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LOT766 Thailand

1883-1973 Extensive specialised collection mint and used annotated on leaves by printings, plates, perfs, overprint types etc, noted 1883 1s blue mint (6, Cat £132) used (3, cat £60), 1att red mint (6 cat £144), used (4, cat £88), 1s red mint (2, cat £72), used (3, cat £99), 1s yellow mint (6, cat £132), used (6, cat £120), 1s orange mint (2, cat £130), used (4, cat £240), 1887 mint set to 64a (Cat £239), used to 64a (3, cat £33 each), 1889 1a on 1s surch mint & used (2 diff perfs, Cat £128), 1889 surcharges m & u, 1892 4a on 24a m & u (Cat £103), 4att on 24a m & u with a without stop, 1894 surcharges, 1898-99 incl surch varieties, 1905 Temple of Light 12a, 24a & 1t mint (Cat £110+), 18a used (3,cat £33 each), 1908 surcharges, 1908 Jubilee set of 5 mint (Cat £89), 18a brown used (Cat £35), 1908 Statue 1t mint (Cat £75), used vas 1t (2), 2t (2), 3t, 5t used, 10t used (faults cat £140), 1909 surcharges m & u, 1910 King diff to 28s brown mint (cat £100+), 1912 to 10b used, 1918 Red Cross to 1b & 3b used, 1918 Victory to 1b, 1920 Scouts 2s brown unused (both), 1920 Scouts Fund 2s, 5s and 10s mint, 1920 to 50s mint (Cat £179), 1926 to 10t used cat £170), 1928 to 20b used, 1930 surch set 2 mint (cat £54), 1941 vas to 10b used (Cat £125), plus many used diff to 1970. Enormous catalogue value, ideal for expansion.

LOT767 Thailand

1885 (1 July) 1 Tical surcharge in red on 1solot blue fine used neat CDS cancel, fine, SG 7 Cat £550. This was produced to accommodate the postage 1 Tical requirements on joining the Universal Postal Union on 1st July.

LOT768 Thailand

1908 Statue of King Chulalongkorn 20t brown and gray fine used CDS cancel, sound key value, SG 123 Cat £140.

LOT769 Thailand

1908 Statue of King Chulalongkorn 3t blue and green hinged mint example, fine, SG 120 Cat £150.

LOT770 Thailand

1909 Postcard of Business Time on Bangkok River / Street Scene addr to Glasgow from Bangkok with 4atts red tied large CDS. Pretty.

LOT771 Thailand

1910-50 Covers collection annotated on leaves including 1910 25th Annie. of Siam in UPU special cancel in 6att red P/S card, 1912 & 1919 registered to UK, 1920 Pioneer Flight boxed h/s on 6s red blk of 4, 1922 Korat to Ubol special cancel on piece plus 1923 Korat to ROI-ED 3s green P/S card uprated with 3s green and three special airmail cancels, 1923 Korat to Nong Khay via Uttara with special cancel, 1924 Korat to Ubol combination cover UBOL to Bangkok with special cancels, 1929 Experimental flights Bangkok to Amsterdam (faults) with 1t tied violet airmail cancels, 1949 Stockholm to Bangkok large cut down envelope with 4 Thai adhs combn tied SCANDINAVIAN / AIRLINES SYSTEM / OVERSEAS DIVISION and Denmark adhs tied Kobenhavn CDDD's. Very mixed condition incl toning, but interesting group. (14).

LOT772 Thailand

1912 Vienna 10b purple and green key value fine used neat CDS cancel, fine, SG 157 Cat £110.

LOT773 Thailand

1917 Waterlow 10b purple and olive fine used CDS cancel, fine, SG 175 Cat £110.

LOT774 Thailand

1917 Waterlow 20b brown and blue-green top value fine used two neat CDS cancel, fine, SG 176 Cat £130.

LOT775 Thailand

1918 Red Cross Fund 1b, 2b & 3b values hinged mint, odd tone on gum otherwise nice trio. SG 182/4 Cat £230.

LOT776 Thailand

1918 Red Cross Fund 5b (+40sb) black and violet hinged mint example, hinged in three places otherwise very fine for these, one of the key values, SG 185 Cat £375.

LOT777 Thailand

1918 Red Cross overprint on 1b (+2s) & 2b (+30s) both hinged mint, sound, SG 182/3 Cat £135.

LOT778 Thailand

1933 London to Bandon UK Printed illus flight envelope for London to Singapore bearing GV 1d & 10d diff tied incomplete CDDD's to Bandon Siam, large arrival backstamp.

LOT779 Thailand

1933 London to Bandon UK Printed illus flight envelope for London to Singapore bearing Siam airmail 15s pair tied large BANDON 22.12.33 CDS addr to Alor Star Kedah, and TUNG SONG departure CDS alongside, Kedah arrival on reverse, attractive.

LOT780 Thailand

1955-1992 Attractive mint & mainly used collection with huge range of sets and year runs throughout in a well filled springback album, noted 1962 Malaria long set mint, 1963 80th Annie. set m, 1966 Trade Fair set m, 1966 Rice Year set m (Cat £28), 1967 Fish set used (Cat £21), 1967 Birds set used (Cat £36), 1967 Architecture set used (Cat £19), Tourist mint, 1968 Butterflies used, Correspondence set mint (Cat £20), 1973 Mural set used, 1975 Barges set used, plus huge amount to 1992, good cat value, 100s. Ideal for expansion.

LOT781 Thailand

1960-1979 Mint and used collection with many sets in a well filled springback album, noted 1951 UN 25s mint & used (2), 1952 UN opt 1952 (7), 1954 UN opt, 1965-67 Int. Correspondence Week sets 4 U/M (Cat £127), 1967 Thai Architecture set 4 U/M (Cat £69), 1968 Queen Sirikit set, 1971 Cats, 1972 Gemstones set (Cat £49), 1972-79 Int. Correspondence Week sets, 1971 Thailandpex 71 two CDS with special cancels, 1973 Thaipex set & M/S, 1966 Publicity for fifth Asian Games Bangkok set 8 used, 1966 5th Asian Games set used, 1975 Games set & M/S U/M, 1967 Orchids long set U/M (Cat £126), etc, odd tones but high cat value approx £1100.

LOT782 Thailand

1966 Fifth Asian Games Bangkok set of 4 uncounted mint, SG 553/556. Cat £88.

LOT783 Thailand

1966 Publicity for fifth Asian Games Bangkok uncounted mint set of 8, very fine, SG 535/542 Cat £142.

LOT784 Thailand

1967 Birds set of 8 uncounted mint, SG 562/9 Cat £139).

LOT785 Thailand

1967 Fish set of 4 uncounted mint, SG 557/560 Cat £103.

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