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LOT1037 Labuan

1879 Wmk sideways Crown 16c blue very fine used part Labuan CDDD cancels, short top right corner otherwise very nice example, SG 4 Cat £180.

LOT1038 Labuan

1880 Wmk CC Specimen handstamps on 6c orange-brown and 10c brown, first is unused no gum, 10c is mounted mint, some soiling and thins with h/s smudged, taken 'as is' SG 6 & 8.

LOT1039 Labuan

1881 Surcharge 8c on 12c carmine mint part original gum with paper hinge remains, very fine, SG 15 Cat £160.

LOT1040 Labuan

1882 Wmk CC reversed 8c carmine mounted mint with hinge remains, minor thin otherwise mainly fine, SG 7 Cat £130.

LOT1041 Labuan

1885-1904 Mint collection on Imperial leaves with useful part and complete sets noted 1885 3c on 8c carmine (cat £80), 2c rose-red & 8c violet (cat £54), 1891 6c on 8c (2, cat £32), 1892-94 11 vals to 40c orange-brown (2, cat £100), 1894 set to 24c (cat £110), 1895 4c surcharge set of 5 (Cat £160), 1896 set of 3 to $1 (cat £164) plus $1 unoverprinted (cat £48), 1896 Jubilee set 6 (cat £250), 1897 set 9 (cat £160), 1899 4c surcharge set 9 (cat £250), 1900-02 set of 6 (cat £130), 1902-03 Crown set to $1 (cat £65), 1904 4c surcharge set 9 (cat £170), 1901 postage dues (8 vals), some very mixed gum or unused / mint but all nice lookers, huge cat value, ideal to fill those gaps!. (105).

LOT1042 Labuan

1886 16c grey mint part original gum with paper hinge remains, very fine, SG 33 Cat £170.

LOT1043 Labuan

1891 Surcharge 6 Cents on 8c deep violet fine used barred cancel, very fine, SG 34 Cat £200.

LOT1044 Labuan

1892 Surcharge Six CENTS on 16c grey fine used barred oval cancel, very fine, SG 50 Cat £180.

LOT1045 Labuan

1894 Complete set of seven to 40c mounted mint with hinge remains, mainly fine, SG 51/7 Cat £250.

LOT1046 Labuan

1894 No Wmk 40c orange-buff heavy mounted mint with adherence nice locker, SG 57 Cat £65.

LOT1047 Labuan

1894 No Wmk set of seven 2c to 40c all heavy mounted mint with adherence or hinge remains, 10c brown is unused, all fine lookers, SG 51/57 Cat £250.

LOT1048 Labuan

1894 Surcharge set of five mainly mint with heavy hinge remains, 10c on $1 is unused no gum, mainly sound, SG 75/9 Cat £160.

LOT1049 Labuan

1896 Jubilee overprint for 1c to 8c all mounted mint, some thins and gum faults but mainly nice lookers, SG range 83/88 STC £300. (6).

LOT1050 Labuan

1896 Labuan overprint on 25c green, 50c maroon, $1 blue all hinged mint, first two values are bottom left corner marginal examples, very fresh, SG 80/2, Cat £170.

LOT1051 Labuan

1899 4 CENTS surcharge two Specimen overprints one on unissued 4c on 2c, and issued 4c on 8c, both mounted mint, very fine, SG 104 and see footnote after SG 110.

LOT1052 Labuan

Fivc unused earlier postcards four are colour including Road to Government House, Temporary Fish Market, Beach Street, Fishing Boats, Principal St, Victoria. Fine. (5).

LOT1053 Labuan

Postage Dues: 1901 P.15 24c blue and lilac-brown unmounted mint top marginal block of 6, fine, SG D9b Cat £390 for mint.

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