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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT685 France

1849 1fr carmine fine used one margin, neatly cancelled with dotted grid and cut into on most sides, expertised signature on reverse, nice space filler, SG 19.

LOT686 France

1849 B. BALLON / P.E. diagonal cancel in black on 10c bistre, good 4 margins unused and small paper faults, unusual, 'forged' rare cancel?

LOT687 France

1849 Entire from Leek, Groningen Netherlands to Paris France. With unframed straight-line Leek in orange. Rotterdam CDS date unclear and French receiver CDS date unclear.

LOT688 France

1852 Pichot Napoleon Essays for 25c value in eight different colours incl on different colour papers, mainly sound (8).

LOT689 France

1853 Repub. Napoleon 10c yellow-bistre very fine large four margin example with neat diamond dotted numeral 2736, extremely fine premium copy, SG 37a.

LOT690 France

1862-1969 DAVO standard printed album (very fine) with a useful collection of fine used defins and commems, noted Airs 1927 2fr ovptd CDS used with large thin (cat £300), 1928 Air surcharge 10f on 90c red (taken as forgery, thinned Cat £3500 genuine), Napoleon imperfs to 80c, huge range of defins and commems with year runs from 1940s to 1960s, nice clean lot for expansion, expensive new current retail around £150.

LOT691 France

1869 5f lilac-grey a superb fine used example with neat dotted diamond numeral 169 superb centring, superb colour, totally intact perfs, premium example! SG 131. Cat £1300.

LOT692 France

1900-1946 Collection of mint and used on well filled Schaubek plain leaves, useful content throughout including 1900 Olivier & Merson 2f lilac and buff used (Cat £110), 1926 War Orphan's Fund 1f+25c red f.u. (cat £60), 1918 Red X mint (Cat £160), 1927 sinking fund set f.u., 1929 Views to 20f used, 1936 Air 50f used (wrinkles, cat £475), 1936 Air to 2f50 red mint (Cat £80), 1936 Paris Exhib. set mint (Cat £70), 1938 Ader mint (Cat £140), then mostly mint to 1946 much complete for the period, some back of the book, good cat value (approx 650).

LOT693 France

1914 Wrapper with faint cancel from manufacturer of bronze ornaments Paris with illustrated catalogue on thin paper. Handle with care.

LOT694 France

1917 War Orphan's Fund complete set of 8 mostly nice CDS used example without faults, 5f + 5f is vfu with FREYMING CDS and signed on reverse, SG 370/77, Cat £3660. Yvert 148/155.

LOT695 France

1922 War Orphan's Fund complete set of 8 mostly nice CDS used example without faults, 1f on 5f+5f is centred low, SG 388/95 Cat £295.

LOT696 France

1923 (2 Sep) MONTPELLIER AVIATION MEETING - airmail cover bearing six semi-officials and 25c blue sower each tied MONTPELLIER AVIATION CDS cancel addressed to Vosges, transit and arrival backstamps, very colourful early cover.

LOT697 France

1923 (2 Sep) ROUEN AVIATION MEETING - airmail cover bearing six semi-officials and 25c blue sower each tied ROUEN AVIATION CDS cancel addressed to Lille, transit backstamp, very colourful early cover.

LOT698 France

1923 (29 Sep) Air Meeting Rouen labels: 25c Sower tied along with 6 diff private "MEETING DE ROUEN" airmail labels all tied by Rouen 23 Sept 1923 CDS's to airmail cover to Colombes. Has Evreux b/s. Fine and very attractive early aviation cover.

LOT699 France

1923 CONGRES PHILATELIQUE DE BORDEAUX 1923 overprint on 1fr Olivier & Merson fine Exposition CDS used, cancelled by favour with gum on the reverse, SG 400e Cat £750.

LOT700 France

1926 War Orphan's Fund top value 5f + 1f very fine CDS used example, SG 453 Cat £130.

LOT701 France

1927 Air 2f orange and green overprinted Post Aerienne and aircraft, fine used incomplete cancel, centre SE, nice copy lightly used, SG 455 Cat £300.

LOT702 France

1927 Strasbourg Triptyche 5f & 10f with middle label STRASBOURG / 1927, the 5f is unmounted mint, the label and 10f have hinge remains or tiny black paper adherence, very fine looker, Dallay 236A €1200.

LOT703 France

1928 Sinking Fund 1f50 + 8f50 blue mounted mint with very appearance, SG 463 Cat £200.

LOT704 France

1930 Sinking Fund 1f50 + 3f50 in a scarce mint booklet pane of 4 with margins all round, paper adherence on reverse but partly U/M and horizontal crease along top margin but does not detract from this seldom offered format, Cat €1500.

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