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Below are the Stamps that we are currently offering for sale; you can bid and buy in complete confidence as all the items we sell are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT308 France

1849 1fr carmine fine used one margin, neatly cancelled with dotted grid and cut into on most sides, expertised signature on reverse, nice space filler, SG 19.

LOT309 France

1849 1fr carmine-brown fine used 3-4 very close to good margins, neatly cancelled with diamond grid and thinned top right corner rubbed on obverse, expertised twice on reverse by Buhler, mainly very sound, SG 18.

LOT310 France

1850 Ceres 15c green on greenish very fine used two margins (cut into on each side) neatly cancelled by diamond grid postmark, very fine, SG 4.

LOT311 France

1852 Pichot Napoleon Essays for 25c value in eight different colours incl on different colour papers, mainly sound (8).

LOT312 France

1853 Repub. Napoleon 10c yellow-bistre very fine large four margin example with neat diamond dotted numeral 2736, extremely fine premium copy, SG 37a.

LOT313 France

1860 Attractive small cover Paris to New York bearing Napoleon Empire 80c bright rose x 2 (small margins) tied dotted diamond cancels, and a variety of PD, Am Service boxed h/s in red on obverse, plus USA arrival PAID / NEW YORK, and manuscript 6 in red crayon, few minor faults and wrinkles but impressive 160c rate.

LOT314 France

1862-1969 DAVO standard printed album (very fine) with a useful collection of fine used defins and commems, noted Airs 1927 2fr ovptd CDS used with large thin (cat £300), 1928 Air surcharge 10f on 90c red (taken as forgery, thinned Cat £3500 genuine), Napoleon imperfs to 80c, huge range of defins and commems with year runs from 1940s to 1960s, nice clean lot for expansion, expensive new current retail around £150.

LOT315 France

1862-3 Reprint 1Fr lake sound fine used with four huge margins on whiter paper, incomplete dotted cancels, enormous margins, these reprints were used for postage. SG 79. Yvert 18d Cat €1600 mint.

LOT316 France

1869 5f lilac-grey a superb fine used example with neat dotted diamond numeral 169 superb centring, superb colour, totally intact perfs, premium example! SG 131. Cat £1300.

LOT317 France

1917 War Orphan's Fund complete set of 8 mostly nice CDS used example without faults, 5f + 5f is vfu with FREYMING CDS and signed on reverse, SG 370/77, Cat £3660. Yvert 148/155.

LOT318 France

1922 War Orphan's Fund complete set of 8 mostly nice CDS used example without faults, 1f on 5f+5f is centred low, SG 388/95 Cat £295.

LOT319 France

1923 CONGRES PHILATELIQUE DE BORDEAUX 1923 overprint on 1fr Olivier & Merson fine Exposition CDS used, cancelled by favour with gum on the reverse, SG 400e Cat £750.

LOT320 France

1927 Air 2f orange and green overprinted Post Aerienne and aircraft, fine used incomplete cancel, centre SE, nice copy lightly used, SG 455 Cat £300.

LOT321 France

1982-1999 A superb unmounted mint collection in two SAFE printed hingeless luxury albums with a high degree of completion, includes most commem sets, miniature sheets, defin sets, extra booklets and panes, attractive lot with good face and catalogue values €2000++. Albums expensive new!

LOT322 France

COLOUR TRIALS: Napoleon Empire France imperfs mainly in pairs for the 25c value printed on ungummed thin white paper includes ten pairs, two singles, three blocks of 4 and three pairs with double impressions, mostly fine, (40).

LOT323 France

Early to modern collection in well filled (remaindered) Victoria album with plenty of useful seen from 19th century to 1979, many perf defins for Ceres and Napoleon, Peace & Commerce, Olivier & Merson, many commems fine used, 100s, needs rehousing and sorting out, 100s.

LOT324 France

Postage Dues: 1871-78 Typo. 30c black imperf with four close to good margins CDS used, very fine, Yvert 6. Cat £190.

LOT325 France

Postage Dues: 1881-92 2Fr black neatly fine used with incomplete corner cancel, very fine, expertised on reverse, SG D293 Cat £1100. Yv. 23.

LOT326 France

Precancels: 1922-47 Affranchi Postes 55c on 60c violet fine unused without gum, Yvert 47 Cat €150+.

LOT327 France

Precancels: POSTES FRANCE 1922 5c orange (mint, few surface scuffs), 15c green-olive (unused, short corner perfs) & 30c red (unmounted mint, superb), all mainly fine. Yvert 36/38 Cat €2800+. (3).

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