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Cyprus Stamps

Cyprus stamps in our auctions...

Below are the Cyprus Stamps that we are currently offering for sale; you can bid and buy in complete confidence as all the items we sell are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT248 Cyprus

1960-1982 First Day Covers collection in a cover album with many nice sets on unaddressed or handwritten addresses mainly sent through the post, quite a few registered, nice lot for expansion, approx 80+.

LOT306 Cyprus

1880-1935 Early mint & used collection on printed Imperial leaves with better content throughout including 1880 1d pl.216 m, 1880 1d rose-red pl.218 neatly used part numeral cancel, sound, SG 2 (cat £70), 1882-83 Die I CA 30pa pale mauve and 2pi blue mint (SG 17 & 19 cat £240), 1912-15 Wmk MCA 4pi olive-green and purple used example with 'broken bottom left triangle' variety (SG 79a. Cat £225), 1906 10pa orange and green fine used PPO No.2 CDS showing broken top left triangle variety (SG 61c cat £80), 1894 to 4pi, EDVII to 9pi used, GV to 18pi used, 1924 to 18pi, 1934 to 18pi, 1935 SJ set used, (c98), ideal to fill those gaps. STC £900+.

LOT307 Cyprus

1880-2006 Extensive collection in a Devon album mint and used for earlier incl 1880 1d pl.216 mint, 2½d pl.14 unused, QV Wmk CA vals to 6pi, EDVII to 9pi, GV to 9pi, 1938 to 45pi, 1960s onwards mainly mint then unmounted mint sets from 1972-79, good range for expansion, 100s.

LOT308 Cyprus

1886 ½ on ½ emerald-green fine used LARNACA squared circle showing Large 2 at left variety, few trimmed perfs along top otherwise fine, SG 29c Cat £350.

LOT309 Cyprus

1894 18pi greyish slate & brown fine used squared circle cancel, SG 48 Cat £65.

LOT310 Cyprus

1904-2004 Useful collection written up in loose leaf album. Appears complete and u/m from 1960-2004 including many better sets and miniature sheets. Excellent lot.

LOT311 Cyprus

1912-21 REVENUE 1912 MCA 9pi lilac and red on yellow, 18pi and 45pi fine used examples and MSCA 4½pi used, all sound and fine lookers, Barefoot 41/3, 46. (4).

LOT312 Cyprus

1924-28 90pi green and red on yellow used with a nice KYRENIA CYPRUS PARCELS 26 FE 38 CDS cancel, thinned at bottom centre and short corner top right otherwise really pretty stamp, SG 117 Cat £275.

LOT313 Cyprus

1934 GV set of 11 values to 45pi hinged mint, usual toned gum, 18pi has pulled perf otherwise sound, SG 133/143 Cat £200.

LOT314 Cyprus

1935 Silver Jubilee set of 4 fine used mainly fine, SG 144/7.

LOT315 Cyprus

1960-77 REVENUE 1960 Dove set of 9 to 1000m unmounted mint and 1977 surcharge set of 2 unmounted mint, fine, Barefoot 53/63. (13).

LOT316 Cyprus

1960-77 REVENUE 1983 Dove sheet number corner blocks of 4 for 5c green, 10c yellow, 25c vermilion, and date ovpts 10.4.1993 on 50c brown, 11.10.2001 on £118.7.1995 on £5 blue, 2002 ovpt on 1997 & 1995 £1 values etc, nice clean lot all unmounted mint. (33).

LOT317 Cyprus

Accumulation jumbled in a binder including QV 1880 2½d rosy mauve pl.14 m & u, 15 mint, 1896 4pi f.u., 12pi orange-brown and black f.u. (cat £65), 1904-10 to 9pi used, 1912 to 9pi, 1921 to 18pi, 1924 vals to 9pi, 1938 GVI to top vals 18pi to £1 mint, loose, on leaves etc, useful cat value.

LOT318 Cyprus

Collection in 22 ring binder on plain leaves with a mint and used collection 1880 to 2000s with many defins and commem sets noted 1938 to 90pi used, to 9pi mint, many commem issues to 1990s, etc. Good qty.

LOT319 Cyprus

Collection on stockpages incl QV 1880 1d red pl.216 & 217 mint, 2½d rosy-mauve mint (3), GVI 1938 set to 45pi mint, set to 90pi used, QEII defin 1955 set to £1 m, plus commem sets to 1964, useful little lot.

LOT320 Cyprus

Large binder with a jumbled mint and used collection on many leaves with some better content including QV ½ surch CA f.u., QV heads to 4pi, various GV/GVI to middle values, QEII 1960 ovpt set used (cat £90), 1960-80s commem sets etc. Good cat value.

LOT321 Cyprus

Stockpages with a useful mint / unmounted mint duplicated stock incl noted 1880 ½d pl.15 (cat £120), 1d pl.201, pl.215 (6), pl.216 (3), 2½d rosy-mauve pl.14 (3), pl.15 (2), 1882-94 vals to 4pi (4pi unused), 1881 ½d on 1d pl.208 (cat £200), 1894-96 4pi & 12pi, EDVII 6 vals to 6pi, GV to 6pi, 1924-25 10 vals to 45pi, 1928 50th Anniv set to 9pi, 1937 Coronation set (3), 1938 11 vals to £1, 1955 set to £1 (cat £110), 1960 ovpt set to £1 U/M (cat £130), 1962 set to £1 (2 cat £55 each), extras to £1, 1963 Europa set, 1966 set to £1 (11 sets cat £13 each), onwards good range of commem sets to 1994 mostly up to 4 or 5 of each set, Turkish Cypriot posts U/M sets etc, very colourful lot with many thematics. Enormous cat value.

LOT322 Cyprus

TURKISH POST 1974-2004 U/m collection in loose leaf Album that appears to be complete including miniature sheets. Rarely offered, containing many difficult thematic sets.

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