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LOT316 Canada

1850s-1935 Early mint & used collection on printed Imperial leaves with odd better content including QV small heads to 10c used, 1897 Jubilee 3c & 5c mint, EDVII to 20c used, good range of mainstream GV defins to 50c used, plus coils used, 1935-36 to $1 used, useful cat value, (c200), ideal to fill those gaps.

LOT317 Canada

1858-1935 Mint & fine used range on printed album pages from an old time collection including 1859 1c red, 5c beaver, 12½c green, 1860s-90 medium heads to 10c (cat minimum £150), 1893 20c & 50c (cat £110), 1897 Jubilee mint / unused ½c to 3c, 6c, 10c, 15c, 20c & 50c (cat £825 mint), small range of GV to 50c etc. Useful little lot STC £1190. (78).

LOT318 Canada

1859-1936 Mint & used collection on Imperial printed leaves with good representation for most issues including 1859 1c rose fine used (SG 29), 5c red, mixed to 17c (taken as is), 1868-79 large, medium and small Queen's heads to 15c, 1893 20c & 50c, 1897 Jubilee to 15c m & u, 1897 6c brown mint (Cat £60), 8c orange mint (Cat £85), 189801902 7c mint part o.g (Cat £70), 1908 Tercentenary 10c, 15c & 20c unused, 1911-22 50c sepia mint (Cat £50), etc, mixed but useful assembly. (c220).

LOT319 Canada

1897 Diamond Jubilee 1d orange commemorative stamp in a mint complete sheet of 120 mounted into cardboard frame, mainly very fine. (120).

LOT320 Canada

1897 Jubilee $5 olive-green top value used with roller cancel completely but neatly obliterating the stamp, reasonable perfs and good spacefiller, SG 140 Cat £700.

LOT321 Canada

1908 ½c-20c Quebec Tercentenary complete set UNMOUNTED MINT, all well centered and post office fresh, immaculate never hinged, only the 15c with a couple pulled perfs. at bottom, otherwise very fine to extremely fine, rare unmounted mint (Unitrade C$4,755.00)

LOT322 Canada

1908 Quebec Tercent. ½c sepia in a mint block of 4 with bottom right stamp showing Re-entry through Canada variety, SG 188/188a. Cat £93.

LOT323 Canada

1908 Quebec Tercentenary set of 8 mint part original gum, usual heavy hinge remains but all nice fresh lookers, plus ½c sepia in top plate No.1 block of 4 mint . U/M. SG 188/195 Cat £550+.

LOT324 Canada

1908 Quebec Tercentenary set of 8 used mainly with faults on 10c (unused), 15c R cancel, thinned, 20c top value CDS used Halifax slightly smudged centred right, mainly sound, SG 188/195 Cat £375 for used.

LOT325 Canada

1921 Tatty long cover Toronto to Australia bearing 1908 ½c sepia x 5 with one stamp showing re-entry variety, also 10c Unemployment olive revenue affixed, faults but interesting cover, SG 188/188a.

LOT326 Canada

1937-1951 GVI Collection unmounted mint & hinged mint complete for the period including 1937-38 set 11 (U/M, cat £180), all coil sets, airs, 1942-48 War Effort set (U/M, cat £150), 1946 Peace set (U/M), 1949-51 coil sets, 1951 Fisherman (U/M), etc, Cat £650+. (80).

LOT327 Canada

1970-1986 An attractive collection of unmounted mint defins and commems but also wide range of extras including booklet stamps, coils, setenant issues, some panes, phosphors, booklets, miniature sheets etc, attractive modern lot in a Lindner plain album.

LOT328 Canada

1991-1995 Extensive unmounted mint collection in a well filled Lindner album with a huge amount of face sets, booklets, miniature sheets, setenant strips, plus additional printings for each issue in mounts, to $ values, nice sheetlets etc, huge range of thematics, lovely clean lot neatly laid out. High retail value.

LOT329 Canada

2003 Alaska Cruise picture postage self-adhesive sheet with blank frames for personalised photos. 50,000 were produced but only available to buy and print on cruise ships. Fine, Scott 1991 DE.

LOT330 Canada

Extensive collection in an old time printed album QV to modern with useful content throughout including 1859 1c rose f.u., 5c red, 10c Prince Albert (2 nice shades, one with perf faults other fine used), 12½c green (2), 17c blue, 1860s large heads 2c, 3c, 6c brown, 12½c blue, 15c violet-grey, 5c olive-green, small heads to 10c incl shades, 1893 set 2, Registration stamps set (8c blue is pen cancelled and vertical crease cat £275), 1897 Jubilee to $1 (faults incl $1 clipped perfs along the bottom), 1898 to 20c, EDVII set used, 1908 Quebec Cent. set to 10c mainly f.u., 15c used, 20c unused no gum, hereon much complete used incl coils, and other different perfs, printings etc, GVI mint booklet panes, officials, back of the book, commems to 1973 etc, huge cat value, some mixed but overall fine, 100s.

LOT331 Canada

Large stockalbum with 100s mint & used including better commems and M/S, setenant or self adhesive 1990 to 2013, huge range of different issues with good face value. 100s.

LOT332 Canada

Large stockbinder well filled with duplicated QV to modern stock both mint and used including many defins and commems, QV 1c rose (3), 5c red (7), Queen Heads large to 15c, 1893 20c (4), 50c (2), 1898 Imperial Penny Postage m & u (c27), 1903 Imperf blk of 4 & pair for 2c rose-carmine (Cat £60), 1908 Quebec ½d mint pairs (2), good range of GV issues, coil stamps, similar for GVI, etc, huge qty.

LOT333 Canada

Large stockbook of duplicated mainstream issues early to modern mainly used, well filled 32 sided stockbook with many defins and commems, GV to 50c, GVI to $1, QEII defins and commems good quantity. 100s.

LOT334 Canada

Officials & Special Delivery: 1938-1951 GVI Collection hinged mint complete for the period including 1949 OHMS set of 10 (cat £275), Special Delivery & ovptd officials (SG S11-14 U/M), 1949-50 set (cat £65 SG O172/7), 1950-52 G ovpt set 13 (cat £200), 1951 10c & $1 Fisherman U/M (cat £80), etc, Cat £620. (42).

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