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LOT237 Barbados

1856-1952 An old time valuable collection from early Britannia's by different printings to 1952 Stamp Centenary mint and used better throughout including 1856-7 1s black & 6d rose, 1861-70 Rough perfs 1d green (3), 4d blue (7), 6d rose / vermilion (5), 1s black (4), 1871 to 1s, 1873 3d brown-red, 1875-8 to 1s mauve, 1882 to 1s incl shades, 1892 Seal of Colony 8d & 2/6 mint, 1903 2/6 mint, 1906 Nelson Staircase to 1s m & u, 1909 to 6d mint, 1912 to 1s mint, 1916-20 Large Seahorses good mint range to 2s (2), 1920 Victory to 1s mint, 1925 Seahorses to 2/6 mint, 1935 SJ set m, 1938 GVI good range to 5s mint, 1948 RSW set mint, 1949 UPU set in mint plate blocks of 6, 1950 set mint, etc, etc, some toning or mixed condition otherwise a very useful lot STC £2500+.

LOT238 Barbados

1866 1s black hinged mint rough perf 14-16 Perkins & Bacon remainders mainly fine example, SG 35, Cat £65.

LOT239 Barbados

1873 5/- dull rose very fine used premium example with neat 16 segment postmark framing the vignette, superb and seldom seen so nice, SG 64.

LOT240 Barbados

1906 Nelson Centenary ¼d black and grey hinged mint showing watermark inverted variety, sound, SG 145w.

LOT241 Barbados

1907 (31 Jul) Printed registered envelope (grubby) to UK with an attractive combination of 1906 Tercent 1d x 3 uprated from 2d ultr., cancelled BARBADOS RLO CDS's, faults but seldom seen on cover.

LOT242 Barbados

1916 ¼d to 4d Seahorses set of seven values each in mint / unmounted mint blocks of 4, very attractive, SG 181/187 taken as cheapest shades. (28).

LOT243 Barbados

1921 Wmk MSCA 2s purple on blue bottom marginal PAIR with hinge in margin only, stamps unmounted mint, SG 227.

LOT244 Barbados

1922 Manuscript OHMS registered cover to Switzerland (roughly opened) bearing 6d reddish purple tied large BARBADOS CDS cancel and Barbados regd etiquette No. 4881 sent via London with hooded Registered 18th April backstamp and Swiss arrival b/s. Faults but nice intercontinental use.

LOT245 Barbados

1923 (21 Jun) 2d blue registered envelope uprated with 1d red pair tied BARBADOS RLO railway letter office CDS sent to Darmstadt with regd etiq. No. 9692, sent via Plymouth with oval regd b/s, and London hooded regd d/s in violet on obv. , and arrival CDS front and back, few minor faults otherwise intr and attr cover.

LOT246 Barbados

1924 Wmk MSCA 1s black on emerald very fine unmounted mint, SG 226.

LOT247 Barbados

1935 Silver Jubilee Complete set of 4 mint with gum (2½d large part og) each perforated Specimen. SG 241/4s.

LOT248 Barbados

1938 (Jan) Perf 14 1d scarlet in an Thomas De La Rue imprint bottom marginal irregular block of 5 mint / unmounted mint, fine, SG 249a Cat £90.

LOT249 Barbados

1938-47 Complete set of 16 to 5s unmounted mint, very fine, SG 248/56a Cat £50.

LOT250 Barbados

1939 Tercentenary 2½d & 3d on regd cover to Italy (via US) bearing GPO BARBADOS / REGISTERED CDS and regd etiq. No.2114 and transit arrival b/s.

LOT251 Barbados

1942 (25 Oct) Reg cover to London bearing 2/6, 6d & 4d seahorse defins tied BARBADOS REGISTRATION CDS cancels with regd etiquette No.8748, mainly sound.

LOT252 Barbados

1950 Complete set of 12 to $2.40 black unmounted mint, fine, SG271/82. Cat £55.

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