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LOT447 Czechoslovakia

1838 (1 Jul) Prestamp Entire Letter sent locally 'Vorn B B fiscalganten with manuscript charge mark and red crayon diagonal mark, nice early letter.

LOT448 Czechoslovakia

1918-1990s A useful mint & used collection on Scott printed album pages with an attractive range of defins and commems from 1918 imperfs, 1920s to 5k, 1930s to 30k m, 1960s-90s small ranges incl u/m sets, nice thematics, airmails incl 1930 mint, back of the book, all different etc, clean lot. (100s).

LOT449 Czechoslovakia

1934 Centenary of Nat. Anthem 1k purple sheet unused (faults along the top) in original folder (faults) with high cat value SG MS334a.

LOT450 Czechoslovakia

1945 International Students Day registered typed fdc with President Benes 3k purple and Students World Congress 1k50+1k50 red and 2k50+2.k50 blue SG 463/464, addressed to London.

LOT451 Czechoslovakia

1950 Praha 1950 Philatelic Exhib. Miniature sheet imperf lightly CTO and 1962 Praga 62 M/S very fine mint (only sold at the Exhibition), both fine, SG MS608a & 1315a Cat £96.

LOT452 Czechoslovakia

1955 Prague Int. Exhibition Miniature sheet used both perf and imperf, imperf cancelled special illus cancel, odd wrinkle otherwise sound, SG MS 896a/b.

LOT453 Czechoslovakia

1955 Prague Int. Philatelic Exhib. Miniature sheet both perf and imperf lightly hinged mint, fine, SG MS896a/b, cat £106.

LOT454 Czechoslovakia

A selection of approx. thirty-five covers and postcards includes registered covers and illustrated advert for Fistag Motor Oil mostly Prague cancels but interesting machine cancels a lot to sort through.

LOT455 Czechoslovakia

PHILATELIC EXHIBITIONS: 1937-1961 Collection written up on leaves including covers, miniature sheets and publicity labels some in complete sheets noted 1937 M/S mint, 1938 Int. Phil. Ex. imperf sheet of 10 in purple & sheet in red, singles set of 10 in green, 1938 M/S mint + on cover (2 diff), 1939 Toronto overprint on M/S, folder Czechoslovakia will rise again, 1946 M/S on cover (faults), 1950 setenant blk of 4 mint & on cover, 1961 5k FDC, etc lovely lot, ex Eric Stannard.

LOT456 Czechoslovakia

Sudetenland: 1938 (1 Oct) Printed postcard showing a red map of German speaking areas in Europe unaddr with Czech adhs overprint KARLSBAD 1.X.1938 in green and tied KARLSBAD 4d CDS in black, very fine.

LOT457 Czechoslovakia

Sudetenland: 1938 (16 Oct) plain postcard unaddr bearing private overprint ASSIG IST FREI sword and swastika overprint on pair Hindenburg 3pf brown and Czech adhs both tied in combination with WIR SIND FREI large violet CDS cancels.

LOT458 Czechoslovakia

Sudetenland: 1938 (30 Sept) Photo type postcard of Hitler youth with flags unaddr bearing 1.20 on Czech adhs tied by bilingual AS1 / ASCH 1 CDS and illustrated eagle handstamp in red made by the free corps 'We have thrown off the yoke, now we are free, stay free Post Office Asch 1 on the 21st September 1938', the provisional stamps from Asch of which only 43200 were overprint in Asch.

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