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LOT369 France

1849 B. BALLON / P.E. diagonal cancel in black on 10c bistre, good 4 margins unused and small paper faults, unusual, 'forged' rare cancel?

LOT370 France

1850-1999 Extensive collection used, mint or unmounted mint for later on a pile of Lighthouse printed leaves (13 hole, good condition) with a nice collection from middle to modern commems. Noted 1860s-70s to 80c used, 1917 War Orphans 50c + 50c brown mint (Cat £350), 1900-1920 Olivier & Merson to 20f mainly used, 50c brown and lilac mint (Cat £130), 1929 Views basic set of 6 hinged mint (Cat £630), 1940 surcharges top vals mint, 1954 Air 500f fine and fresh mint (SG 1196, Cat £325), then good amount of completion in 1950s to 1999 mint & U/M sets. Lovely clean lot ideal for expansion just needs three or four Lighthouse binders to make the beginnings of a lovely collection. Huge cat value. Approx 3000 all different.

LOT371 France

1920-21 Guynemer Air Mail labels affixed to eleven covers mainly from the same correspondence to London each has faults, tears or creases and variety of combinations, one is tied by CDS's on outward journey, attractive and interesting group.

LOT372 France

1923 (2 Sep) MONTPELLIER AVIATION MEETING - airmail cover bearing six semi-officials and 25c blue sower each tied MONTPELLIER AVIATION CDS cancel addressed to Vosges, transit and arrival backstamps, very colourful early cover.

LOT373 France

1923 (2 Sep) ROUEN AVIATION MEETING - airmail cover bearing six semi-officials and 25c blue sower each tied ROUEN AVIATION CDS cancel addressed to Lille, transit backstamp, very colourful early cover.

LOT374 France

1934 Air 25th Anniv. of Channel Flight 2f25c violet unmounted mint right hand sheet of 20, no imprint, various wrinkles, cat £580 as mint stamps, SG 523.

LOT375 France

1935 Savings Bank 75c green in an unmounted mint right hand pane of 11, no imprint, various wrinkles, cat £275 as mint stamps, SG 528.

LOT376 France

1937 Two illustrated covers with King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson with 1f 50 Exposition stamps.

LOT377 France

1941-1951 Collection in a binder mint and used with better including National Relief Fund sets, a few nice covers, WW2 Censor, Airs to 1000f, 1949 Stamp Cent strip & 10f verm. single mint. Mainly fine.

LOT378 France

1941-1962 Mint and used collection with better throughout on Lighthouse hingeless leaves noted Fund sets mainly mint 1943 Strip (cat £80), 1948-52 complete sets set m, 1945 to 100f mint, 1949 10f single m, 1949 strip mint, 1953 Sports set m (115), airs incl 1947 12th UPU 500f mint (cat £95), , defins and commems to 1940 etc. Good catalogue for expansion.

LOT379 France

1943 (10th October) Attractive collection of National Stamp Day regional Letter Cards from different towns and cities in France commemorating the Stamp Day each numbered as limited production includes approx 54 different letter cards each with 1f50 red-brown Petain adhs each tied special different town cancel in black, hard to find in this format. (c54).

LOT380 France

1949 (11 Jun) French Stamp Centenary CITEX 25f + 25f blue imperf and label from the strip tied on obverse of nice Oudine Medallion from the Ceres defin design. tied nice Centenary CDS. Fine.

LOT381 France

1949 Air 1000f Paris hinged mint, very fresh, nice top value SG 1059 Cat £225.

LOT382 France

1954 Airs 500f red and orange very fine and fresh mounted mint, SG 1196. Cat £325.

LOT383 France

1962-1986 Huge collection mainly mint or unmounted mint with good runs of year sets for commems, modern defins, airs, Fund and Art sets / issues etc, huge retail in a hingeless Lighthouse printed album. STC Ï1200+.

LOT384 France

A selection of twenty France and Colonies covers including, 1939 Maroc machine cancel with two 2f 50 stamps to England, Tunisia cover with two 1f 50 to England. Good postmark interest.

LOT385 France

Collection mint and mainly used in springback binder, noted 1949 CITEX 10f (+100f) vermilion mint (Cat £100), 1949 Airs 500f mint (Cat £110), 1000f used (2 cat £39 each), 1853 5c green imperf (Cat £275), 1953 Sports set mint (Cat £115), few 100s.

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