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LOT548 France

1849 10c yellowish bistre on yellowish fine unused no gum with four good margins, sound. (SG1), Cat €1850 mint.

LOT549 France

1849-71 Ceres small range of five used examples includes 1849 1f orange-vermilion forgery with diamond grid cancel (SG 16 Cat £24,000 genuine, nice spacefiller), 1870 1c bronze-green fine used 4 margins (vertical crease, SG 147, cat £190), 30c brown & 40c orange (2 shades), nice little group. (5).

LOT550 France

1869 5f grey-lilac nice sound used example with two strikes of 218 dotted diamond postmarks, sound colour and good perfs, SG 131.

LOT551 France

1869 5f grey-lilac spacefiller used with central CDS, various thins, tear and perf faults, decent spacefiller, SG 131 Cat £1300.

LOT552 France

1900 Liberty issues specialised collection mainly mint including 1c grey plates i! & IB, positional blks of 4 m, shades m & u, plate flaw, pairs showing major retouch, 1 of 1c damaged, shades in strip of 3, 2c violet brown shades diff plates, offset on reverse No.2 gutter pair, 3c orange shades, gutter marginal 0, 4c yellow-brown gutter marginal strip of 4 with No.5, end gutter margin No.6 blk of 6, constant colour flaws identified, precancels, 5c green corner dated blk of 4, gutter pair No.1, shades, plates etc, high catalogue value painstakingly collected and researched.

LOT553 France

1917 War Orphan's Fund 35c + 25c violet and grey with very nice corner CDS cancel, SG 374 Cat £190.

LOT554 France

1917 War Orphans 50c + 50c brown hinged mint, very fresh, SG 375.

LOT555 France

1918 Red Cross Fund 15c + 5c fine used with very nice CDS cancel, SG 378 Cat £85.

LOT556 France

1920-21 Guynemer Air Mail labels affixed to eleven covers mainly from the same correspondence to London each has faults, tears or creases and variety of combinations, one is tied by CDS's on outward journey, attractive and interesting group.

LOT557 France

1923 Philatelic Congress overprint on 1f lake and yellow-green with superb Exposition CDS cancel dated on First Day of Bordeaux Philatelic Congress, superb, SG 400e Cat £750.

LOT558 France

1925 Paris International Philatelic Exhibition Miniature sheet superb CTO fine used with full original gum and cancelled by four with two special Exhibition cancels dated PARIS 10.6.25, superb, Yv. 1. SG MS412a Cat £1700.

LOT559 France

1927-1949 Useful group of earlier covers including 1939 Bourse Exposition Philatelique, 1949 imperf / perf setenant strip of 4 on official CITEX cover, 1939 20f to Brazil, 1938 airmail cover to London, 1932 airmail to Saigon (Faults), 1932 10f on airmail to Chile, 1938 to Djibouti with DIRECTION du PERSONNEL MILITIAIRE / 1er BUEAU h/s in violet etc, mixed but useful group. (14).

LOT560 France

1929 International Philatelic Exhibition overprint on 2f red & green with superb ENTZHEIM 1931 hexagonal cancel, superb, SG 470 Cat £1000.

LOT561 France

1930 Int. Colonial Exhib. complete set of 5 unmounted mint, SG 488/492 Cat £71.

LOT562 France

1930 Sinking Fund 1f50 + 3f50 reddish purple with very nice corner CDS cancel, SG 480 Cat £120.

LOT563 France

1931 Sinking Fund 1f50 + 3f50 green with very nice corner CDS cancel, SG 493 Cat £200.

LOT564 France

1934 Air 25th Anniv. of Channel Flight 2f25c violet unmounted mint right hand sheet of 20, no imprint, various wrinkles, cat £580 as mint stamps, SG 523.

LOT565 France

1935 Savings Bank 75c green in an unmounted mint right hand pane of 11, no imprint, various wrinkles, cat £275 as mint stamps, SG 528.

LOT566 France

1936 100th Flight 10f dark green hinged mint mainly fine and fresh, lovely looker, SG 554, cat £450.

LOT567 France

1936 100th Flight between France and S. America 10f green fine used with very nice corner CDS cancel, SG 554 Cat £180.

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