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LOT327 Canada

1851 3d orange-vermilion a superb 4 large margin examples, fine used with target concentric circles postmark in black, heavy thinning on reverse but does not detract, nice classic SG 1a. Cat £1100.

LOT328 Canada

1859-1995 Extensive used collection neatly arranged in SG loose-leaf printed binder extensive assembly mainly complete from 1927 to 1990 used, 1990s mint setenant blocks and mint miniature sheets, earlier better including 1908 Quebec Tercent. set m & u, 20c unused, 1903 to 50c used, 1897-98 both QV sets used, 1897 Jubilee to 10c used, 1893 20c & 50c, large and small Queen heads to 15c, 1859-64 17c used, etc, good project for expansion, 100s.

LOT329 Canada

1868-76 3c brownish red a superb very fine used example well centred cancelled crisp target concentric circle postmark, few nibble perfs otherwise lovely colour, very sound for these. SG 58.

LOT330 Canada

1868-76 3c red a nice unused without gum example with excellent centring a few irregular perfs and lovely clear colour, very sound for these. Scott 25 Retail $1900 for unused no gum.

LOT331 Canada

1870-1960 Attractive fine used and double FDC collection with many nice FDCs for defins and commems from the 1930s to 1960, includes 1937 defins in blks of 3 on illus covers (3), defins to $1 for 1930s, sets and ranges from QV heads etc, attr lot.

LOT332 Canada

1875 5c olive-green a superb very fine used example centred NW and incomplete lightly cancelled postmark, few uneven perfs otherwise lovely colour, very sound for these. SG 63.

LOT333 Canada

1891 One Cent pale blue postal stationery envelope Montreal to Austria sent registered with multiple ½c black x 17 examples tied to reverse one in a block of 14 tied R in oval in black, sent via London with Registered oval in red , contemporary postal faults or marks, unusual, SG 102 Cat £1100+.

LOT334 Canada

1893 20c vermilion fine used CDS showing gross misperf of vertical perforations by 4mm, striking error, SG 115 var.

LOT335 Canada

1893 20c vermilion nice fine used example, sound, SG 115.

LOT336 Canada

1893 50c blue mint part original gum with hinge remains, fresh looker, SG 116 Cat £275.

LOT337 Canada

1897 6c brown heavy hinged mint, fine, SG 147.

LOT338 Canada

1897 Jubilee $2 deep violet sound used solid UNION ST / TORONTO roller cancel, good centring and sound, SG 137 Cat £425.

LOT339 Canada

1897 Jubilee 6c brown heavy hinged mint with excellent centring and colour, nice example, SG 129 Cat £140.

LOT340 Canada

1897 Jubilee Complete set ½c to 15c mainly fine used neat CDS cancels, 6c brown is superb (cat £140), 8c & 10c nice CDS and 15c is CDS but thinned, SG 121/132 Cat £485.

LOT341 Canada

1908 Quebec Tercentenary Complete et of 8 hinged mounted mint various thins and hinge remains or gum disturbance but mostly fresh lookers, 15c centred right, 20c nice with a blind perf on the left, SG 188/195 Cat £550.

LOT342 Canada

1922-31 Booklet panes, complete for SG listing 1c chrome-yellow, 2c green mint & 3c carmine in pane of 4 + 2 labels and 1c & 2c green in panes of 6, few singles etc, SG range 246aa/248aa Cat £530.

LOT343 Canada

1928-29 Booklet panes, complete for SG listing 1c orange, 2c green mint, 5c violet unused no gum in panes of 6, etc, SG range 275a/279a Cat £168.

LOT344 Canada

1930-1937 Signed first flight covers attractive group of 15 different airmail covers all pilot signed all nice covers including 1931 Lethbridge to Edmonton (signed postmaster) with fancy '2' chargemark applied in black, Winnipeg to Pembina, 1934 Prince Albert to Beauval, 1932 Lac La Ronge to Montreal Lake, 1935 Pickle Crow to Collins, 1931 Fort Vermilion to Peace River etc. Nice lot.

LOT345 Canada

1937 Coronation 3c carmine in a complete sheet of 50 unmounted mint, mainly fine, SG 356 Cat £100.

LOT346 Canada

1937-38 Booklet panes, much complete for SG listing incl 1c green, 2c brown and 3c scarlet all panes of 4 plus two labels, singles etc, all fine mint, SG range 357a/359a, Cat £145.

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