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LOT365 Gambia

1898-1902 Group of ten mint values including set of eight plus shades for 1d & 3d (both shades, cat £148), nice group (10) SG 37/44 Cat £252.

LOT366 Gambia

1902-05 GVI Complete set of twelve values to 3s hinged mint with very fine appearance. SG 45/56 Cat £250.

LOT367 Gambia

1904-06 GVI Complete set of twelve values to 2s hinged mint with very fine appearance. SG 57/68 Cat £300.

LOT368 Gambia

1912-22 Complete set of 17 minus 2d greyish slate (Cat 80p), includes many extra listed shades incl 3d (4), 4d (3), 10d (2) all hinged mint with very fine appearance. SG 86/88, 90/102 Cat £245.

LOT369 Gambia

1921-1953 Mint assembly on stockage including 1935 Silver Jubilee set, 1948 RSW set, 1938 GVI set of 16, 1949 UPU set, 1953 10s & £1. Cat £260. (37).

LOT370 Gambia

1922 4s black and red hinged mint with few toned perfs otherwise fresh, SG 117 Cat £100.

LOT371 Gambia

1922-29 set of 4 to 5s hinged mint, usual gum but all fine appearance, SG 118/121 Cat £120.

LOT372 Gambia

1922-29 Wmk MSCA Complete set of 19 (minus second ½d green cat £9) plus extra shade for 1s (Cat £70) hinged mint, mainly fine, SG 122/142. Cat £370.

LOT373 Gambia

1938-46 Complete set of 16 fine hinged mint, attractive, SG 150/161.

LOT374 Gambia

1941 Pan American Airways Inaugural first flight cachet Bathurst to Southampton bearing GVI elephant 6d, 1s & 4s tied 29 Nov 1941 CDS cancels and double line boxed PASSED by CENSOR / BATHURST violet h/s alongside. Few wrinkles otherwise sound, original letter inside.

LOT375 Gambia

Collection of mint & used on stockpages including QV Cameo range of different wmks to 1s mainly used, 1898 QV 6d mint plate 2 single, 1s mint, EDVII 1902 to 3s mint, 1904 to 1s mint for 5d-1s, 190913 vals to 2/6 mint, 1912 mainly mint set to 3s, 1921-22 set of 11 mint (cat £110), 1922-29 Elephant defins 3s & 5s mint, others used incl 7½d (Cat £95), 1935 SJ, 1938 Elephant set mint (Cat £170), plus shades for 1½d (possibly bright carmine Cat £300 but not included), 1948 RSW set used , mainly sound, STC £1490. (168).

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