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LOT456 Canada

1843 (4 Apr) Part engraved folded letter with ornate arms and part printed lease agreement sent with manuscript 4½ charged twice making 9d, from Toronto to HOLLAND LANDING on 5th April.

LOT457 Canada

1852-1935 Mint and used assembly with better pickings including 1852 3d red with blue concentric circles cancel, 1858 6d slate-violet no margins, neat concentric circle cancel (Cat £4000, vertical closed tear at the top), 1859 Perf issues 1c, 5c, 10c (3 different shades), 12½c (2), 17c deep blue, 1868-97 Queens Head large types incl 1c red-brown, 1c deep orange, 2c green (2), 3c brown-red, 6c brown (2), 12½c (2), 15c (3), 1893 20c & 50c used, 1897 Jubilee 8c slate-violet & 10c purple both mint (Cat £145), used to 50c, 1897 & 1898 both Maple leaf sets used (Cat £290), 1903-12 EDVII set used (Cat £180), 1908 Quebec Tercentenary set heavy mounted mint (some heavy thins) Cat £550, 1911 10c brownish purple mint (cat £100), 1915 War Tax 20c mint (Cat £60), 1928-29 50c blue mint (Cat £150). High cat value. (c250)

LOT458 Canada

1858 (13 Jan) A superb cover (torn flap) to Hemmingford bearing 3d red Beaver with 4 good to massive margins, neatly cancelled black target circle but not actually tied to the cover, part ST THERESE DE BLAINVILLE double ring cancel in black with date inserted by hand, faults on the cover including torn on reverse, hole and part of side or lower left corner missing with transit and arrival backstamps in black or red. Superb stamp. SG 5.

LOT459 Canada

1860-1980 Attractive mainly used & well filled collection in springback album with useful content throughout including Nova Scotia perf issues complete, New Brunswick 10 vals incl shades to 12½c, Prince Edward Is. mint 'sets' 1861-72 to 9d (2 shades), 1872 to 12c (2 shades), 1859-64 1c rose (3), 5c red Beaver (4), 10c brown-purple (3 shades), 12½c (4 shades), 17c blue (2 shades), 1868 Dominon ½c black, 2c green (4 incl shades), 3c red (4), 5c olive, 6c brown (2), 12½c blue (2), 15c grey (6 shades), 1870 1c yellow (5 + pair), 2c green (5), 3c (9), 5c (4), 6c (4), 10c (4), Registration 2c orange (4), 5c green (5), 1882-97 ½c black (12), 8c (7), 20c red (3), 50c blue (2), 1888 to 15c, 1897 Jubilee 2c, 3c, 6c, 10c & 15c mint, ½c to 50c used, 1897-98 ½c to 10c, 1898 set to 20c, 1898 Imperial Penny Postage (15 incl 2 mint), 1899-1912 EDVII to 50c, 1912 GV to 50c, 1922 to $1, hereon much complete for the periods to 1980, also officials, back of the book etc, enormous catalogue value, some mixed but mainy sound with huge emphasis on shades for earlier material, 100s.

LOT460 Canada

1881-1975 Fourteen postcards and covers includes 1881 QV 1c postcard from Holy Trinity Church Toronto, 1891 QV 2c postcard from Halifax, 1895 QV 5c black on cover from Montreal also three 1975 Canadian Forces Elledmere Island covers.

LOT461 Canada

1897 Jubilee $2 deep violet sound used roller cancel, few wrinkles and short perfs otherwise sound, SG 137. Cat £425.

LOT462 Canada

1897 Jubilee 5c deep blue hinged mint, quite fresh SG 128.

LOT463 Canada

1898 (12 Dec) Slightly rough registered cover bearing 1897 6c brown and 1898 1c blue-green x 2 tied WELLINGTON STATION PEI cancels and addr to S. Side with backstamps Summerside squared circle and CH'TOWN & TIGNISH. Some smudges and postal faults otherwise attractive item.

LOT464 Canada

1898 Imperial Penny Postage 2c greenish blue x 5 mounted mint examples, some heavy mounted, nice lookers though, SG 167 Cat £190.

LOT465 Canada

1898 Imperial Penny Postage 2c greenish blue x 5 singles and one marginal single and marginal pair all mint mostly with some slight adherence but very fresh appearance, SG 167 Cat £38 each. (8).

LOT466 Canada

1908 Quebec Tercentenary 1c blue-green small die proof on India on card gum adhesion on reverse otherwise very fine, neatly cut example. SG 189 var.

LOT467 Canada

1908 Quebec Tercentenary 1c blue-green small die proof on India on card small punch hole from archives otherwise very fine, neatly cut example. SG 189 var.

LOT468 Canada

1908 Quebec Tercentenary 20c dull brown very fine used corner CDS, trace of bend otherwise fine, SG 195 Cat £130.

LOT469 Canada

1908 Quebec Tercentenary 2c light carmine small die proof on India on card very fine, neatly cut example. SG 190 var.

LOT470 Canada

1908 Quebec Tercentenary ½c sepia heavy mounted mint showing re-entry variety. SG188a.

LOT471 Canada

1908 Quebec Tercentenary ½c sepia small die proof on India on card gum adhesion on reverse otherwise very fine, neatly cut example. SG 188 var.

LOT472 Canada

1908 Quebec Tercentenary complete set of 8 neatly cancelled on two registered pieces from a philatelic source, each neatly tied BERLIN / ONT No 19 / 09 CDS cancels. Lovely pair with the full set. SG 188/95. Cat £375.

LOT473 Canada

1908 Quebec Tercentenary three postcards from the Exhibition two are postal used with 1c (2) or 2c red, third is written but unused, few corner bends or creases otherwise attractive with gold borders. (3).

LOT474 Canada

1926 6c on 2c blue postal stationery card unused, mainly very fine, one of the rarest cards of this period, STC C$500. Scarce.

LOT475 Canada

1927 Western Canada airways Airmail service label for One Oz mint & Jubilee Airmail One Oz mint, both sound, CL40/41.

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