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Belgium Stamps

Belgium stamps in our auctions...

Below are the Belgium Stamps that we are currently offering for sale; you can bid and buy in complete confidence as all the items we sell are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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LOT195 Belgium

1940's A selection of nine covers addressed to the United States, with various stamps and cancels.

LOT196 Belgium

1954 Anti TB set of 6 hinged mint, fine, SG 1543/1548. Cat £50.

LOT197 Belgium

Railway Parcel Forms collection from the 1950s in a bundle with each bearing combination of railway parcel stamps to pay the fee and cancelled on each form, there are many different town station cancels mostly boxed dated types, some CDS. Well over 100 forms.

LOT213 Belgium

1849-1970 Extensive used collection in a well filled DAVO printed album with a huge range of defins and commems in sets and part sets, noted 1849 Epaulettes both vals, 1849 Medallion set 3, 1851 set 3, 1858 10c to 40c, 1863 set, 1865 set, 1866 set 3, 1869 to 1f, 1883 set, 1884 set, 1893 set with labels, 1905 set with labels, 1912 set, 1914/15 Red X both sets, 1915 set incl both 5f values, 1925 75th Anniv, set, 1928 Orval to 3f, 1928 Anti Tb set, 1930/32 Anti TB set, good miniature sheets incl. 1924 Brussels Expo (wrinkles), 1937 Fund, 1949 Social & Cultural Fund both M/S (faults cat £450), ideal lot for expansion, huge cat value in excess of £3000.

LOT214 Belgium

1849-1989 Simplex springback album on pages containing a useful collection all identified by SG number unpicked as found mint and used with mainstream ranges throughout incl 1849 10c & 20c, 1850 1c to 40c, 1863 1c to 40c, 1865 to 1fr, 1866 set 3 used, 1869 to 1fr, 1883 set used, 1884 set used 2fr lilac mint (cat £95), 1893 with labels 1c-10c mint, set to 2fr used, 1914/15 Red X sets, 1919 Tin Hat to 50c m & u, 1922 vals to 10fr m & u, (10f brown mint cat £100), 1929 to 50f used, good assembly of 1940s sets m & u, huge amount of commems to 1980s, useful back of the book incl Railway Parcels in sets and ranges incl 1879 set of 6 used (1f grey is fine used, unpriced in SG), postage dues, fiscals, ideal to fill those gaps. Massive cat value in excess of £2200+, 100s.

LOT215 Belgium

1849-1994 A huge mainly used collection arranged in two nice binders on leaves with a massive range of mainstream defins and commems, most of the miniature sheets are mint / U/M, 1849 onwards to 40c red perf and imperf, 1897-1915 almost complete incl Red X sets, Sunday labels to 5fr, earlier Orvals to middle values, Airs to 5fr, most Charity sets etc, huge amount of material here, cat £100s. 100s.

LOT216 Belgium

1851-1989 a very fine DAVO printed album with a well filled collection unmounted mint for modern 1958-1989 and mint and used up to this date with much complete to 1989, earlier includes mainstream defin issues to middle values used, cheaper Charity sets mint, M/S & back of the book material etc. Good catalogue value and ideal for expansion, many 100s.

LOT217 Belgium

1912 (6 Jan) Attractive cover sent locally in Brussels bearing a superb 911 Charleroi Exhib ovpt on 1c deep green in a superb bottom right imprint strip of 5, plus 1910 1c grey and 1911 Charleroi 2c purple all tied local BRUSSELS CDS cancels, then underpaid hence T h/s and 5c green postage due, pretty (philatelic) cover. SG 109, 129/30.

