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Denmark Stamps

Denmark stamps in our auctions...

Below are the Denmark Stamps that we are currently offering for sale; you can bid and buy in complete confidence as all the items we sell are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT250 Denmark

1852 Small cover with 4r.b.s. brown with Flensburg 22 4 1852 cancel addressed to Aarhus. SG 4

LOT251 Denmark

1942-1959 Book containing approx. 50 covers with special events and first day covers. Includes 1960 1st Danish Food Fair and 1961 Copenhagen Forum.

LOT252 Denmark

1952 Pair of stamps on slogan cancel to Canadian Army Base FPO 328 in Germany.

LOT253 Denmark

A selection of approx. one-hundred covers and postcards, includes early 8 ore with Copenhagen cancel, 1954 first regular flight Denmark to Los Angeles and various first day covers. Massive postmark interest.

LOT254 Denmark

Book containing approx. 35 covers and postcards. Includes 1953 Frederik Den IX first day cover, 1950 Royal Palace fdc and 1954 first regular flight to Los Angeles. Plus 2 books containing local issues including Aalborg and Odense

LOT255 Denmark

Five books containing various pieces with cancels from small villages and towns. One book contains only Copenhagen but cant be many collections similar to this.

LOT328 Denmark

1912 P.13 5kr dark red GPO nicely CDS used example, Scott 82 Cat $175.

LOT329 Denmark

1915 P.14 x 14½ 5kr dark red GPO nicely CDS used example, Scott 135 Cat $175.

LOT330 Denmark

1918 27o Surcharge on Newspaper stamps set of 10 (Wmk Multiple Crosses) fine used, all nice CDS cancels, Scott 145/54 Cat $263.

LOT331 Denmark

1919 2ore on 5ore green hinged mint example, very fine and attractive key value, SG 207 cat £950. Yvert 121 cat €1200.

LOT332 Denmark

1926-27 7ore Surcharged on Official stamps set of 11 fine used, all nice CDS cancels, Scott 181/91 Cat $323.

LOT333 Denmark

Binder with 19th century to 1990 with a useful mainstream assembly mainly used with values to 100e, nice range.

LOT334 Denmark

Collection on Schaubek printed leaves with an early to modern collection mainly fine used with useful incl 1851 4RBS, 1854-9 to 8sk, 1864-70 2s, 3s & 16sk (cat $285), 1870 8s (cat $75), 1875-79 to 100o, 1904-05 set (cat $190), 1912 P.13 5k red GPO vfu (cat $175), 1912 surcharge set of 3 (cat $265), officials 1871 2s blue (cat $175), 1875 set of 4 (cat $84), and run of commems to 1977, huge cat value in excess of $1250+, attractive clean lot.

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