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1840-1935 Collection on old time Imperial printed leaves with better including 1840 1d black (3 margins red MX Cat £375), 1840 2d blue (2 margins, cat £975), 1841 2d blue (3), 1841 1d red with No.7 in MX cancel (Cat £160), 1964-79 run of 1d plate numbers almost complete to 220, 1858-76 2d blue plates (7), 187- ½d bantam plates (21), Surface Printed range to 1s green (9), 2s blue (3), 1884 5d green (used good colour, cat £210), 1900 1s green and carmine mint (Cat £65), EDVII to 5s used, 1½d, 2d, 2½d, 3d, 4d orange, 7d, all mint, 1934 10s Re-engraved used (4), P.Dues, Officials incl Govt Parcel 1883 9d green f.u. (taken 'as is' Cat £1200), etc, very mixed but useful pickings.


1840-1989 A useful used collection in a well filled SG loose-leaf printed album, QV incl 1840 1d black (2, both spacefillers), line engraved basic values, surface printed with many different very mixed condition to 2s blue, 1883 2/6 (2), 5s rose, 1880 Indigo set, 1887 to 1s, EDVII to 5s, GV most basic issues to 5s, 1934 Re-engraved set 3 used, then a huge range of GV/QEII used for many different printings, phosphors, watermark varieties etc, huge cat value.


1841-1948 Collection mainly used in annotated typed pages for different printings incl. sparse assembly of line-engraved and surface printed, odd better noted 1858 1d plates run, 2d blue (2), 1872 9d straw heavy used 466 cancel, 1880 2½d ultra. pl.22/3 in pairs, 1884 6d on 6d used on piece, 1883 2/6 lilac (3), EDVII few mint/unused values to 9d, GOV Seahorses 2/6 (7), 5s (3), etc., very mixed condition but useful pickings.


1841-1968 Nice original collection in Simplex springback a little jumbled from QV to QEII mint and used value in the earlier incl 1841 1d imperfs, 1884 lilac and greens to 1s (varying condition), 1858-79 run of 1d plates 71 to 224 mainly complete fine used, 1856 1d stars blk of 4, few cancels on line engraved incl Guernsey, Surface Printed incl 1862-1880 4d red / vermilion (11), 8d orange used, 1883 6d on 6d f.u., 1880 2½d rosy-mauve plates 1-17 used, 2½d ultramarine pl.17-23, 4d sage-green 15 & 16, 3d rose plates 4-21, 1s green plates 1-, 4-13, 1856 4d rose (2), 1s orange-brown pl.13 & 14, 1856 1s used 223 cancel, 1865 9d straw used straight edge, 1867 10d red-brown heavy used, 1862 9d bistre heavy used (dark shade), 6d grey plates 12-18, 4d grey-brown pl.17 & 18, 1887 to both 1s mint (or unused), Telegraphs QV 5s used, EDVII to 10d mint, GV 1924/5 Wembley sets mint, GV Seahorses to 10s, GV/GVI watermark varieties used, 1937 Coronation identified flaws used (11 diff), over 1500+ stamps, huge catalogue value. Nice original lot.


1924-2009 Extensive mainly unmounted mint (1960s onwards) in five DAVO hingeless luxury printed albums and slipcases. Value in the modern decimal which is mainly complete for the period includes miniature sheets, Machin defins to £5, NVI 1st & 2nd class panes, self-adhesives, regionals to better face values etc, earlier includes 1924/5 Wembley set mint, 1948 RSW set, 1934 Photo set., 1960s including better phosphor commem sets U/M, Wildings for different printings, huge amount of material here. Many of the stamps have toning on the gum, some on the face from poor storage, pencil catalogue values and SG numbers on most pages. Enormous face in excess of £1250+


Accumulation in a smaller BOX jumbled loose, on leaves, cards stockcards etc., noted 1935 Silver Jubilee mint booklet panes 1½ (8), GUI mint vals to 1s, GOV mint low vals incl. PUC to 2½d duplicated, 1955 Tudor 10d mint, 1887 to 1s used, few QV line-engraved, stash of 1937 Coronation used (100s) ideal for variety hunting, 1911 Aerial Post env in green used (faults), GOV used defins duplicated in envelopes, stash of 1881 1d lilacs used (100s), 1890 Penny Postage Jubilee cards incl. 1d red unused, 1950s-60s Castles duplicated used in stockbook, GOV Seahorses 2/6 (12), 5s (13), 1918 10s used, EDVII set to 1s used, etc., 100s. Good sorter lot.


Accumulation in a smaller BOX with all periods mint and used, noted 1935 SJ in mint blks of 4, 1880 1d lilac (16 dots) mint assembly on Hagners plus duplicated used in stockbook, QV Penny plates in stockbook, 1887 1½d vert. strip 3 mint, 3d purple on yellow duplicated used, EDVII 6d & 7d mint, 1937 set mint, GV mint, and 1912-26 specialised shades and types on pages used, 1951 High value set 4 mint (Cat £100), 1953 Coronation set in mint blks of 4, etc, 100s.


