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Below are the Stamps that we are currently offering for sale; you can bid and buy in complete confidence as all the items we sell are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT267 Bermuda

1913 Cover from the American House with ten ¼d brown with Hamilton Bermuda 12 Aug 13 CDS, addressed to USA.

LOT268 Bermuda

1920 1st Tercentenary set fine mint SG 68/76 plus 2nd part set with values to 4d (15)

LOT269 Bermuda

1934-1970 Mint & used assembly on dealer's stockpages with useful 1865 1/- green m (2), GVI keyplates 2/- (5), 5/- m & u, 1936 set 9 m, 1938 vals to 1/- m, 1953 set (excl 9d) to 10/- m, 1962 to £1 used, 1970 surcharge set m, etc mainly clean and fine, STC £295+.

LOT270 Bermuda

1937 2/- deep purple and ultr. on grey-blue fine hinged mint, nice and clean and fresh example, SG 116 (cat £110).

LOT271 Bermuda

1938 Chalky 2/- deep purple and ultr. on grey-blue very fine unmounted mint examples, fresh and clean, SG 116 Cat £110.

LOT272 Bermuda

1938 Keyplate 2/- deep purple and ultramarine on grey-blue top left corner marginal example mounted in the margin only, the stamp is unmounted mint, fresh, SG 116.

LOT273 Bermuda

1938 Keyplate 2/6 black and red on grey-blue top right corner marginal example mounted in the margin only, the stamp is unmounted mint, corner crease otherwise fresh, SG 117.

LOT274 Bermuda

1939 Keyplate 10/- bluish green and deep red on green fine hinged mint, fresh appearance, SG 119a.

LOT275 Bermuda

1939 P.14 Chalky 10/- bluish green and red on green hinged mint, sound & fresh, SG 119a. Cat £150.

LOT276 Bermuda

1943 £1 deep reddish purple and black on pale red hinged mint top value, fine, SG 121c.

LOT277 Bermuda

1953 P.13 10/- green and dull red on green a top marginal unmounted mint example, very fine and fresh, SG 119f.

LOT278 Bermuda

1953-62 Set of 18 plus shades to £1 unmounted mint including both 10/-, 1/3 x 4, etc, huge cat value, SG 135/150.

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