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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT1687 Switzerland

1854-1984 Collection in a large well filled stockbook neatly arranged both mint and used, later mint / unmounted mint noted 1932 Disarmament set to 1f both m & u, 1934 Landscapes to 30c mint, 1936 redrawn to 40c grey mint, 1940s sets mint, 1964 long set to 3.50fr, 1982 Zodiac long set U/M, then pro-juventute mainly complete 1916 onwards to 1984, 1941 miniature sheet mint (Cat £140), etc, useful and clean lot.

LOT1688 Switzerland

1872 Postal stationery 10c red embossed with very nice Lenzburg 12 IV 72 cds addressed to Basel with cds on reverse. Some toning on cover.

LOT1689 Switzerland

1909-15 A small selection of eleven embossed postal stationery wrappers various values and three unused postal stationery envelopes 2c and two 10c.

LOT1690 Switzerland

1919 Registered cover from Basel with 25c, 5c 10c and 10c with Military Authority cancel addressed to New York with receiving cds. Cover took one month to arrive. Plus 1903 postcard from Pergine with 10c.

LOT1691 Switzerland

1926-1968 Pro-juventute collection mainly fine used sets on leaves, good range of years, STC c £500.

LOT1692 Switzerland

1927 Schweiz Budesfeier Switzerland rare postcard of Doctor and patient cancelled 1 8 27 10c with uprated 10c. In very good condition.

LOT1693 Switzerland

1938 (23 Sept) AARAU National Philatelic Exhib miniature sheet on printed official cover with exhibition poster label affixed alongside and sent airmail to Brussels. Hinge marks on reverse and couple of spots on front otherwise very fine, nice exhibition item. SG MS 387a.

LOT1694 Switzerland

1940 to 1960 collection of Pro Patria on a hagner sheet , nearly all fine used and mainly in sets . Clean little lot and cat £340+

LOT1695 Switzerland

1941 Air Landscapes mint range of 8 30c to 5fr inc key values to 5fr, noted 30c grey, 40c blue (cat £80), 5fr blue (cat £23), useful range, SG 415, 416a, 417/422. Cat £130.

LOT1696 Switzerland

1943 Centenary of Swiss Stamps miniature sheet. SG MS430b u/m.

LOT1697 Switzerland

1945 Basel Dove sheet fine used on cover , cat £150 plus cover premium

LOT1698 Switzerland

1945 Peace PAX 5fr red-brown on buff very fine unmounted mint , superb example, SG 458. Cat £160.

LOT1699 Switzerland

1947 (2 May) Maiden Voyage Swissair printed cover bearing 2f50 Air tied special Maiden Voyage CDS cancel, mainly fine. SG 472.

LOT1700 Switzerland

1948 Nat. Philatelic Exhib. Miniature sheet hinged mint, few wrinkles otherwise sound, SG MS 498a cat £120.

LOT1701 Switzerland

1948-1974 Range of Miniature sheets on FDCs including 1948 IMABA (few minor faults), cat £90, 1971 NABA, 1965 NABA, 1963 RED X imperf, 1959 NABAG, useful little group. (6).

LOT1702 Switzerland

1951 Nat. Philatelic Exhib. Miniature sheet on typed addr cover fine used with LUZERN 7.X.51 special CDS cancel, mainly fine and sound, M/S SG MS 531a.

LOT1703 Switzerland

1952-1966 Pro-Juventute enormous very fine used stock packed on Hagner pages including 1952 set x 3, 1953 set x 4, 1954 set x 4, 1955 set x 4, 1956 set x 6, 1957 set x 6, plus a huge range of each year to 1966, good cat value inc excess of £520+. 100s.

LOT1704 Switzerland

1985-1988 & 1991, 1993-95 Unmounted mint year packs with all stamps from the year incl projuventute, M/S, thematics etc, fine, STC £280. (9).

LOT1705 Switzerland

1995 Unmounted mint year pack with all stamps from the year incl Basler Miniature sheet, projuventute etc, fine, SG 1293-1313, J333/336 Cat £81.

LOT1706 Switzerland

1996 Unmounted mint year pack with all stamps from the year incl self-adhesive, projuventute etc, fine, SG 1314-1339, J337/40 Cat £90.

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