra definitives includes 1992 Winter Olympic Games Albertville 2f.50 and 3f.40, 1992 Globe Flowers, 1993 Ski resorts set of five. (41).

LOT133 Andorra

Spanish: 1928 Overprinted set to 4ptas hinged mint, usual off centre perfs incl 4ptas also includes Express letter 1928 20c red mint. Useful cat value, SG 1B/12A.

LOT134 Andorra

Spanish: 1972 Europa 8p very fine unmounted mint, key stamp for Europa, SG 67.

LOT135 Andorra

Spanish: 1972 Europa 8pta key stamp unmounted mint, very fine and fresh, SG 67.

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