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LOT1409 Switzerland

1850 (Without Frame) 10r yellow, black and red sound fine used red rhomboid barred cancel and nice 3 large margin example touching left side, attr and presentable.

LOT1410 Switzerland

1852 Rayon III large numerals 15rp red in an attractive PAIR neatly cancelled diamond lined postmarks in black, margins on three sides showing how close these really were printed. Lovely pair.

LOT1411 Switzerland

1852 Rayon III small numerals 15Rp red neatly cancelled diamond lined postmark in black, good margins on three sides nice example.

LOT1412 Switzerland

1901-03 P.11½ x 12 Colour change 50c dark green showing white cross doubled variety fine used and sound, AC74Ea var.

LOT1413 Switzerland

1945 Cent. of Basel Cantonal Stamp issue fine used Miniature sheet, sound, SG MS 446b.

LOT1414 Switzerland

1947 Maiden Voyage Swiss Air Switzerland-USA typed cover addressed en route to London with 2f.50 deep blue, blue & red SG472.

LOT1415 Switzerland

1960's-80's Album containing approx. one hundred postcards and covers from Switzerland. A number are first day covers includes 1965 ascension of Del Cervino and 1969 famous portraits.

LOT1416 Switzerland

A selection of seventeen 19th century covers with various values. Includes 1870 cover from Aubonne with 10c red to Berne, 1876 postal stationery 5c to Geneva and 1872 front with 30c from Geneva to Paris.

LOT1417 Switzerland

A selection of twelve pre-stamp covers fronts and pieces. With various marks includes 5c and 10c most covers from or addressed to Geneva.

LOT1418 Switzerland

Accumulation on stockcards with useful earlier from 1850 10r Rayon II f.u. (cat £150), 1882 3fr brown mint (light crease cat £225), 1901 P.11½ x 12 20c orange mint, 1891 P.11½ x 11 20c orange mint, 1914 Mountain Views 3f red, 5f ultramarine, 10f mauve all mint (Cat £294), pro-juventute 1915 set 2 m (cat £144), 1916 set m (cat £99), 1917 set (cat £43), tete-beche pairs for William Tell issues, etc, valuable range mostly fine used or hinged mint, clean lot.

LOT1419 Switzerland

Useful accumulation on leaves and stock pages in a flat box with many fine used pro-juventute from earlier to modern, unmounted mint blocks of 4, etc, nice clean lot for sorting out, 100s.

LOT1420 Switzerland

War Board of Trade: 1919 (29 Mar) Cover Basle to Austria bearing 3pf brown orange with Industrielle / Kreigs- / wirtschaft 1st overprint INVERTED variety, tied BASEL slogan cancel and unlisted in Zumstein and cat Sfr750 on cover for the normal. Zum. 1. RARE!

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