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LOT181 Belgium

1849-1944 Extensive collection mint & used on 110 Lighthouse printed hingeless leaves (13 hole, good condition) with dozens of defins & commem sets and ranges noted 1911 Charleroi ovpt set used (shaded), 1912 2f & 5f mint (Cat £140), 1914 Red X 20c (+20c) mint (Cat £95), 1915 Red X 10c & 20c mint (Cat £124), 1925 75th Stamp Anniv. m & u, 1928 Anti-TB Fund set m, 1929 to 50f used, 1929 Anti TB Fund set m, 1930 Anti-TB 5f + 5f green mint (Cat £55), etc. Lovely clean lot ideal for expansion just needs one or two Lighthouse binders to make the beginnings of a nice collection. STC £2800 (not checked). Approx 1000 all different.

LOT182 Belgium

1861 40c red PAIR used with heavyish 45 numeral barred cancels, adhering to original paper on reverse and some margins, minor faults, nice pair, SG 15. Cat £240.

LOT183 Belgium

1897-1934 Ten mourning covers six of which are unused tied together with bow plus unused with 20c. Two with no stamps the last with 50c and faint cancel.

LOT184 Belgium

1926 (18 Feb) Postage Due cover from Algeria to Brussels Belgium sent on printed Bijou-Concert Musica / Pianos / Instruments Alger, and insufficiently prepaid with 1fr ovptd so 40c red-brown postage due affixed and tied on arrival, few bends but pretty cover for Music thematics or p.due collector.

LOT185 Belgium

1945-1999 Extensive collection used, mint or unmounted mint on a huge pile of 228 Lighthouse hingeless printed leaves (13 hole, good condition) with a nice collection from early to modern commems with dozens of sets noted 1976-1999 mainly complete U/M, 1933 Anti TB Symbol set of 7 hinged mint (75c + 15c sepia unused no gum, Cat £265), 1953 European Child Welfare Fund set of 3 in u/m horizontal PAIRS (Cat £175), 1953 King Baudouin 9f black-olive mint (Cat £140). Lovely clean lot ideal for expansion just needs one or two Lighthouse binders to make the beginnings of a lovely collection. Useful cat value STC £1500 (not checked). Approx 1700 all different.

LOT186 Belgium

1948 25th anniversary of Sabena illustrated typed cover with 6f with special cachets. Includes information insert card.

LOT187 Belgium

1949 Unstamped cover from National Confederation of Political Prisoners section Ixelles with typed letters inside. May have been hand delivered.

LOT188 Belgium

1994-1998 Mainly complete collection mainly unmounted mint on 29 Lighthouse printed hingeless leaves (13 hole, good condition) with dozens of commem sets, miniature sheets and booklet panes noted 1994 King Albert set to 200f (Cat £48), 1996 Birds to 150f, 1996 Xmas sheet, 1997 Museums + M/S, etc. Cat £320. Approx 230 all different.

LOT189 Belgium

East Africa: Mint & used collection on Scott printed album pages for Belgian East Africa (Ruanda Urundi) 1924 to 5f & 10f black mint, 1944 Red X set f.u. (cat £57), 1953 Flowers set u/m (cat £60), 1956 Mozart set, 1959 postage due set m, nice lot (approx 120).

LOT190 Belgium

Postage Dues: 1870 10c green in an attractive mint / unmounted mint marginal block of 10 (margins on both sides), plus left marginal block of 4 and 10c & 20c singles mint, nicely arranged annotated on album page. (SG D63/4). Cat £275.

LOT191 Belgium

Railway Parcels: 1879-1970 Collection mainly used on 33 printed leaves with approx 300 all different, noted 1879 to 80c yellow used (Cat £195), then good range of issues and values, just needs more expensive singles to complete.

LOT192 Belgium

Railway Parcels: Bundle of railway parcel forms each with various single mixed frankings and dozens of different towns on large forms, many Brussels area on smaller forms. Appear to mainly 1960s, usual very mixed condition, guesstimate 300+.

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