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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT421 Denmark

1851 4rbs fine used range of 4 nice examples all with target circle cancels in black and all good to large margins, nice selection SG 4 Cat £280. Facit 2.

LOT422 Denmark

1858-62 Wavy Lines 8s green fine used range of 3 nice examples all with target circle cancels in black and all good to large margins, nice selection Facit 8.

LOT423 Denmark

1952 Pair of stamps on slogan cancel to Canadian Army Base FPO 328 in Germany.

LOT424 Denmark

Collection on Schaubek printed leaves with an early to modern collection mainly fine used with useful incl 1851 4RBS, 1854-9 to 8sk, 1864-70 2s, 3s & 16sk (cat $285), 1870 8s (cat $75), 1875-79 to 100o, 1904-05 set (cat $190), 1912 P.13 5k red GPO vfu (cat $175), 1912 surcharge set of 3 (cat $265), officials 1871 2s blue (cat $175), 1875 set of 4 (cat $84), and run of commems to 1977, huge cat value in excess of $1250+, attractive clean lot.

LOT425 Denmark

EXHIBITIONS 1917-1994 an extensive collection on circa 40 album pages for National & International Stamp Shows, covers with special Exhibition cancels, various cards and covers, miniature sheets, 1917 Philatelists Club label mint, 1935 label on printed illustrated cover (v .attr), 1937 KPK surchs blk of 4 on cover tied KPK CDS's, 1941 busy Exhib cover with label and 6 on 7o blk of 4 tied special cancels (v nice), 1987 GB P & ) £5 prestige booklet overprint for HAFNIA 87, 1940 Exhib. cover, 1950s labels (3), 1960s-80s many covers and cards, plus much more. Attractive and interesting lot. Ex Eric Stannard.

LOT426 Denmark

Large stockbook partly filled from 19th century to modern mainly mint, noted Fire Rbs brown f.u., 2s blue (no margins), 1925 air 10o green on paper with nice CDS, then a good range of defins and commems, 100s.

LOT427 Denmark

Old time collection on leaves mint and used with a useful assembly from 1854 issues to 1940. Includes better part ranges noted 1854 2s blue, 4s (2), 8s, 1858 4s (3), 1864 2s, 3s & 4s (cat £166), 1870 2s (2 shades), 3s (cat £130), 4s & 8s (cat £100), 1875 14 values to 100o (cat £175), 1904 50o & 100o used (cat £140), 1912 surchs 35o on 20o used (cat £80), 35o on 32o green used (cat £85), 1913 King Christian incl 35o yellow, 50o purple & 1k brown mint (cat £133), to 10k used, 1928 Cancer Fund set m, 1930 60th Birthday set used, 1915 5k GPO used, back of the book incl Newspaper good range incl 68o brown mint (cat £120), Postage Dues 1921 1k blue (cat £90) mint, officials etc, mainly fine condition throughout. STC £2350+.

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