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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT152 Belgium

1849-1965 An extensive mainly used collection in a well filled DAVO printed album with huge amount of completion neatly mounted in black mounts noted 1849 20c blue, 1851 40c, 1858 40c, 1863 perf set, 1893 2f mauve (Cat £90), 1905 set, 1912 set, 1914 Red Cross set (Cat £100), 1915 Red Cross set (Cat £49), 1929 to 20f green, 1939 Anti TB set, more sparse for 1940s better issues, then solid 1960s onwards with many sets, then back of the book Railway Parcels incl 1879 set minus 80c yellow, airs, occupations, precancels, 1929 Express Letter set used, Telegraphs, ideal lot for expansion. Many 100s.

LOT153 Belgium

1858 1c green attractive 2-3 margin example with neat ANVERS sock on the nose CDS, just touching into at top right corner, sound, Yvert 9 Cat €165.

LOT154 Belgium

1914 Red Cross 20c (+20c) red and violet on blued paper in a part left sheet of 70 ungummed, vertical perf shift and some minor faults on edges otherwise impressive album page sized block STC £1260.

LOT155 Belgium

1930 (14 Apr) Regd airmail cover from Leuven to London being the FIRST NIGHT FLIGHT BRUSSELS - LONDON cachet in purple on obverse. Mainly sound.

LOT156 Belgium

1948 Antwerp & Liege Monuments Funds set of 2 hinged mint, fresh, SG 1253/4, cat £99.

LOT157 Belgium

1949 Belgian Stamp Centenary complete set of 5 including Air 50f brown hinged mint, fine, SG 1271/1275.

LOT158 Belgium

1949 Portraits set of 5 hinged mint, fresh, SG 1302/6, cat £85.

LOT159 Belgium

1954 Anti TB & other Funds set of 6 unmounted mint (80c + 20c black is mounted) SG 1543/1548 Cat £52.

LOT160 Belgium

1954 Beguinage of Bruges Restoration Fund 9f + 4f50 blue top value fine mint SG 1539 Cat £90.

LOT161 Belgium

1965-1998 An extensive mainly used collection in a well filled DAVO printed album with huge amount of completion neatly mounted in black mounts with very few spaces left, also miniature sheets, back of the book, ideal lot for expansion. Many 100s.

LOT162 Belgium

Binder containing extensively used collection of defins and commems from early to modern including small range of 1860s medallions, 1930 Air set m (Cat £50), 1939 Red Cross set m, 1939 Orval two top vals mint, 1939 Anti TB Belfries set m, 1956 Mozart set m, railway parcels, commems part sets used to 1990s, 100s.

LOT163 Belgium

Railway Parcels: 1882 2fr buff imperf unmounted mint, a lovely clean example, SG P88. Cat £350.

LOT164 Belgium

Railway Parcels: 1882 50c rose-red very fine hinged mint with superb fresh mint, SG P78.

LOT165 Belgium

Railway Parcels: Bundle of railway parcel forms each with various single mixed frankings and dozens of different towns on large forms, many Brussels area on smaller forms. Appear to mainly 1960s, usual very mixed condition, guesstimate 300+.

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