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LOT1763 United NATIONS

1956-1962 Three large black and white press photos with typed description on reverse including Assembly approves resolution on peaceful uses of outer space 1959, Austrian Rep broadcast over radio, Late secretary general death plaque from airplane crash. Few creases but intr.

LOT1764 United NATIONS

Attractive collection of mainly mint and unmounted mint 1951 to 1982 including many U/M blocks of 4, 1982 Flags series in sheetlets of 16 etc, ideal for expansion.

LOT1765 United NATIONS

Collection in a well filled Senator springback album with a double mint and used assembly from 1951 to 1980 for New York issues and a few Geneva & Vienna issues, colourful lot, 100s.

LOT1766 United NATIONS

First Flight Covers: 19714-81 group of 8 covers and cards for various airmail flight covers, special events incl New York Geneva Swissair 747, Vienna office, 1980 to Leipzig, nice cachets etc, intr little lot.

LOT1767 United NATIONS

Flight Covers: 1974-85 group of 7 covers and cards for various airmail flight covers, special events incl Kobenhaven to New York, Italy, etc, intr little lot.

LOT1768 United NATIONS

FORCES: Group of covers from Polish missions including 1974, 1979 Egypt cachets, 1982 Syria cachets, 1977 Warsaw, 1979, 1987 Syria, UNDOF PKW cachets, etc fascinating lot (21).

LOT1769 United NATIONS

Interesting balance of collector's clearout with useful covers for UNESCO, UN covers, FDCs from different countries including nice range of Belgium 1958 FDCs, photo black and white cut outs, various commercial mail from 1940s onwards, imperfs, UN Gift stamps collection from 1951 incl interesting, fascinating lot, needs sorting out.

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