LOT218 Belgium

1918-1924 Extensive collection in a Devon peg album on leaves mint and used for earlier incl earlies to 40c, 1910 Brussels Exhibition almost complete used, 1914 Red X both sets mint (cat £107), German Occup. both sets mainly used, 1918 Red Cross surch set to 50c +50c mint (cat £97), Postes Militares CDS postmarks on two defins on piece, 1919 Tin Hat to 50c mint, 1925 set of 13 double heads to 10fr mainly mint, 1928 Anti TB Fund set used (cat £40), 1928 Orval complete set of 9 mint (cat £98), 1929 to 50f used, 1929 Anti TV top vals mint, Parcel post 1939 set used, 1930 ILO set mint, 1933 Anti TB set to 1f75 + 25c used, 1936 Lion defins in tete beche pairs, plus advertising pairs mint, 1937 Memorial M/S mint, hereon from 1939-59 a huge range of mint sets to 1946 War Victims sets all 3 mint, many of the Anti TB sets or just top values mint, 1948 Monuments Fund set 2 U/M (cat £86), 1949 Belgian Stamp Cent, 50f mint (cat £60), 1950 Athletics set mint (cat £104), 1951 Air set f.u., 1952 Anti TB top vals mint (cat £79), 1952 Writers set m (cat £134), etc, useful lot with a huge catalogue value in excess of £2400+

LOT219 Belgium

1919 (22 Jul) Postage Due cover from UK to Bouffioula Belgium sent on printed Australian Commonwealth Military Force (Australian Comforts Fund) and insufficiently prepaid so 10c red postage due pair affixed and overprinted local BOUFFIOULA handstamps in black and tied local CDS, plus T / 20 boxed h/s in black, few bends but pretty cover showing local handstamp use on p. dues.

LOT220 Belgium

1920 (30 Jun) Postage Due PPC from Reunion to Brussels Belgium sent on printed postcard of St Denis River with Reunion pictorial defins 1c, 2c pair & 4c tied REUNION HELL - BOURG & SAINT DENIS transit CDS alongside, insufficiently prepaid so 5c green postage due affixed and tied on arrival in Brussels, mainly fine and pretty postcard.

LOT221 Belgium

1926 (18 Feb) Postage Due cover from Algeria to Brussels Belgium sent on printed Bijou-Concert Musica / Pianos / Instruments Alger, and insufficiently prepaid with 1fr ovptd so 40c red-brown postage due affixed and tied on arrival, few bends but pretty cover for Music thematics or p.due collector.

LOT222 Belgium

1939 (1 Sept)Air Union Belgica - Gordon Bennett illustrated printed sheet Brussels to Lwow Poland bearing 35c green air & 1f on 1f50 surch tied BRUXELLES CDS cancel and Cinderella label in blue POCZTA BA LONOWA GORDON BENNETT 1938 tied by illustrated Balloon LWOW 3.9.1939 cancel in black, signed Ernest Demuyter pilot. Very fine and attractive.

LOT223 Belgium

1971-1999 Extensive used collection in a well filled DAVO printed album with a huge range of defins and commems in sets and part sets, plus later issues on plain leaves, spaces for M/S, railway parcels, postage dues etc, ideal for expansion, high cat value.

LOT224 Belgium

Occupation of Germany: 1919 (28 Nov) registered commercial cover to France bearing overprint ALLEMAGNE DUITSCHLAND 25c blue pair tied by POSTES MILITAIRES / BELGIQUE / 13 - 14 / 28 / xi / 19 BELGIE / LEGERPOSTERIJ cds's, SG 8. Very pretty cover and hard to find!

LOT225 Belgium

Occupation of Germany: 1919 ALLEMAGNE DUITSCHLAND 10f brown top value overprinted hinged mint example, fine, SG 17 Cat £75.

LOT226 Belgium

Occupation of Germany: 1919 Set to 10f brown overprint ALLEMAGNE DUITSCHLAND hinged mint, all fine, SG 1/17 Cat £220. (17).

LOT227 Belgium

Occupation of Germany: 1919 Set to 10f brown overprint ALLEMAGNE DUITSCHLAND fine used, all fine, SG 1/17 Cat £300. (17).

LOT228 Belgium

Occupation of Germany: 1920 (11 Dec) ten different values to 50c on registered philatelic cover to Verviers bearing overprint ALLEMAGNE DUITSCHLAND overprint issue each tied by nice POSTES MILITAIRES / BELGIQUE / 11 - 12 / 6 / x / 20 BELGIE / LEGERPOSTERIJ cds's, SG range 1/12. Very pretty cover and hard to find!

LOT229 Belgium

Occupation of Germany: 1920 EUPEN Overprint set of 17 to 10f brown hinged mint, all fine, SG 25/41 cat £273.

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