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LOT307 Cyprus

1938-51 King George VI set of 19 Wmk Mult script CA mounted mint. SG 151-63

LOT308 Cyprus

1963 50th Anniv. of Scout movement 2 miniature sheets both unmounted mint, incredibly fresh, one wmk inverted, other is wmk upright, SG MS 231. (2).

LOT309 Cyprus

1963 50th Anniv of Scout movement imperf Miniature sheet unmounted mint very fine, SG MS 231a.

LOT310 Cyprus

1963 50th Anniv. of Scout movement miniature sheet unmounted mint, incredibly fresh, wmk upright, SG MS 231.

LOT311 Cyprus

1963 Scouts Miniature sheet showing watermark inverted unmounted mint imperf, very fine, SG MS 231a. Cat £110.

LOT312 Cyprus

1995 £5 on 50c Europhilex Miniature sheet surcharge in black unmounted mint, only 8000 sheets were issued, SG MS 891 var. Retail £350+.

LOT313 Cyprus

Collection on leaves mint & used including 1938 set to 90pi f.u., 1938 set to 45pi mint, 1966-71 set to £1 , useful little range.

LOT314 Cyprus

Turkish Posts: 1975-2000 Small stockbook with a useful unmounted mint collection noted 1981 Flowers, 1983 Birds setenant blk of 4, 1984 Europa, 1992 Food, Anniversaries (both series), 2000 Technology, Holidays, 1989 Europa booklet, 1987 Architecture booklet etc, nice little lot. (Approx 145). Useful cat value.

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