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LOT1456 United States

1841 Entire from New York with red cds and paid 10 with straight two line Liverpool Ship Letter addressed to London with receiving cancel.

LOT1457 United States

1847 5c red-brown on blued tied to orange envelope by New York red grill postmark and CDS on on top left corner addressed to Clinton, Cones Cty, Ga. Few minor faults otherwise nice example. Scott 1.

LOT1458 United States

1857 (26 May) Cover SKANEATELES New York to Bristol UK bearing nice pair of 12c black imperf cancelled blue barred postmarks with margins on two sides, sent Paid perf first Steamer and 19 charge mark in red on obverse alongside AMERICA / PAID / LIVERPOOL / JU 8 / 857 (SQUARE) in red, Bristol arrival b/s few faults but pretty cover. Scott 17 cat $750.

LOT1459 United States

1861-62 30c orange a nice fine used example quite well centred with very neat barred cancel in black, short top right corner otherwise very fine, Scott 71.

LOT1460 United States

1869 (6 Feb) Torn cover from FRASER Mich. to Echte in Germany bearing 10c green with Grill cancelled indistinct postmark in black (not tied) and NEW YORK PAID / DIRECT Feb 11 CDS in red, BREMEN / FRANCO boxed datestamp in red applied on arrival and ECHTE arrival b/s, various tears on reverse and obverse but interesting overseas use. Scott 89.

LOT1461 United States

1885 Fancy cork cancel (4 quarters) MOULTON to PA bearing nice CDS of May 27 and cork cancel alongside on 2c brown postal stationery cover, arrived June 1st, few minor defects otherwise nice cover.

LOT1462 United States

1898 Omaha $1 black Cattle in a snowstorm a poor and faulty example with tears and small part missing, but lightly cancelled hence nice spacefiller. Scott 292 Cat $700.

LOT1463 United States

1898 Trans-Mississippi 50c sage-green mounted mint with huge thin so only part original gum, frontal appearance is fine with good centring and colour, Scott 291 Cat $625 mint.

LOT1464 United States

1908 (26 Jun) Cover Chicago to Germany bearing 5c blue defin tied machine mark and redirected back to the US with DEAD LETTER OFFICE JUL 31 1908 CDS in violet on obverse, intr well travelled cover.

LOT1465 United States

1928-49 Five first flight covers 1928 Davenport to Ontario, 1929 Champaign to Chicago, 1929 Beamont to California, 1949 Middletown to Fort Plain and Muskegon County Airport to Canada.

LOT1466 United States

1980s-90s Jumbled ranges on stockpages in a binder including booklets, booklet panes, covers and miniature sheets, good little sorter will repay.

LOT1467 United States

A selection of approx. forty-five covers and postcards includes 1913 postal stationery 2c to Japan with receiving mark and three similar, a number of 1950's airmail to England and 1912 San Francisco Pacific Expo slogan on 1c cover plus good postmark interest.

LOT1468 United States

Classics range on part album pages very mixed but useful throughout including 1857 1c (3), 10c (2), 1861 1c (3), 10c (3), 24c (2), 12, 2c blackjack (15), 1870 7c orange with star cancel, 15c orange (2), 24c lilac (2), 90c red sound used (Cat £375), 1890 to 90c orange (2), etc, some nice fancy cancels.

LOT1469 United States

Confederate States: 1863 President Andrew Jackson, TWO CENTS rose-red very fine unused with good to large margins, fine.

LOT1470 United States

Confederate States: 1863 President George Washington TWENTY CENTS green unused with good to large margins, several scissor cuts long the bottom otherwise fine.

LOT1471 United States

Federal Duck Stamps: 1943 $1 Wood Ducks bottom plate marginal single unmounted mint (never hinged), very fine, Scott RW 10.

LOT1472 United States

Mint collection in a springback album on leaves including 1893 Columbus 1c to 30c mint / unused, 1898 Omaha 8c mint, 1901 Pan American 1c to 10c mint / unused, 1904 to 10c brown part o.g., 1907 set 3 mint, Airmails to 24c red mint, Kans. ovpt 4c-8c mint, then good range of commems etc to 1950s. Mixed but good cat value.

LOT1473 United States

New York State Bedding Inspection 1936 1c blue Tax Stamp in a complete sheet of 100 unmounted mint, mainly fine, Scott BD5.

LOT1474 United States

Parcel Post: 1913 1c carmine-rose to 25c & 75c mainly all hinged mint, 4c & 20c appear unmounted (never hinged) mainly sound and fine, Scott Q1/9, Q11 Cat $670.

LOT1475 United States

Post Offices in China: 1919 6c on 3c violet fine hinged mint, Scott K3.

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