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Below are the Stamps that we are currently offering for sale; you can bid and buy in complete confidence as all the items we sell are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT687 Finland

1860 10KOP pink on pink very fine used example with pen cancel and CDS postmarks, full teeth with light tone spots otherwise clean example, SG 13.

LOT688 Finland

1866 Serpentine 40p pink on lilac fine used range of 10 examples, mostly better copies well above average incl 5 on paper, mostly WIBORG CDS cancel, some shades, useful study lot SG 40 cat £1110.

LOT689 Finland

1866 Serpentine 8p black on green 3 examples on paper tied CDS cancels with part manuscript from envelope instructions, nice album piece, SG 46 cat £675.

LOT690 Finland

1866 Serpentine 8p black on green scarce strip of 3 on paper tied CDS cancels, some teeth interrupted and torn corner on middle stamp otherwise nice album piece, SG 46 cat £675.

LOT691 Finland

1866 Serpentines attractive duplicated range of 20p blue on blue x 20 neatly used examples mostly above average with good to full teeth, variety of CDS and boxed postmarks, ideal for roulette study, shades etc. Also 40p red (3), good cat value in excess of £900.

LOT692 Finland

1875 (8 Mar) Attractive cover bearing 20p blue serpentine neatly tied blue FINSKA JERNVAGENS POST KUPE EXPED 33 CDS in blue being the first travelling post office postmark, boxed ANK 93 in violet alongside and second strike of postmark on reverse, torn flap & few smudges otherwise neat and fine. Nice early TPO item.

LOT693 Finland

1885 cover KUOPIN to Helsingfors bearing 20p orange arms tied CDS cancel and nice ANK 27 boxed h/s on obverse in black, roughly opened on reverse otherwise sound.

LOT694 Finland

1917 25m orange and red top value in a lovely strip of 4 neatly CDS used HELSINKI cancels, sound, nice multiple. SG 213.

LOT695 Finland

1918 Lion defin set of 8 to 5m fine used, SG 214/221.

LOT696 Finland

1928 Philatelic Exhibition overprint set of 2 in attractive mint / unmounted mint blocks of 4, very fine and attractive. SG 258/9.

LOT697 Finland

1940-1988 Collection of unmounted mint sets for defins and commems incl miniature sheets, with some nice year runs in a stockbook with many nice thematics, fund sets etc.

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