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LOT1569 United States

1835 (13 Feb) Entire Letter Baltimore to Netherlands bearing 80c manuscript and FORWARDED BY / THEOD VIETOE & DUCKWITZ / NEW YORK oval h/s in red with SCHIEDAM 17 APR receiving backstamp with PAYS D'OUTREMER / PAR LE HAVRE boxed in black on obverse, nice account of Gin selling from Holland to USA.

LOT1570 United States

1861-62 12c black a fine used centred high example with black cork type cancel and small part red CDS, good perfs and quality for these, Scott 69.

LOT1571 United States

1866 No grill 15c black Lincoln very fine used example with clear part barred circular cancel, fine, Scott 77.

LOT1572 United States

1873 90c rose-carmine fine used dotted postmark and small violet h/s quite well centred, tiny thin from hinge otherwise fine, SG 168.

LOT1573 United States

1893 Columbian Exposition $1 salmon sound used with heavy strike of 30 numeral and CDS, good colour and centring, Scott 241 Cat $525.

LOT1574 United States

1893 Columbus Mint / part original gum for 1c, 5c, 10c & 15c values, thins and gum faults mainly decent appearance, Scott $340.

LOT1575 United States

1898 Omaha 10c grey-violet mounted mint with hinge remains and thinning, one pulled perf & one tone spot otherwise very good centring and colour, fresh looker, Scott 290. Cat $150.

LOT1576 United States

1898 Trans-Mississippi Expo $1 black Cattle in a Storm fine used with light incomplete CDS cancels, good colour and centred slightly upwards, Scott 292 Cat $700.

LOT1577 United States

1902-03 10c pale red-brown very fine unmounted mint example, vertical gum line and comes with 2007 Philatelic Foundation certificate from a block of 4. Scott 307 Cat $150.

LOT1578 United States

1902-03 13c purple-black very fine unmounted mint right hand marginal imprint example, comes with 2004 Philatelic Foundation certificate. Scott 308 Cat $100.

LOT1579 United States

1902-03 15c olive-green fine unmounted mint single with slight gum bends and hint of toned gum, previously from a block of 4 comes with 2005 Professional Stamp Experts certificate. Scott 309 Cat $450.

LOT1580 United States

1904 Louisiana Purchase Expo. set of 5 unmounted mint (never hinged) with 10c red-brown top values accompanied by 2007 Philatelic Foundation Certificate. Scott 323/7 Cat $770.

LOT1581 United States

1908-09 10c yellow very fine unmounted mint (never hinged) example. Diagonal gum bend, bottom margin imprint single. Scott 338 Cat $160.

LOT1582 United States

1908-09 13c blue-green very fine unmounted mint (never hinged) example. Scott 339 Cat $90.

LOT1583 United States

1908-09 5c blue very fine unmounted mint (never hinged) example. Small colour offset on gum, slightly patchy. Scott 335 Cat $110.

LOT1584 United States

1908-10 Coil Stamps 1c green unmounted mint (never hinged) example, slight colour offset on reverse. Scott 348 Cat $80.

LOT1585 United States

1908-10 Coil Stamps 5c blue unmounted mint (never hinged) example, complete with 1996 Philatelic Foundation certificate. Scott 351 Cat $325.

LOT1586 United States

1910-11 15c pale ultramarine unmounted mint (never hinged) example, accompanied by 2007 Philatelic Foundation certificate. Scott 382 Cat $500.

LOT1587 United States

1910-11 Coil Stamps P.12 Horiz. 1c green unmounted mint (never hinged) example, Scott 385 Cat $100.

LOT1588 United States

1910-11 Coil Stamps Perf 8½ Horiz. 1c green & 2c carmine both unmounted mint (never hinged) examples, Scott 390/1 Cat $100.

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