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LOT867 Switzerland

1850 Central cross without black frame; 10r red, black and yellow, 3 shades including yellow, orange-yellow and brownish yellow sound used with 2-3 margins and some faults, thins etc, used with diamond grilled cancels, taken 'as is', SG 10/12, Cat £7095.

LOT868 Switzerland

1854-62 Strubels Imperf specialised collection identified on leaves by different printings, threads, papers and shades, noted 1854 5r brown (4), 10r blue (4), 15r rose (3), 20r orange (2), 1855-57 5r brown (9), 10r blue (5), 15r rose (2), 40r yellow-green (3), 1f grey-lilac (SG 39, 2 margins, cat £1100), 1858-62 2r grey (no margins, uneven, SG 42 Cat £650), 5r brown (3), 10r blue (4), 15r rose (5), 20r orange (4), 40r green (3, Cat £100 each), plus a some postmark interest blue cancel on 10r blue, straight line cancels (5), 5r brown without thread etc., mixed but nice copies seen, huge cat value. (60 + 1 cover).

LOT869 Switzerland

1855 Thick paper black thread 1f grey-lilac sound fine used LUZERN CDS cancel with three large to huge margins, touching along the bottom, premium example, SG 38 Cat £1100.

LOT870 Switzerland

1857 Strubels Thick paper Green Thread 20r orange an attractive PAIR with one good margin and cut closer on other three sides, with lightly struck AIGLE CDS cancel, nice example, SG 50 Cat £170.

LOT871 Switzerland

1857 Strubels Thin paper Carmine Thread 10r pale blue an attractive one large margin example neatly cut with lightly struck fine CDS cancel, touching along frame lines on other three sides, nice looker, SG 40 Cat £500.

LOT872 Switzerland

1858 Strubels Thick paper Green Thread 40r green with three good margins fine used incomplete CDS cancel, nice example, SG 51 Cat £100.

LOT873 Switzerland

1860 (17 Mar) Entire Letter Entlebuch to Schachen (Bavaria) bearing 15r rose good 3-4 margins tied superb ENTLEBUCH CDS cancel applied twice on obverse with trade cachet alongside, manuscript 155 in pink ink with LUZERN transit backstamp, very fine.

LOT874 Switzerland

1862 Sitting Helvetia 2c grey mint large part original gum, pen Switzerland across the back but nice clean example, SG 52 Cat £190.

LOT875 Switzerland

1862 Strubels Thick paper Green Thread 2r grey an attractive three margin example neatly cut with lightly struck ZURICH CDS cancel, touching along right frame line, nice example, SG 46 Cat £650.

LOT876 Switzerland

1862-81 Strubels Perf specialised collection identified on leaves by different printings, perf gauges, papers, watermarks and shades, noted 1862 3c black (5 used cat £170 each = £850), 40r green used (3, cat £85 each), 60c copper-bronze used (2, cat £225 each), 1f gold used (3, SG 60a Cat £600 each, 'as is'), one mint original gum (SG 60a, Cat £1700), 1867 15c yellow (2 used), 30r blue used (SG 65 Cat £300), 40c grey used, (4, SG 66/66a cat £180 each), 50c purple used (12, Cat £65 each), 1881 2c ochre Ausser Kurs h/s (2), 5c black-brown incl double prints, one inverted incl a pair, 50c purple used (faults cat £650), 1f gold mint (2), plus a couple of covers etc., very mixed but many nice copies seen, huge cat value. (282 + 4 covers).

LOT877 Switzerland

1863 (17 July) Entire Letter Zurich to Milan (Italy) bearing 30c vermilion tied superb ZURICH 8A CDS cancel, with boxed PD in black, and various transit and arrival datestamps. Some aging, white foxing marks and minor faults. Nice use of 30c rate.

LOT878 Switzerland

1863 Sitting Helvetia 1f bronze-gold fine used nice BERN CDS, bottom two perfs pulled on SE corner otherwise sound SG 60 Cat £500.

LOT879 Switzerland

1863 Sitting Helvetia 40c green fine used neat Geneve CDS cancel, SG 58 Cat £85.

LOT880 Switzerland

1863 Sitting Helvetia 40c green hinged mint large part original gum, slight soil at top right and odd blunt perf otherwise good example of this scarce stamp, SG 58 Cat £1800.

LOT881 Switzerland

1863 Sitting Helvetia 60c copper-bronze fine used nice ZURICH CDS, thin at top right corner otherwise sound SG 59 Cat £225.

LOT882 Switzerland

1864 White wove paper Sitting Helvetia 1f gold in a superb bottom left corner marginal block of 6 unmounted mint / hinged mint on one stamp only, scarce multiple Scott 50 Cat $285.

LOT883 Switzerland

1867 Sitting Helvetia 2c red-brown used side CDS clear of vignette, ironed out crease but good colour, scarce, SG 61b Cat £325.

LOT884 Switzerland

1867 Sitting Helvetia 30c blue very fine used part Geneve CDS, good colour, scarce, SG 65 Cat £300.

LOT885 Switzerland

1867-1985 Attractive fine used collection in a DAVO printed album with good runs for year 1930s onwards, pro-juventute, pro-;patria, many nice sets, thematics etc, some back of the book, second spring binder with Organisations, postage dues, officials etc to mount into the album, nice lot for expansion.

LOT886 Switzerland

1878 Sitting Helvetia 40c pale grey very fine used part boxed cancel, sound SG 66a Cat £180.

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