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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT537 Cyprus

1880 4d sage-green pl.16 hinged mint left hand wing margin example, sound, SG 4 Cat £140.

LOT538 Cyprus

1880-1949 Mint collection on leaves with useful throughout including 1880 1d plate 216 & 217, 4d sage-green (heavy hinge cat £140), 1881 ½d on 1d plates 201, similar with misplaced surch., plate 216 with misplaced surch, 1881 30pa on 1d plate 216 (Cat £150), 1882 ½pi dull green, 30pa (cat £80), 1886 Surch SG 27 (cat £300, faults), 1892 set to 4pi (Cat £75), 1894 6 values to 12pi (Cat £104), EDVII 1902 30pa & 1pi, 1904 set to 2pi & 9pi (Cat £210), 1912 GV 6 vals to 6pi, 1921 to 2ópi, (cat £99), 1925 set (cat £50), 1934 to 9pi, 1935 SJ set, 1938 set of 19 (cat £250), 1948 RSW set (Cat £60), etc, useful lot STC £1430+.

LOT539 Cyprus

1880-1949 Used collection on leaves with useful throughout including 1881 ½pi, 1pi & 2pi, set 7, 1882 Surch SG 23 (cat £75), 1892 to 2pi & 4pi (Cat £70), 1894 to 4pi, EDVII 1904 12pi used (cat £65), 1912 GV 7 vals to 6pi, 1921 to 2ópi, 1924 set to 4½pi (Cat £72), 18pi & 45pi (washed), 1938 set of 19 to £1 (Cat £55), etc, useful lot STC £675+.

LOT540 Cyprus

1880-2006 Extensive collection in a Devon album mint and used for earlier incl 1880 1d pl.216 mint, 2½d pl.14 unused, QV Wmk CA vals to 6pi, EDVII to 9pi, GV to 9pi, 1938 to 45pi, 1960s onwards mainly mint then unmounted mint sets from 1972-79, good range for expansion, 100s.

LOT541 Cyprus

1881 Wmk CC 6pi olive-grey sound used incomplete duplex type postmark, very sound, SG 15. Cat £475.

LOT542 Cyprus

1882 Die I Wmk CA ½pi emerald-green sound used LARNACA squared circle, traces of toning and closed tear otherwise sound, SG 16 Cat £500.

LOT543 Cyprus

1883 Die I 2pi blue hinged mint, usual gum bends but very fresh, SG 19 Cat £160.

LOT544 Cyprus

1883 Die I 4pi olive-green hinged mint, usual gum bends incl diagonal evident from the front & pulled top perf but very fresh, SG 20 Cat £350.

LOT545 Cyprus

1883 Die I 6pi olive-grey hinged mint, very fresh, SG 21 Cat £75.

LOT546 Cyprus

1886 ½ on ½ emerald-green fine used LARNACA squared circle showing Large 2 at left variety, few trimmed perfs along top otherwise fine, SG 29c Cat £350.

LOT547 Cyprus

1886 Wmk CC ½ on ½pi emerald-green fine used neat part squared circle cancel (3 June), few light tone spots otherwise sound, SG 28 Cat £425.

LOT548 Cyprus

1893 Die II 12pi orange-brown heavy hinged mint, small gum faults otherwise very fresh, SG 37 Cat £190.

LOT549 Cyprus

1894 Die II 45pi grey-purple and blue fine hinged mint, very fresh, SG 49 Cat £120.

LOT550 Cyprus

1894 Die II 6pi olive-grey heavy hinged mint, few gum faults otherwise very fresh, SG 36 Cat £250.

LOT551 Cyprus

1912-21 REVENUE 1912 MCA 9pi lilac and red on yellow, 18pi and 45pi fine used examples and MSCA 4½pi used, all sound and fine lookers, Barefoot 41/3, 46. (4).

LOT552 Cyprus

1923 10s green and red on yellow a superb and fresh hinged mint example, key stamp, SG 100 Cat £400.

LOT553 Cyprus

1923 Wmk MCCA 10s green and red on yellow very fine hinged mint example, superb and fresh, bright colour, SG 100 Cat £400.

LOT554 Cyprus

1924-28 90pi green and red on yellow used with a nice KYRENIA CYPRUS PARCELS 26 FE 38 CDS cancel, thinned at bottom centre and short corner top right otherwise really pretty stamp, SG 117 Cat £275.

LOT555 Cyprus

1928 50th Anniv. of British Rule complete set of 10 to £1, all hinged mint examples, nice looking set, always popular! SG 123/132 Cat £300.

LOT556 Cyprus

1934 GV set of 11 values to 45pi hinged mint, usual toned gum, 18pi has pulled perf otherwise sound, SG 133/143 Cat £200.

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