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LOT1610 Yugoslavia

1943-1957 Valuable mint collection in a neat album on plain leaves with sets and miniature sheets much complete for the period including 1945 Assembly M/S (Cat £31), 1949 Air ovpt set 3 (cat £30), 1950 May Day set (cat £45), 1950 Aeronautical set (Cat £53), Navy Day set, 1951 Air Mountaineering set (Cat £100), 1951 Air long set (Cat £100), 1951 Air overprint 50d blue (cat £90), 1952 Tito set (Cat £58), 1952 Olympic Games set (Cat £78), 1953 Car Rally set (Cat £45), 1953 Esperanto set mint (Cat £254), 1954 Insurrection set (Cat £50), 1954 Animals set (Cat £175), 1956 Art long set (cat £160), 1956 Sea Creatures set (Cat £67), 1956 Olympic Games set (Cat £250), 1958 Birds set, then back of the book incl P.Dues 1946 set to 100d (cat £100), etc, extensive lot and huge cat value in excess of £2345.

LOT1611 Yugoslavia

1951 (14 Aug) Illustrated Cover for 1951 Air set 3 Int. Mountaineering Meeting, unaddressed, cancelled day after first day of issue, very fine. SG 687/9. Cat £71 as used.

LOT1612 Yugoslavia

1951 (16 Aug) Illustrated First Day Cover for 1951 Air 6d Parachute Jumping tied with Padobranaca overprint on 50d blue, unaddressed very fine. SG 696/7.

LOT1613 Yugoslavia

1953 Tenth Anniv. of Liberation of Istria & Slovene Coast 15d green very fine hinged mint, key stamp, SG 759 Cat £225.

LOT1614 Yugoslavia

Issues for Croatia: 1918 HRVATSKA / SHS blue overprint on 1916 Coronation set of 2 10f mauve and 15f red both fine used CDS and Sorani 2008 expertising certificate, both signed on reverse. Fine, SG 81/2.

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