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LOT247 Denmark

1851-1983 Attractive fine used collection in 22 ring album on leaves with over 730 stamps, noted 1851-4 4rbs brown, 1854-59 2s blue, 4s (2), 16s lilac (4 margins used Cat £225), 1858 4s (3), 8s green (4 margins cat £180), 1864 to 16sk, 1870 to 16sk (f.u. short corner, cat £225), 1875-95 new currency with many duplicated for shades, postmarks to 100ore, then small range of inverted frames identified, 1913-28 to 10kr CDS used, then various airs and comes to 1980s, good cat value. Approx. 730.

LOT248 Denmark

1851-1999 An extensive mainly used collection in a well filled DAVO printed album neatly mounted in black mounts with good degree of completion, noted 1851 4rbs brown, 1854 2s blue, 1858 8sk green (Cat £190), 1864 to 4sk, 1870 2sk, 3sk & 4sk (Cat £199), 1875 to 100o, 1912 35o on 20o (Cat £90), 1918 Newspaper surcharges x 10 diff values (cross wmk), 1925 Air 15o lilac and 25o red (Cat £170), 1934 Air set, back of the book incl few DWI etc. Many 100s. Album expensive new. High cat value.

LOT249 Denmark

Old time collection on leaves mint and used with a useful assembly from 1854 issues to 1940. Includes better part ranges noted 1854 2s blue, 4s (2), 8s, 1858 4s (3), 1864 2s, 3s & 4s (cat £166), 1870 2s (2 shades), 3s (cat £130), 4s & 8s (cat £100), 1875 14 values to 100o (cat £175), 1904 50o & 100o used (cat £140), 1912 surchs 35o on 20o used (cat £80), 35o on 32o green used (cat £85), 1913 King Christian incl 35o yellow, 50o purple & 1k brown mint (cat £133), to 10k used, 1928 Cancer Fund set m, 1930 60th Birthday set used, 1915 5k GPO used, back of the book incl Newspaper good range incl 68o brown mint (cat £120), Postage Dues 1921 1k blue (cat £90) mint, officials etc, mainly fine condition throughout. STC £2350+.

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