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LOT355 Falkland Islands

1948 (1 Nov) Royal Silver Wedding set of 2 on plain envelope sent locally cancelled on First Day of Issue by PORT STANLEY CDS cancels. Very fine, hard to find. SG 166/7.

LOT356 Falkland Islands

1948 Royal Silver Wedding £1 Mauve high value unmounted mint, fine, SG 167. Cat £90.

LOT357 Falkland Islands

1948-49 Two plain covers one bearing 1948 RSW 2½d tied PORT STANLEY / * / 1 NOV / 48 CDS FDI cancel, and 1949 2d black & red GVI defin tied similar cancel for 4 July, both sent locally philatelic use. Pretty duo. (2).

LOT358 Falkland Islands

1960 Birds long set of 15 to £1 mounted mint, SG 193/207 Cat £170.

LOT359 Falkland Islands

1980's Five first day covers includes 1983 200 years of Manned flight, 1985 Albatrosses, 1984 Volcanoes of South Sandwich. Plus British Antarctic 1985 Graham Land and 1983 Manned Flight.

LOT360 Falkland Islands

Book containing unused stamps mounted to pages includes King George VI silver wedding 2½d and £1, 1964 Battle of Falklands set of four with margins and 1938-50 KGVI definitives.

LOT361 Falkland Islands

Large stockbook with a mint and used jumbled ranges noted 1919-37 Fin Whale & Gentoo Penguins 9 vals complete to 5/- hinged mint, (mixed perfs, cat £260), 1935 Silver Jubilee set of 4 fine hinged mint, 1938-50 10s mint (Cat £120), commems to 1970s-80s, Falkland Is. Dependencies 1946 Thick map set, 1954 Ships set to 10s mint (Cat £175), 1963 surchs to 50p on 10s mint, 1991 Birds on cover, etc, useful pickings.

LOT362 Falkland Islands

Mint and used collection on leaves with useful content throughout jumbled on leaves mainly by reigns includes 1935 Silver Jubilee set mint, 1938 GVI set of 18 to £1 mainly mint (cat £475) plus extras 1d, 2d, 3d shades, 5s blue and chestnut (cat £150), 1960 Birds to 2s used, some commems, good cat value.

LOT363 Falkland Islands

Modern commercial covers (9) from mainly 1980s to 2012 incl Philatelic Bureau postmarks, OHMS official paid, regd, etc. (9).

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