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1845 (27 May) Entire Letter, nice early cover with interesting contents to London bearing manuscript charge marks and beautiful strike of ANTIGUA / MY 27 / 1845 double arc cancel (rated very rare by Robson Lowe). London receiving CDDD in red, addr to a business in London the contents relate to boiling sugar, experimenting with new methods and to wait before spending large sums of money on the new system...asking for £400 to carry on the cultivation of the estates...mistaken about the oats as sending some by the Harmony...plenty of other stories and business matters updates. Filing folds otherwise fine.


1862-1935 incl 1863 1d (3 shades unused), 6d green used (2), 1882 2½d red-brown used, 1884 to 6d used, 1903 to 6d m & u, 1908-17 to 1s mainly mint, 1935 SJ set m. (59).


1876 P.14 6d blue-green mint original gum clearly showing watermark inverted variety, couple toned perfs otherwise sound, scarce and SG prices this with a dagger (said not to exist). SG 18w. RRR! Be the first to own this!


1935 2½d brown and deep blue Silver Jubilee fine used light CDS showing dot to left of flagstaff variety, two light tone marks otherwise sound, SG 93g Cat £250.


1950 P.13 12/6 grey and pale orange mounted mint, quite well centered with small gum bend otherwise sound, SG 20e, cat £100.1864 1d dull rose large part original gum with hinge remains, usual rough perfuse, fine, SG 6 Cat £120.


Clean mainly mint assembly on forty plus large stockcards with some light duplication many commem sets, thematics noted 1970s-1990s, 1994 Football, 1995 Scouts, 1970 Nelson long set (2 sets, Cat £45 each), 2005 Einstein, 2006 Air Transport (2 sets), 1991 Charles De Gaulle long set, Antigua & Barbuda incl 1983 Fruits long set (2 sets, Cat £20 each), 1995 End of WW2, 1989 Flight, 1993 Aviation, 2008 Star Trek, 1978 long set, 1991 Railways long set, 1996 Olympic Games long set, extensive thematic range. (100s).


Clean mainly mint assembly on fourteen large stockcards with some light duplication many commem sets, thematics noted QV 2½d red-brown used (2), 1903 Badge defins to 6d mint, 1921 to 2/6 mint plus many extras, 1932 Tercent. 1s used, 1938 GVI set to £1 plus listed shades for 1d, 1½d, 2d, 1s & 2/6 (Cat £300), 1953 set to $4.80 m (Cat £90), extras to $2.40, 1966 set (Cat £55), attractive range. (approx 330+).

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