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LOT544 Sweden

1855-1979 Useful mint & used collection collection complete for many key issues on Scott printed pages noted 1855 3s green CDS used (short corners, cat £5000), 4s blue f.u., 8s orange used (few faults and off centre, Cat £850), 1858 'set' of 6 values used (few faults, Cat £635), 1862 17o purple (Cat £170), 1903 5k blue used, 1916 Clothing Fund set 10 used (Cat £82), 10ore + 4k90 on 5k blue f.u. (Cat £400), 1924 Eighth Congress of UPU set mint (Cat £895), 1924 50th Anniv. of UPU set to 80o mint (Cat £395), back of the book etc, attractive and clean. (100s). STC $4600+.

LOT545 Sweden

1858-1950s Collection on old time leaves from an huge worldwide estate collection formed many years ago, 1858 5o green & 24o orange (cat £89), 30o brown (cat £55), 1872 to 6a mauve & both 1r & 1k used (Cat £165+), 1908 P.O vf.u., 1916 Clothing fund set 10 f.u. (cat £80), Landstormen surchs (6), 1921 Liberation set used, 1924 8th Congress UPU set to 80o used (cat £398), 1924 50th Anniv. UPU set to 60o used (cat £389), 1936 Tercent set mint (cat £124), hereon much complete to 1949, back of the book incl Officials 6o lilac mint (cat £120), 1889 surch set 2 f.u., P. Dues to 1k etc, etc, useful lot to fill those gaps! Huge catalogue value.

LOT546 Sweden

1928-2005 Extensive collection of mint & used (both in many cases) for huge variety of issues in two well filled springback albums on leaves, good degree of completion for the period with many 100s of sets and part sets, noted 1928 70th Birthday sets both m & u, booklet panes m & u, dozens of modern, ideal for filling those gaps. 100s.

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