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Below are the Stamps that we are currently offering for sale; you can bid and buy in complete confidence as all the items we sell are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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1986 World Cup Football, an extensive stock many in brand new packs of MAXI cards each cancelled with stamp on the front by special handstamps mainly St Vincent & Bequia in enormous quantity in two very heavy boxes. Hundreds, ideal for dealer to breakdown.


DIANA attractive collection of special covers in luxury Benham velvet binders (3) collection of limited edition covers issued in memorial approx. 43 1998 covers limited to 250 of each for Crown Agents M/S issues, 1981-1997 variety of attr covers incl high face values to 1000f, lovely clean lot with high retail value. Approx. 175.


OLYMPICS: Interesting collection on leaves in a carton with huge range of worldwide countries in sets and ranges, covers etc, needs careful sorting.


RAF Flight covers: Accumulation in cover albums with useful quantity incl special album of 52 covers (5 are signed) running from HA1-HA40 plus 10 special covers, 1979 Ecuador / Galapagos signed, cover album with 1975/6 (52), 1971 Air dropped on MSP, foreign and overseas incl Escaping Society, Reflown, Amphibious mail, flown in Concorde, Parachute Mail, third album with over 100 covers, interesting lot, mainly sound.


SHIPS & MARITIME - A useful and attractive collection in a large Schaubek binder with 80+ pages typed up in German for dozens of different country sets and covers from 19th century to modern periods noted Russia, European, Br. Commonwealth, Paquebot covers, Jamaica GVI combn cover, 1980 Posted QE2 World Cruise cvr, Germany 1931 Seepost PPC RP Ship Europa, USA incl early covers 1893 Columbus 6c tied to Hamburg packet cover tied US GERMAN SEA P.O., 1897 GB to SMS Charlotte Berlin, GB 1872 E.L from Hull 3d tied Hull 383 with enclosure from Hamburg Ship offices, Curacao Paquebot ½ & 2t labels mint, 1872 Steamship Insurance doc, 1872 London E.L. from Cloid Routledge Ship Brokers cachet, USA cvr 1884 sent per Britannia, USA 1861 E.L. sent per SS Europa to Cologne plus two or three others & 1832 per Black Warrior with Steamship 10 marks, 1898 PPC Remember the Maine - US Dynamite Cruiser nicely used 1c Omaha tied MILWAUKEE 1898 oval cancel, Steamer City of Brussels, Benin Epreuve deluxe, India Sea P.O., miniature sheets U/M, two 1859 Amsterdam bill of lading for Catharina or Antina vessels, etc, etc, fascinating and attractive lot, ideal for expansion, 100s.


SPACE - 1982 Space shuttle Columbia launced Nov 11 1982 from Cape Canaveral FDI cover signed by three of the crew Commander Vance Brand, Robert Overmyer and Joseph Allen.

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