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LOT970 zanzibar

1896-1936 Collection of mint and used on leaves including 1896-98 vals to 8a used, 5r mint (toned), 1899 ½a to 7½a m & u, 1904 to 8a, 1908 to 1r, 1913 4r red f.u., 1914 2r, 1921 1r & 2r mint, etc, clean little lot (104).

LOT971 zanzibar

1898 (Mar) 1 Anna on 10c black postal stationery card genuine use to Germany tied ZANZIBAR double ring CDS with Hamburg arrival alongside, transit CDS on reverse few light tones or marks from postal use.

LOT972 zanzibar

1949 (10 Jan) Printed unaddressed First Day cover bearing RSW set of two tied REG. / 10 JA / 49 / ZANZIBAR CDS cancel, very fine, SG 333/4.

LOT973 zanzibar

1949 (10 Jan) Registered airmail First Day cover to USA bearing RSW 10s brown tied REG. / ZANZIBAR CDS cancel and regd label No.A105, wrinkles and soiling. SG 334.

LOT974 zanzibar

1949 (22 Apr) Registered airmail cover to USA bearing 1948 Royal Silver Wedding set of 2 tied REG / ZANZIBAR CDS cancels, pretty item, SG 333/4.

LOT975 zanzibar

1949 Royal Silver Wedding set of 2 on a 1949 (22 Apr) registered airmail cover to USA tied RED/ ZANZIBAR CDS cancel, very pretty item, SG 333/4.

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