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LOT478 Sudan

1938-1951 Mint and mainly used collection arranged by printings on leaves STC £530 with around 125 stamps noted 1938 Air surcharge set used (Cat £70), 1940 surcharges used, 1941 Tuti Island set 15 used (Cat £90), 1948 set 16 used (Cat £60), Officials SG ovpt set of 16 Cat £90 used, 1950 air set 8 used (Cat £70), etc, approx 125, STC £530.

LOT1129 Sudan

1897-1954 Mint assembly (few used) on stockpage with useful runs including 1897 2p, 5p & 10p (used, cat £105), 1898 set to 5p mint (Cat £120), 1902-21 Wmk Crescent 7 vals to 2p mint, 1921 set 7 used (Cat £42), 1927-41 set 15 mint (Cat £85), 1935 General Gordon set mint (Cat £140), 1941 Tuti Island set mint (Cat £325), 1948 set to 20p mint, 1940-41 surcharges 4½a on 5m & 8p mint (Cat £90), Airmails incl different perf sets 1950 air set 8 mint, attractive collection with very high cat value. (Approx. 170).

LOT1130 Sudan

Army Service: 1913-22 AS Perfin set of 9 fine used to 10p top value which has a Hass (USA) 1990 Certificate stating only 600 examples were produced by DLR. SG A17/25.

LOT1131 Sudan

Army Service: 1914 Perfin AS 10p black and mauve fine used two CDS cancels, very sound, SG A25.

LOT1132 Sudan

Army Service: Mint (a few used) assembly on stockpage with useful runs including 1905 1m m & u, 1906-11 1m to 1p, 2p ( top marginal plate number) & 5p mint (Cat £335), Wmk Quatrefoil 2p mint (Cat £95), 1913 AS perfin 1m, 2m, 1p, 2p (both colours) mint (Cat £345), 5p brown and green used (Cat £55) attractive group. (17).

LOT1133 Sudan

Officials: Mint assembly on stockpage with useful runs including 1903-12 seven values to 10p (wmk Star & Crescent), 1913-22 large SG perfin 2m, 3m, 2pi, 5pi, 10pi (Cat £215), 1922 smaller SG set 4 mint (Cat £80), 1927-30 3m, 5p & 10p (Cat £132), 1936-46 set to 4pi (Cat £132), 1948 set 16 used (Cat £90), 1950 air set of 8, 1951 set, attractive group. (c88).

LOT1134 Sudan

Postage Dues: Useful mint and used assembly including 1897 set 4 mint + set 4 used, 1901 set 4 used, 1927 set 3 mint, 1948 set 3 mint (55), nice range. (19).

LOT1135 Sudan

Stockbook with mainly used assembly from Arab Postman defins to 1956 mostly arranged by postmarks including Khartoum (one in blue), Retta, Atbara Abu Hamed, Akobo, Argo, Aroma, Barakat, Berber, Ed Damer, Darmali, Dilling, Dongola, Ed Dueim, El Fasher, Erkowit, Gallabat, Gambeila, Gebel Aulia, Geneina, Gedaref, Tewfekia, Wadi Halfa, Hassa Heissa, Juba, Kadugli, Kamlin, Kawa, Kerma, Merowi, Mongalla, Mvolo, Hillet Abbas (used in 1907-08 for less than one year, only a few know this value 3m with OSGS opt), El Obeid (incl. rare cancel Gisburn type 10), plus many, many more, approx. 320. Ideal lot for expansion.

LOT1136 Sudan

Telegraphs: Useful mint and used assembly including 1897 TEL handstamp 5m unused, 2p & 5pi used, 1898-99 mint pairs 1898 set 4 (Cat £40), 1898-99 mint for 1p-5pi, 10pi & 25pi (Cat £26), nice range. (16).

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