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LOT338 Falkland Islands

1936 (27 Aug) Plain cover (vertical fold not affecting stamps) bearing seven different Whale & Penguin defins ½d to 1s each tied PORT STANLEY / A / 27 AU / 36 CDS cancels, attractive philatelic item, SG 116/121.

LOT339 Falkland Islands

1937 Coronation set of 3 on cover to London tied PORT STANLEY / B / 18 MY / 37 CDS cancels, few marks otherwise fine.

LOT340 Falkland Islands

1937-1998 First Day & Special Event covers group in a cover binder including 1937 Coronation sets for 12 May or 18 Sept, 1949 UPU on 1950 cover, 1946 Victory (4 covers), 1966 Churchill on illus cvr, 1970s-80s commem sets, 1983 defin set to £2, 1998 Birds to £5, Dependencies small range for 1980s, S. Georgia 1990s (3) etc, attractive lot mainly fine. (c60).

LOT341 Falkland Islands

1938-50 Complete set of 18 plus extra 1d shade lightly mounted mint, all fine, SG 146/163.

LOT342 Falkland Islands

1948 Royal Silver Wedding set of 2 on a 1950 (18 Apr) registered airmail cover to Bombay tied PORT STANLEY CDS cancel, with regd etiquette No. 0075, attractive. SG 166/7.

LOT343 Falkland Islands

And Dependencies: QEII mainly unmounted mint collection in two KA-BE hingeless albums including 1968 Flowers set, 1989 Ships set, FID; 1954 Ships to £1 U/M (to 2/6 mint), South Georgia 1963-9 set U/M, 1971-6 surch set U/M, 1994 Whales & Dolphins set U/M, range of minor Wmk varieties. Odd tone but mainly fine. Albums expensive new!

LOT344 Falkland Islands

And Dependencies: QEII unmounted mint collection in two KA-BE hingeless albums including useful sets 1979-1994, FID; 1980-1994 sets plus a few GVI mint, mainly fine. Albums expensive new!

LOT345 Falkland Islands

QV-1978 Useful collection on Scott printed leaves mint and used with many sets and top values noted 1878 1/- bistre-brown mint (toned gum), 1891 2½d, 6d yellow, 9d salmon and 1/- brown mint, 1904 1/- mint, 1929 1/- m, 1933 Centenary 7 vals to 1/-, 1935 Silver Jubilee set m, 1938 set to £1 mint, 1948 RSW set mint (few toned perfs), 1952 set mint, 1955 set m, 1960 Birds set mint, fine for expansion, mainly fine.

LOT346 Falkland Islands

QV-QEII Mint and used collection on leaves with some better including QV to 1s brown, 4d mint, 1935 SJ set used, 1938 18 values to 10s f.u., 1952 set to £1 used, 1960 Birds 14 vals to £1 used (£1 is plate 1 corner marginal), 1968 Flowers to £1, Ships set to £3 used, etc, useful collection.

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