Accumulation in albums and stockbooks all periods mint and used with a huge variety of defins and commems, sets, duplicated ranges noted large empty Scott printed album 2000-2012 mostly with black mounts on empty spaces, QV 1841 2d blue imperfs (3), 1854-57 1d & 2d stars, 1864 1d & 2d plates, 1887 to 1s, EDVII to 2/6 used incl 1s green and carmine (40+), Lighthouse hingeless album QEII to 1966 (pen marks on pages), GV seahorses good selection of 2/6 & 5s used for 1918-34 printings, etc, 100s. Heavy lot.


Accumulation in flat box mint and used on stockcards, leaves, stockpages and loose, runs QV to modern noted 1873 3d rose pl.15 pair, 1957 Scout illus. FDC, 1890 Jubilee env 1d blue with unused card, 1967 Sterling Machins Cylinder numbers, postage dues incl 2/6 block of 20 used in 1957, EDVII CDS used singles plus 2/6 lilac (2), officials low values for different depts, Regionals with Cylinder blks of 6 to 63p face values, modern used to £10, 1951 £1 mint, Guernsey Wartime blued paper set 2 m, range of QV surface printed on dealer cards, pre decimal booklets, GV Seahorses 2/6 & 5s range, etc 100s to sort through.


Accumulation in small box with useful ranges QV to modern, mint and used, various on stockcards, stockpages and leaves noted early PHQ cards unused and used incl Parliamentary Conf used (Cat £200), 1974 Trees both unused & used (Cat £150 each), Postage Dues incl 1951-2 set mint (Cat £75), 1954-55 set mint (Cat £250), later vals to £5 mint, 1935 SJ booklet (No. 296), few covers and cards, 2008 coloured medal cover, 1971 Wedgwood booklet (stitched, good perfs), few 1d plates (seconds) plus part reconstruction, 2005 Double coin cover (2 x £5), FDCs incl 1948 Olympics (plain), booklets to 10s (5), 6s (15), etc, interesting sorting lot.


Accumulation in smaller box with 100s on stockcards, stock pages, leaves, loose in packets, covers and few FDCs better noted incl Officials low values mint on pages, 1995 Mitchell Spitfire commem medal cover, EDVII to 1s, mint miniature sheets, Wildings in mint blocks, 1985 Trains FDC tied House of Commons CDS, 1983 Gardens FDC tied House of Lords cancel, mint regionals, stockbook with well filled mint ranges incl Wildings, wmk varieties, postage dues, GVI to £1 used, 1980s £1.41, £1.60, £1.50 pair mint, EDVII duplicated used values, GV Seahorses to 5s, 1881 1d lilac mint & used incl postmarks, 1841-64 line engraved, 2008 Wrens Cathedral coin cover, 1887 to 1s used, etc, 100s, good sorter.


Accumulation in smaller box with 100s on stockcards, stock pages, leaves, loose in packets, covers and few FDCs better noted incl Bank of England test banknote, 1960s Castles duplicated on cards, GVI mint, couple coin covers, GV shades used, 1960s commems in mint blocks, EDVII duplicated, 1935 Silver Jubilee 2½d blue W35 control 34. cyl strip 3, plus low values booklet pane, wmk varieties, 1966 World Cup Willie postcard used, mint regionals in blocks, 1957 Jamboree illus. FDC, 1934 Photo. set mint, 1937 set mint, 1883 5s rose used, 1980 Authoresses 12p mint block of 25 one showing missing P variety, 1971 Wedgwood booklet (straight perfs) 1934 Re-engraved set 3 used, etc, 100s, good sorter.


Accumulation in smaller box with 100s on stockcards, stock pages, leaves, loose in packets, covers and few FDCs better noted incl 1937 used defins incl 11d plum x 30+, 1971 Wedgwood booklet (trimmed perfs on side), GV Seahorses 2/6 (10), 5s (6), 10s, 1948 RSW set f.u., 1951 Festival 4th May illus cvr, 1985 Trains FDC tied House of Lords CDS's, stockbook (c1100) with 1887 duplicated values 1½d (30), 3d (24), 5d (15), 6d (23), 9d (7), 10d (10), EDVII similarly duplicated values incl 1s (12), 1940 Stamp Cent FDC, Embossed cut outs, 1949 Philatelic Congress regd printed cover, 1893 5d on regd 2d P/S env, 1966 WorldCup Willie postcard used, 1957 Scouts illus FDC, 1935 SK booklet (No.303 faults), QEII 3s booklet (Nov.58), 5s booklet (Jan 59), 1951 set to £1 mint etc, 100s, good sorter.


