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LOT270 France

1849-1984 An extensive mint and used collection in a well filled Scott printed album with better content throughout includes imperf Napoleon to 1fr and perforated issues to 80c, 1869 5fr grey (small faults, nice looker, cat £1100), 1870-73 to 80c used, 1876 to 2f, 1900 to 20f, 1924 Expo. set mint, 1925 5f red mint (Cat £180), 1930-31 5f brown both types mint, 20f brown used (3 types), 1938 50f Ader mint, defin long sets to 20f, 1945 Ceres to 100f, 1949 10f vermilion single, 1953 Sports set m, 1950s Fund sets, 1960s Art stamps, much complete to 1984, then 1918 Red X m, 1922 War Orphans set mint (toned gum), 1927 Sinking Fund set m, 1928 set m, 1930 1f50+3f50, 1937 Museum set 2 m, 1936 100th Flight 10f CDS used, 1947 Air to 500f, 1949 to 100f, 1950 to 1000f used, 1957 to 1000f mint, plus many more, enormous catalogue value and over. 100s.

LOT271 France

1850 Ceres 25c deep blue a beautiful large four even margins used neat grid diamond cancel, light vertical crease but does not detract, SG 11.

LOT272 France

1869 5F grey top value nicely used with lozenge '218' pmk either side of the central vignette, well centred with good colour and perfs. SG 131 Cat £1300.

LOT273 France

1927 Strasbourg Philatelic Exhibition Miniature sheet very fine hinged mint; a key item in French philately. Superb looking and printed in small quantities and only available at the Exhibition. SG MS 454b Cat £1600.

LOT274 France

1936 Air 50f ultramarine hinged mint in very fine condition, SG 541 Cat £1000.

LOT275 France

1936-44 Mainly unmounted mint year collection mostly complete for postage issues on Yvert printed hingeless album pages including 1936 Complete except for 100th Flight 10f top value, 1937 National Museums set hinged mint, 1938 Ader (toned gum U/M cat £130), 1940 surcharge set, Fund sets etc, High cat value. Retail Ï763.

LOT276 France

1938 -1968 Comprehensive chiefly mint collection on Scott leaves almost complete for the period, missing the high val Airs etc,.. but we note 1953 Sports, 1950's National Relief Fund sets, 1964 Philatec, etc, Good starter lot with a high cat value (100's)

LOT277 France

1943 National Stamp Day. Superb lot of illustrated unfolded letter cards all bearing 1F50c Petain tied with special cds of different towns and cities in France and numbered with various illustrations showing buildings, methods of transport with car, ship, train and boat, Famous people, Coats of Arms, etc, all apertaining to the particular town/city in brown on cream paper. Very attractive (54).

LOT278 France

1949 Air 1000F Paris very fresh hinged mint SG 1059 Cat £225.

LOT279 France

1962-86 Collection in a bulging Lighthouse printed album chiefly mint/unmounted mint and is near to completion for the period. Good project for someone. STC 1200 Euros.

LOT280 France

Accumulation in a BOXFILE of all periods mint and used in various collections, album pages, loose, includes 19th century on stockcards with some better values, Olivier & Mersons to 20f f.u., plenty to sort, 100s.

LOT281 France

AND COLONIES - Well filled stockbook mint and used from early to modern, over 3200 stamps including 1930 BIT ovpt 50c red mint blk of 6 & 12 (Cat £58), 1906 Sower 5c green blkt pane of 10 part mint, duplicated earlier incl Peace & Commerce, Olivier & Merson to 10f, Fr. Colonies incl Morocco, good Syria surcharge and overprints assembly incl 1921 25p on 10p grey imperf pair mint, 1924 Olympic Games surch set 4 (toned mint, 2 cat £132 each set 4), 1926 Refugees Fund, 1929 Damascus Exhib., 1936 Damascus Fair set mint, Indian settlements France Libre overprints mint, AEF, AOF, Tunisia, etc, 100s.

LOT282 France

Eclectic group of covers/cards with 1862 Accounts sheet folded to form an entire bearing four margin Napoleon,then 1930's to 1940's with 1936 Philatelic Bourse card with large blue bourse cds, 1938 env to Djibouti with DIRECTION du PERSONNEL MILITAIRE/ 1er BUREAU h/s in violet, 1940 philatelic card bearing 1c & 2c sowers tied with large Czechoslovak Army Post cds' in blue, 1949 CITEX cover with imperf/perf strip of 4 tied with Exhibition cds plus other better stamps of 1930's/40's on flown commercial covers Nice lot with odd fault but many fine and attractive (14).

LOT283 France

NEWSPAPERS: 1870/1 'Le Courier de L'Ouest, Three complete newspapers, folded into 4 and annotated in french on pages; one bearing pair of 1c Napoleons' tied with Alencon cds's and revenue tax mark, another with 2c brown Napoleon with the same cds and finally one with same 2c brown tied with Le Breil- s-Merize cds. All are fine with dealers expertising marks and are ready for display. Need to be viewed carefully. Nice interesting lot (3).

LOT284 France

NEWSPAPERS: 1872 L'Echo D'Arcis complete newspaper bearing 2c brown Napoleon actually tied with the newsprint; obviously affixed before printing and folded into four with couple of small splits but still a fine item that would display well.

LOT285 France

Stockbook with duplicated mint and used from 1872 onwards noted 1849-52 Ceres 10c yellow-bistre (4 margins, Cat £400), 15c green (no margins, cat £1200), 40c orange (2, cat £600 each), 1853 1c to 80c (varying margins, mostly nice copies) incl. 5c green 4 margins f.u. (Cat £120), 40c orange (5), 1862 perf to 80c, 1863 to 80c, 1869 5fr grey-lilac heavy used with good 3581 dotted diamond cancel (thins and surface rub, Cat £1200), 1870 Bordeaux 1c olive on greenish mint (Cat £225), 10c bistro, 30c, 40c & 80c, with faults, 1871-76 set of 4 values, 1876-90 Peace & Commerce to 5f used, 1900 2f used, 1900 Olivier & Merson 50c with lavender background omitted variety, f.u. (crease, cat £140), 1940-41 surcharge set 18 mint, defins to 1981 etc., approx. 700 STC £9300+.

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