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Laos Stamps

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Below are the Laos Stamps that we are currently offering for sale; you can bid and buy in complete confidence as all the items we sell are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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LOT604 Laos

1951-97 Fine used collection in 3 good springback albums from an extensive world collection of over 100 albums, all different assembly many in sets fine used CDS (a few mint sets) with colourful thematics, some better in earlier from 1951 set to 1p.50, 1952 8 vals to 30p m & u, 1952 1st Anniv of Admission to UPU set to 25p, 1952 first 2 vals, 1953 Air Buddha set, 1954 Golden Jubilee 2p & 3p (cat £160), 1955 Air Poem set, 1956 2500th Buddha Anniv. set (cat £98), 1956 UN Admission 15k & 30k mint, 1957 Musicians set, 1957 Rice set, 1957 Air Buddhism set, 1958 Elephants set, 1958 Air Red X set, 1960 World Refugee set, 1961 Funeral set, 1962 Air Festival set, 1965 Butterflies set, 1965 Fauna set, 1967 Reptiles set, good range of modern 1980s-90s sets and M/S etc, high cat value and useful lot to fill those gaps.

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