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Below are the Canada Stamps that we are currently offering for sale; you can bid and buy in complete confidence as all the items we sell are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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LOT212 Canada

1935 (4 May) Silver Jubilee set of six on registered Hamilton first day cover used locally. SG 335/40.

LOT213 Canada

1940's A selection of eleven covers addressed to the United States, with various stamps and cancels. Includes front with two KGV 1c green.

LOT214 Canada

1981-1996 Mainly unmounted mint collection with good degree of completion for commem issues incl setenant strips, blocks, self-adhesives, large sheetlets, many nice thematics and high face value.

LOT215 Canada

2003 Alaska Cruise picture postage self-adhesive sheet with blank frames for personalised photos. 50,000 were produced but only available to buy and print on cruise ships. Fine, Scott 1991 DE.

LOT275 Canada

1860-1980 Attractive mainly used & well filled collection in springback album with useful content throughout including Nova Scotia perf issues complete, New Brunswick 10 vals incl shades to 12½c, Prince Edward Is. mint 'sets' 1861-72 to 9d (2 shades), 1872 to 12c (2 shades), 1859-64 1c rose (3), 5c red Beaver (4), 10c brown-purple (3 shades), 12½c (4 shades), 17c blue (2 shades), 1868 Dominon ½c black, 2c green (4 incl shades), 3c red (4), 5c olive, 6c brown (2), 12½c blue (2), 15c grey (6 shades), 1870 1c yellow (5 + pair), 2c green (5), 3c (9), 5c (4), 6c (4), 10c (4), Registration 2c orange (4), 5c green (5), 1882-97 ½c black (12), 8c (7), 20c red (3), 50c blue (2), 1888 to 15c, 1897 Jubilee 2c, 3c, 6c, 10c & 15c mint, ½c to 50c used, 1897-98 ½c to 10c, 1898 set to 20c, 1898 Imperial Penny Postage (15 incl 2 mint), 1899-1912 EDVII to 50c, 1912 GV to 50c, 1922 to $1, hereon much complete for the periods to 1980, also officials, back of the book etc, enormous catalogue value, some mixed but mainy sound with huge emphasis on shades for earlier material, 100s.

LOT276 Canada

1921 Tatty long cover Toronto to Australia bearing 1908 ½c sepia x 5 with one stamp showing re-entry variety, also 10c Unemployment olive revenue affixed, faults but interesting cover, SG 188/188a.

LOT277 Canada

1935 Duke of York 2c brown and 10c green Windsor Castle on registered London Ontario May 4th 1935 first day cover. SG 336 339.

LOT278 Canada

1966-1996 First Day Covers collection of official covers in 5 cover albums with most commemorative sets included for the period, both printed or typed addresses, 100s, attractive lot

LOT279 Canada

1995-2007 Unmounted mint souvenir sheets, sheetlets and setenant blocks with many nice album sized sheets including self-adhesive, Sport & Millennium thematics, holograms etc, approx 70 items

LOT280 Canada

CARTON containing a large mainstream collection 1973-2010 double collections for both mint / unmounted mint and used sets to high values including 1979-1992 22 ring binder noted $10.50 Lightning on Ice prestige booklet, setenant strips and blks of 4, 1992 Paintings long set sheet U/M & FDC, Rivers booklets, Winter Olympics booklets, 1988 Mammals & Architecture to $5 incl U/M blks of 4, 2009 Centenary 3D M/S and mint set, stockbook of high face values in U/M blks of 4 to $5, also a range of yearbooks and year packs, heavy lot in 7 albums / stockbooks.

LOT281 Canada

DAVO ALBUM - Collection in a well filled album with mainly used assembly of mainstream defins and commems incl odd better noted 1859 1c & 5c, 1893 20c & 50c, 1897 to 50c, 1897 onwards mainly complete incl 1908 Tercentenary, set mainly sound used 1920s-30s to $1 etc then a good run through to 1989. 100s.

LOT282 Canada

Extensive collection in an old time printed album QV to modern with useful content throughout including 1859 1c rose f.u., 5c red, 10c Prince Albert (2 nice shades, one with perf faults other fine used), 12½c green (2), 17c blue, 1860s large heads 2c, 3c, 6c brown, 12½c blue, 15c violet-grey, 5c olive-green, small heads to 10c incl shades, 1893 set 2, Registration stamps set (8c blue is pen cancelled and vertical crease cat £275), 1897 Jubilee to $1 (faults incl $1 clipped perfs along the bottom), 1898 to 20c, EDVII set used, 1908 Quebec Cent. set to 10c mainly f.u., 15c used, 20c unused no gum, hereon much complete used incl coils, and other different perfs, printings etc, GVI mint booklet panes, officials, back of the book, commems to 1973 etc, huge cat value, some mixed but overall fine, 100s.

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