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LOT487 Dominica

1883-1935 Mint and used assembly with better pickings including 1883 1d lilac unused, 1882 bisect surcharges in red unused (Cat £38), 1903-1922 Roseau printings to 1s m & u, 2s used, 1923 to 5s m & u incl 2/6, 3s, 4s & 5s mint (Cat £130), 1935 SJ set m. (64).

LOT488 Dominica

1903-1972 Stockpage with useful mainly mint including 1903 Roseau 9 vals to 2/6, 1923 15 values to 5s, 1938 set 14 (Cat £75, needs ¼d), 1951 set 15 (Cat £50), STC £300. (80).

LOT489 Dominica

1938 Complete set of 15 fine hinged mint. SG 99/109.

LOT490 Dominica

Attractive mainly mint or unmounted mint assembly on forty large stockcards some light duplication with better noted 1954 set plus extras (Cat £90), 1963 set, 1968 set, 1969 set (Cat £30), 1975 long set, 1981 Plant Life long set, 2000 Millennium series, 1992 Trains, many commem sets and thematics, nice clean lot. (Approx 1000).

LOT491 Dominica

Attractive mint assembly on five large stockcards some light duplication with better noted GV War Tax, 1923 to 1s mint with many extras, 1938 complete set to 10s (Cat £90) plus extras to 5s, 1951 New Currency to $1.20, nice clean lot. (c165).

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