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LOT1658 Great Britain - Queen Victoria

1840 1d black MB attractive fine used 4 close to good margins with neat black MX cancel, mainly sound.

LOT1659 Great Britain - Queen Victoria

1840 2d blue IL 2 close margins roughly used cancelled with 1844 type numeral cancel without other postmarks, wrinkles, tear and thinned poor on reverse, more respectable on front with clear part 70.. numeral cancel. SG cat £2500.

LOT1660 Great Britain - Queen Victoria

1840 QV 1d black plate 11 letters DA, on folded letter (dated 22 Sep 1841) tied with black Maltese Cross & 'No1' marking, b/s 'Beaminster'. F-VF stamp 2 margins. SG 2 - PL11 cat £16,000 on cover. The rarest of the 1d black plates & attractive little letter. Certificate can be obtained on request.

LOT1661 Great Britain - Queen Victoria

1840 QV 1d black, plate 11, letters QC. very fine used, attractive 4 margins, black Maltese Cross pmk. SG 2 cat £4600. Rarest of 1d black plate.

LOT1662 Great Britain - Queen Victoria

1841 1d red-brown 'FF-FG' PAIR plate 171 with close to large margins on all sides, with '36' numeral postmarks. Nick into margin and SW corner of the pair otherwise sound.

LOT1663 Great Britain - Queen Victoria

1841 1d red-brown numbers in Maltese Cross collection on album page with excellent strike of No.1 on paper, No.5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, varying margins mainly 2-3, plus few other MX cancels, (11).

LOT1664 Great Britain - Queen Victoria

1841 1d red-brown plate 134 'LC' superb with 4 good to large margins with '30' numeral postmark, sound.

LOT1665 Great Britain - Queen Victoria

1841 1d red-brown range of 12 example with varying margins each cancelled number in MX for 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 (2). Faults but mainly good strikes. (12). Cat £2540.

LOT1666 Great Britain - Queen Victoria

1841 1d red-brown selection of mostly 2-3 margin examples with black MX or 1844 type cancels on stockcards, ideal for study, postmarks etc (MX cancels 49, 1844 type c60) SG 8.

LOT1667 Great Britain - Queen Victoria

1841 1d red-brown three examples unused (AG 3 margins cut into along top), part og (RJ 2 margins) or original gum (pale red-brown worn plate, OH almost 4 margins into next stamp on two sides hinged with good gum) Cat £1875 mint.

LOT1668 Great Britain - Queen Victoria

1841 1d red-brown vertical pair QC-RC with margins on 3 sides, cut neatly on fourth, very lightly mounted mint with full gum, vertical crease which does detract but bottom stamp appears unmounted, SG 8 cat £1200.

LOT1669 Great Britain - Queen Victoria

1841 (9 Aug) Part letter from Ballinrobe to Ballinasloe bearing 1d red-brown on blue (PG) from black plate 11 with 4 good margins and recut base. Fine example. Cat £130 as used.

LOT1670 Great Britain - Queen Victoria

1843-49 Five entires and one cover from Queen Victoria's riegn without stamps but 1 and 2 marks addressed to England. Plus eight entires with no stamps addressed overseas with various receiving cancels.

LOT1671 Great Britain - Queen Victoria

1844 (19 Mar) Entire Letter to Edinburgh bearing 1d red-brown on blued tied superb No. 8 in Maltese Cross cancellation, filing fold otherwise very fine.

LOT1672 Great Britain - Queen Victoria

1844 (20 Apr) cut down entire letter sent Crickhowell to Usk via Abergavenny bearing 1841 1d red-brown on blued 3 margins nearly tied very late use of black MX cancel, 3 backstamps and hole where wax seal removed otherwise sound.

LOT1673 Great Britain - Queen Victoria

1845 (23 Jun) Cover sent locally in London with 1d red imperf marginal single showing inscription ,"...the Labels ABOVE...." , 2 margin example tied '71' numeral and TP / Holloway Rd h/s alongside.

LOT1674 Great Britain - Queen Victoria

1847 (16 May) Entire letter from Tamworth to Derby bearing 1d red imperf showing part marginal inscription 'the RIGHT HAND...' one uneven margin, letter is partly torn on one of the sides and indistinct numeral cancel on 3 margin 1d red.

LOT1675 Great Britain - Queen Victoria

1847-54 Embossed 6d dull lilac, a superb NE corner marginal single with huge to large margins on 3 sides, close fourth margin on left side but all clear. Neat 634 numeral cancel of a most amazing premium example, SG 59. Cat £1000.

LOT1676 Great Britain - Queen Victoria

1849 (26 Jul) 1d pink postal stationery envelope (faults) cancelled '56' London postmark and 'Ham' handstamp in red alongside.

LOT1677 Great Britain - Queen Victoria

1849 (30 Oct) Entire London to Kendal bearing 2d pale blue cancelled (not tied) '10' numeral cancel 'AK' 2 margins with Lombard St b/s and KENDAL arrival arc d/s in blue. Fine.

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