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LOT47 Cigarette Cards

Churchman 1938- Association Footballers complete set of 50 very fine includes Stanley Matthews.

LOT48 Cigarette Cards

Gallaher-1935 Portraits of Famous Stars complete set of 48 mainly very fine.

LOT49 Cigarette Cards

John Player -1934 Cricketers set of 50 mainly very fine.

LOT50 Cigarette Cards

John Players-1929 Curious Beaks set 46 of 50 mainly very fine.

LOT51 Cigarette Cards

John Players-1938 Aircraft of the Royal Air Force complete set of 50 mainly very fine.

LOT52 Cigarette Cards

John Players-1938 Cricketers complete set of 50 includes Len Hutton mainly very fine.

LOT53 Cigarette Cards

Players: 1931 Military Head Dress complete set of 50 in sleeves, mainly very good to fine examples, 50.

LOT54 Cigarette Cards

Players-1939 Uniforms of the territorial Army complete set of 50 mainly fine.

LOT55 Cigarette Cards

Wills: 1935 Association Footballers (Frame on back) complete set of 50 in sleeves, mainly average to fine examples, 50.

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