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LOT1643 Switzerland

1854-1950s Collection on old time leaves from an huge worldwide estate collection formed many years ago, 1854 Imperfs 5r to 15r used, 1862 many different printings to 1f gold (cat £600 some faults but nice CDS), 40c grey CDS used (cat £180), 40c green (cat £85), 1882 to 3f used, 1907-08 Sitting defins incl better mint 70c yellow & brown (cat £85), 1908-10 William Tell incl some tete-beche pairs mint, 1919 Air 50c mint (cat £60), 1920s incl many nice tete-beche pairs, pro-juventute from first issues mainly in sets, many sets and ranges to 1950s mainly mint, 1938 Phil. Ex. M/S used special cancel, then back of the book Int. Organisations, postage dues etc, useful lot to fill those gaps! (c138). Huge catalogue value.

LOT1644 Switzerland

1923 Basic air set complete range of 13 values to 2f all fine used CDS, mainly very fine, SG 316/328a, Cat £572.

LOT1645 Switzerland

1948 BASEL IMABA Philatelic Exhibition three illustrated colour reply cards with a superb range of Belgium Issue overprinted airs and additional IMABA dotted ovpt in yellow, the set of 9 different stamps over three cards with reply section also franked similar set, all tied special first day CDS cancels. Limited editions made. Lovely album pieces. (3).

LOT1646 Switzerland

1951 Lucerne LUNABA Stamp Exhibition miniature sheet mint (some gum faults) and large reproduction of the sheet imperf sold as a souvenir for 3 francs entrance fee. SG MS 531a Cat £375.

LOT1647 Switzerland

1955 National Philatelic Exhibition Lausanne miniature sheet hinged mint, mainly fine, SG MS 561a Cat £140. Sold at 2f on the day of the stamp show.

LOT1648 Switzerland

EXHIBITIONS 1896-1990 an extensive collection on circa 60 album pages for National & International Stamp Shows, covers with special Exhibition cancels, various cards and covers, miniature sheets, 1896 Geneva Expo label mint (v attr), 1910 Berne Bear label, 1915 5c William Tell P/S card cancelled special CDS, 1922 Geneva label, 1938 AARU M/S on special Exhib. cover, 1939 Exhib card, 1943 GEPH label, 1943 M/S for 4c & 6c mint (cat £70), 1945 Basel Cent. Dove M/S mint (cat £85), 1947 Lausanne large label, 1948 IMABA M/S used (cat £100), 1955 labels sheet of 20, 1960s-80s many covers and cards, plus much more. Attractive and interesting lot. Ex Eric Stannard.

LOT1649 Switzerland

Fournier Forgery: A beautiful collection with impressive multiple blocks noted Geneva Cantonals ½c green marginal block of 8, blk of 4, strips of 4 (2), strip of 8, Basel Essays two blocks of 12 without centre, 2½r 'used' single, Zurich 4c & 6c 'used' singles, Zurich 2½r pair unused, Geneva Transitional Period series 5c tete-beche blk of 4, 4c & 5c pairs, 1850 2½r local post black imperfs in blk of 4, Federal posts nice range of singles plus RAYON III 15rp red impressive block of 8 imperf, 1854 Sitting Helvetias larger impressions with framelines, 1f bronze-gold large imperf block of 8, etc. (127). Impressive almost complete collection.

LOT1650 Switzerland

Fournier Forgery: A collection of postmarks on two pages including fancy early cancels from Cantonals, PP h/s, Geneve & Basel CDS postmarks, nice range of red postmarks incl fancy crosses, black CDS postmarks from different towns etc. (100+).

LOT1651 Switzerland

Meter Marks: 1936 Two private branded labels for MACHINENE FABRIK / SCHWEITER A G HORGEN with black frames imperf top and bottom both postally used for 5p & 50p red both with HORGEN postmarks, nice early meter items.

LOT1652 Switzerland

Soldier Stamps: Lovely collection in a stockbook of 98 items including imperfs, imperf between, mint and used issues from 1939 onwards, also nice selection of commercial covers (8) for Feldpost Nos. 181, 25, 5, 19, etc, also some neat blocks of 4. Lovely little lot (98 stamps, 8 covers).

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