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LOT195 Albania

1872-1947 Attractive mainly mint and some used collection on leaves in a binder with useful sets noted 1913 Handstamped set of 5 used (Cat £35), 1913 Skanderbeg set 6 mint (Cat £63), 1914 surch set (Cat £40), 1925 Return of Govt set mint (Cat £73), 1925 Proclamation set set 7 mint (Cat £49), 1925 ovpt set 8 mint (Cat £36), 1925 Pres long set m, 1928 Nat. Assembly set 8 mint (Cat £125), 1937 25th Anniv. set 9 mint (Cat £60+), 1938 RW set, Airs incl 1925 set 7 mint (Cat £70), 1927 ovpt set 7 mint (Cat £100), 1930 set 7 mint (Cat £75), useful clean lot ideal for expansion.

LOT196 Albania

1913 - 1931 With a nice mint and used range of approximately 80 different defins and commems, surcharges and overprints with individual stamps cat up to £27 each, noted 1914 surch to 2g on 50q, 1925 Return of Government opd m to 1f ilac (cat £65), 1925 Proclamation of Rep set m to 1f lilac (cat £49), 1925 Air set m (cat £80), 1925 Rep Shqiptare opd Set m, 1925 President values m to 5f, 1927 Air opd Set m+u to 3f (cat £90), 1927 AZ & wreath values to 5f, 1928 Air Shqyptare opd to 50q (cat £66), 1930 Air 6 values m to 3f violet (cat £74), 1931 Air opd 3 values m+u (cat £39) 1938 set m to 1f green (cat £50). Great Selection high catalogue value (80c).

LOT197 Albania

1928 Inauguration of Vlore (Valona) - Brindisi Air Service overprinted key set of 7 hinged mint, very fine condition each expertised on reverse, scarce set, SG 222/228 Cat £486.

LOT198 Albania

1928 Kingdom of Albania arc overprint set of 11 hinged mint, very fine, SG 248/58.

LOT199 Albania

1931 Air Tirana - Rome Flight overprint set of 7 first 4 values are mainly unmounted mint, top three values are lightly hinged mint, fresh, SG 295/301.

LOT200 Albania

Italian Forces in Albania: 1940 (13 Oct) Printed airmail cover to Mascalucia bearing Italian defins 25c green (2) & 50c brown tied by two OFFICIO CONCENTRAMENTO P. M 402 cds cancels with original letter in Italian inside. Toning on the cover otherwise sound and interesting cover.

LOT201 Albania

Italian Occupation: 1939-40 20q brown King & Fiat G18V air unmounted mint, two tiny gum spots otherwise superb, SG 365 Cat £110.

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