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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT843 Switzerland

1850 - 1936 With a nice mint and used range of approximately 270 different defins and commems, surcharges and overprints, forgeries with individual stamps cat up to £1100 each as genuine, noted 1854 set of 6 values m+u (cat £1600), 1862 set of 17 values m+u to 1f (cat £1450), 1882 complete m+u (sg 126-133), 1882 complete m+u (sg214-154), 1900 complete used, 1907 complete used, 1908 9 values to 3f used, 1915 surch 4 values to 80c. on 70c. used, 1923 air 9 values to 1f m+u, 1924 complete used, 1923 Air perf 3 values to 2f used, 1932 complete used, 1935 air surch 7 values to 40 on 90c used, 1936 National Defence complete used. Switzerland Pro Juventute: 1915 complete used, 1916 complete m+u, 1917 complete m+u, 1918 complete m, 1919 complete used, 1920 complete used, 1921 complete used, 1922 complete used, 1923 complete m+u. Early forgeries taken as is. Very attractive lot with a very high cat c270

LOT844 Switzerland

1852 Rayon III large numerals 15rp red in an attractive PAIR neatly cancelled diamond lined postmarks in black, margins on three sides showing how close these really were printed. Lovely pair.

LOT845 Switzerland

1901-03 P.11½ x 12 Colour change 50c dark green showing white cross doubled variety fine used and sound, AC74Ea var.

LOT846 Switzerland

1923 Basic air set complete range of 13 values to 2f all fine used CDS, mainly very fine, SG 316/328a, Cat £572.

LOT847 Switzerland

1925 Registered Zurich cover with six air stamps (2 duplicates) on tatty cover to England. Includes 2 x 35c brown and ochre and 2 x 40c lilac and violet. 1925 Zurich cover with three air stamps on very tatty cover. Note may be option to steam off stamps as cat value approx. £350.

LOT848 Switzerland

1997 Unmounted mint year pack with all stamps from the year incl setenant strip etc, fine, SG 1340-1367 Cat £81.

LOT849 Switzerland

Fournier Forgery: A collection of postmarks on two pages including fancy early cancels from Cantonals, PP h/s, Geneve & Basel CDS postmarks, nice range of red postmarks incl fancy crosses, black CDS postmarks from different towns etc. (100+).

LOT850 Switzerland

International Organisations: International Labor Office; 1923 10f deep mauve very fine used nice CDS example with part gum. Very fine, SG LB30 Cat £225.

LOT851 Switzerland

International Organisations: International Labor Office; 1944 Chalky paper 80c buff and olive-grey very fine used nice CDS example with gum. Complete with Bach 2008 certificate stating very fine, SG LB21a Cat £300.

LOT852 Switzerland

International Organisations: League of Nations; 1922 Thirty Four values all fine used CDS examples includes the scarce top values complete (except 3f brown) including both 5f blue (1923 & 1928 Dark Blue printings), both 10f values (cat £425), plus extras, just needs 3f brown & fine, (36) Cat £965.

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