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1949-1952 Fine used range of key sets including 1949 Opening Parliament (Cat £60), Stamp Centenary set (cat £195), UPU (Cat £60), Relief Fund set (Cat £230), Bach set (Cat £145), 1951 St Mary's Church set (Cat £220), 1951 Philatelic Ex. set (Cat £145), 1951 Relief Fund set (Cat £195), Roentgen, 1952 Youth set (Cat £62), 1952 Humanitarian Relief set (Cat £155), nice range. (32). Cat £1400+.


1949-1990 Mint and used collection in a well filled DAVO luxury hingeless printed album with many useful sets incl 1949 Parliament used, 1949 Stamp Cent set mixed m & u (Cat £150), UPU used (Cat £55), 1949 Refugees set mixed m & u (Cat £170), Bach mixed m & u (Cat £155), 1951 Posthorn set used, 1951 St Mary's Church set 2 U/M (regummed? Cat £300), 1951 Phil Ex. set 2 (Cat £130), 1951 Relief Fund 30pf + 10pf mint (Cat £150), 1952 Relief Fund 30pf + 10pf mint (Cat £120), hereon mainly complete mint or used to 1994, miniature sheets from 1959 Beethoven, huge qty, ideal lot for expansion. High cat value.


1953 Humanitarian Relief Fund set of 4 fine used, decent CDS cancel;s, fine, SG 1099/1102, Cat £140.


1961 Two illustrated typed covers bearing Heuss flourescence paper set of 8 over two covers tied 1961DARMSTADT 2 CDS cancels, scarce, Michel 179yW, 181yW, 183 yWa-186yW, 259y, 260y. Cat €450.


1990-1995 Shoebox full of official First Day Covers mainly single stamp on a cover to make each set with special postmarks and unaddressed, includes miniature sheets, many thematics, mostly numbered, many lavishly illustrated with gold foil etc, approx 360 all different. Some catalogued up to €13 each set.


Binder containing extensive 1949 to 1971 defins and commems mint & used. Noted 1949 Opening of Parliament used (Cat £60), UPU f.u. (Cat £60), Stamp Centenary set 3 mint (Cat £148), Refugees Relief Fund set mint (Cat £170), set fine used (Cat £230), 1950 Bach set 2 both m & u (Cat £315), plus set 2 on cover to France (Cat £145 used), 1951 St Mary's Church set both m & u (Cat £520) plus 20pf+5pf on cover to London (Cat £110 used), 1951 Nat. Philatelic Ex. set 2 both m & u (Cat £275), Humanitarian Relief Fund used, 1952 Humanitarian Fund set used (cat £155), 1952 Telephone both m & u (Cat £99), 1953 Fund set used (Cat £140), 1954 Fund set m, hereon good runs of each year mint or used or both, enormous cat value. 100s.

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