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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT663 Falkland Islands

1869-76 Small black FRANK on white paper on small piece, sound and fine, SG FR1 on piece.

LOT664 Falkland Islands

1891 Wmk reversed 6d orange-yellow heavy mounted mint showing guide dot in centre at the bottom of the stamp, SG 33x.

LOT665 Falkland Islands

1896 1s yellow-brown fine used, SG 38.

LOT666 Falkland Islands

1896 6d yellow hinged mint, fine, SG 34 Cat £55.

LOT667 Falkland Islands

1933 Centenary of British Administration 2/6 black and violet hinged mint, nice fresh example, SG 135.

LOT668 Falkland Islands

1933 Centenary of British Administration set to 1/- fine used CDS copies, sound examples, SG 127/134. (8).

LOT669 Falkland Islands

1933-1983 Useful collection on leaves with better sets and ranges including 1929 basic set to 1/- mint & f.u. (cat £135), 1933 Centenary set to 4d mint (cat £97), 1935 SJ set m, 1938 GVI mint set to 1/3d incl most extra shades odd f.u., 2/6 slate f.u., 1952 set to £1 fresh hinged mint (cat £180), 1955 set m, 1960 Birds set to £1 fresh hinged mint (cat £170), 1968 set to £1 fresh mint (cat £65), mint commem and defin sets to 1983, useful clean lot.

LOT670 Falkland Islands

1938-50 Complete set of 18 plus extra 1d shade lightly mounted mint, all fine, SG 146/163.

LOT671 Falkland Islands

1948 Royal Silver Wedding £1 Mauve high value unmounted mint, fine, SG 167. Cat £90.

LOT672 Falkland Islands

1948 Royal Silver Wedding £1 mauve unmounted mint, fine SG 167, cat £90.

LOT673 Falkland Islands

1966 (24 Jan) Two airmail philatelic covers bearing ½d & 1d, 1s, 1/3 & 2s Birds defins tied neat FOX BAY / * / JA 24 / 66 / FALKLAND ISLANDS CDS cancels, fine, SG 193/4, 202/4, cat £20 as used, pretty covers.

LOT674 Falkland Islands

Modern commercial covers (9) from mainly 1980s to 2012 incl Philatelic Bureau postmarks, OHMS official paid, regd, etc. (9).

LOT675 Falkland Islands

QV-1978 Useful collection on Scott printed leaves mint and used with many sets and top values noted 1878 1/- bistre-brown mint (toned gum), 1891 2½d, 6d yellow, 9d salmon and 1/- brown mint, 1904 1/- mint, 1929 1/- m, 1933 Centenary 7 vals to 1/-, 1935 Silver Jubilee set m, 1938 set to £1 mint, 1948 RSW set mint (few toned perfs), 1952 set mint, 1955 set m, 1960 Birds set mint, fine for expansion, mainly fine.

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