Accumulation in various albums and stockbooks with good range of material including loose-leaf printed album 1971 to 1990 mainly used, GV to 1960s unmounted mint blocks in two stockbooks, 1988 & 1989 Yearbooks, QV to modern in stockpages duplicated incl a few QV imperfs to 2d, 1d plates run, surface printed incl 3d rose pl.5-9, 1880 5d indigo, Govt Parcels QV 9d used, 1918 2/6 (2), 5s sound used, 1934 Re-engraved 2/6 (3), GVI wmk varieties, ½d pale orange bklt pane 6 cyl.84, IOM booklets and prestige booklets with face of £70+, 1963 Red X 3d pair with doctor blade flaw, Wildings in blocks, Sterling Machins booklet panes, Windsor collection m & u incl EDVII 1d A11 control mint, QV 1d plates, 2d plates etc, 100s., heavy lot.


Accumulation in various albums and stockbooks with good range of material including useful Wildings mint and used duplicated but also watermark varieties, different printings, Graphite's, few booklet panes, QV line engraved 1841 imperfs mixed range (14), 1864 1d plates (58), 1887 & EDVII to 1s used, stockbook incl EDVIII mint blocks, GVI mint duplicated sets and ranges, sparse Windsor album, large binder with many Hagners QV to QEII used incl GVI to £1, 1934 Re-engraved Seahorses 2/6 (5), 5s (5), 1934 Photo set, 1924 to 1s, 1918 Seahorses 2/6 (3), 5s red (4), 10s (faults), 1887-1902 duplicated to 1s, small range of surface printed (faults), 1924 Wembley 1d mint blk of 4, 1925 1½d mint, 1951 high values duplicated used, etc, 100s., heavy lot.


Accumulation in various albums and stockbooks with good range of material including useful 1960s Castles heavily duplicated to £1 for diff printings, Windsor springback album with QV-QEII colln incl few officials, P.Dues, regionals, remaindered but good qty left mainly used, useful stockbook QV onwards incl 1864 2d plates (10), 1856 4d rose (5), 1862 4d red (2), 1883 2/6 (3), 5s (4), Govt Parcels QV 1½d pair, 6d & 9d used, 1918 Seahorses 2/6 brown (15), 1939 set 6 used, 1937 set mint, 1937 Coronation colon variety used, Ray flaw in A37 Cyl 19 no dot strip of 4 mint, 1959 P. Dues to 1s mint, 1914 to 1s used, 1950 wmk swys strips of 4 mint, large binder of specialised Wildings mint and used many identified by phosphor, watermarks, some minor flaws etc, large binder of 1960s cylinder blocks, plate blocks mint, etc, huge amount of material, 100s.


Accumulation in various albums and stockbooks with good range of material including useful 1950-1960s Commems mint in sets and identified minor varieties (many), Windsor springback album with QV-QEII colln incl mint QEII and few used QV onwards, regionals, remaindered but good qty left, Wilding set on stockpage, Graphite's set mint, Frama set of values to 16p mint, 1974 1p & 1½p self-adhesives, Postage dues binder with vals to £5, pre decimal on paper incl 2/6 in blocks, stockbook with jumbled Wildings mint for different printings incl blocks of 4, 6 or 8, Tudor or Edward Crowns, then later Multi Crown to 1/6 duplicated mint, some cylinder positionals up to 1/6, Sterling Machins incl large mint blocks, QEII commems incl blocks mint from 1953 Coronation onwards, Utile springback incl 1939 set 6 used, 1948 RSW set used, GVI incl few control mint blks of 4, large binder of Decimal Machins mint identified, etc, huge amount of material, 100s.


BOXFILE containing an interesting range on stockcards, packets and loose, noted QV to QEII Wilding P.O. Training bars (8), 1870 1½d used (mixed, 8), 1911-12 ½d & 1d mint, GV controls 2d, 2½d, 6d, GVI to £1, 1978 Black prints, postage dues to £5, officials, 1970s booklet panes, QV line-engraved and surface printed, 1993 £1- Britannia f.u., 1872 1s pl.5 on tatty cover, GV seahorses to 5s, etc, 100s.


Collections and accumulations in six albums and stockbooks from early to modern mint & used including QV line engraved, surface printed values to 1s, 1883 2/6 (2) & 10s (poor), 1841 2d blue (37, varying margins), 1858 1d plates run to 222 (high degree of completion, 2d blue plates (5), 1870 ½d bantam (19), 1½d (2), 1936-1970 mint collection incl 1948 RSW set, 1951 Festivals high value set mint, Wildings 1952 set mint, good range of 1950s-60s incl better 1960s phosphors, used colln in Windsor luxury binder in green incl 1948 RSW, 1939-48 set, 1951 set etc, early PHQ cards with good cat values, well filled springback with better Wilding sets and singles incl Graphite's etc, 100s.


Collections and accumulations in six binders and stockbooks from early to modern much mint including 1936-1952 mint stock in large stockalbum noted GVI defins for diff printings some in blocks, 1951 Festival high values set mint, 1948 RSW set mint, EDVII used written up by shades on leaves, 1883 2/6 lilac used (2), officials incl Govt Parcels QV 1½d used (6), 6d & 1s green, 1887 Jubilee used duplicated in stockbook to 1s, QV 2½d ultramarine used pl.22 (5), pl.23 (6), few better 1960s phosphors, etc, 100s.

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