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France Stamps

France stamps in our auctions...

Below are the France Stamps that we are currently offering for sale; you can bid and buy in complete confidence as all the items we sell are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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LOT288 France

1849-1936 Old time collection on Ideal printed leaves with much useful material incl 1849 20c & 25c, 1853 6 imperfs to 80c, 1862 1c to 80c, 1863 1c to 4c used, 1869 5f greyish violet fine used (thinned), Ceres perf issues to 80c, good range of defins & commems to middle values etc, mainly sound. (160).

LOT289 France

1870 Ceres 40c orange very fine unmounted mint example, superb and fresh, SG 177, Cat €650.

LOT290 France

1930 4f slate-blue Type II hinged mint and expertised on reverse, fine, SG 472a.

LOT291 France

German Occupation: 1941 Legion Volontaires Francais F+100f miniature sheet very fine mint showing polar bear and sword design, Michel Block I cat €500.

LOT292 France

German Occupation: 1941 Legion Volontaires Francais F+100f miniature sheet very fine unmounted mint showing Polar Bear and Sword design, couple of minor spots otherwise fine and fresh, Michel Block I cat €800.

LOT293 France

Precancels: 1922 AFFRANCHte overprints on Sower & Pasteur defins unmounted mint includes 30c green (cat €60), 30c red (cat €345), 35c violet (cat €185), 45c (cat €40) & 50c (cat €280). Nice group (5). Cat €910.

LOT372 France

1853-1982 Well filled DAVO ALBUM Vol I Printed album with a mainstream mint and mainly used assembly incl many complete years of defins and commems 1943 to 1982, spaces for back of the book issues, airmails, postage dues, mainly just needs earlier and key items and M/S to complete, clean lot for expansion, expensive new.

LOT373 France

1869 5f lilac-grey on greyish sound used example with two strikes of star dotted cancels, mainly sound perfs and sound example, SG 131 Cat £1300.

LOT374 France

1900 5f blue and buff Olivier & Merson hinged mint with fresh condition, SG 308 Cat £110.

LOT375 France

1903 Sower 'set' of 5 mainly hinged mint with fresh gum, 10c & 15c are unmounted mint, all nice lookers, SG 314, 316c, 317.9. Cat £650.

LOT376 France

1914 Red Cross 10c+5c red unmounted mint, Cat £42. Fine. SG 352.

LOT377 France

1917 War Orphan's Fund 35c + 25c violet & grey, 50c + 50c brown both heavy mounted mint, one tone spot otherwise sound, SG 374/5 Cat £480.

LOT378 France

1918 Red Cross 15c + 5c unmounted mint, very fresh, Scott B11 cat $250.

LOT379 France

1920 3f mauve and red Olivier & Merson very fine hinged mint with fresh condition, SG 430 Cat £65.

LOT380 France

1920 80c red Sower very fine unmounted mint with top marginal imprint. SG 424 Cat £32.

LOT381 France

1922 War Orphan's Fund Complete set of 8 heavy mounted mint examples with nice appearance, SG 388/395 Cat £268.

LOT382 France

1923 CONGES PHILATELIQUE DE BORDEAUX 1923 on 1fr red and green part original gum example, few blunt perfs otherwise sound copy with high cat value. SG 400e Cat £600.

LOT383 France

1926 War Orphan's Fund 5f + 1f blue and black very fine hinged mint, usual gum wrinkles or bend, well centred and fine appearance, SG 453 Cat £140.

LOT384 France

1926 War Orphan's Fund Complete set of 4 with 1f + 25c red & 5f + 1f blue and black both UNMOUNTED MINT, two low vals are mounted, mainly fine appearance, SG 450/3 Cat £223). SG priced for mounted mint.

LOT385 France

1927 Philatelic Exhibition Strasbourg miniature sheet hinged mint, very fine, SG MS 454ab Cat £1400.

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