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LOT892 United States

1850s-60s Entire Letters group each with 3c rose imperf (3, New York cancels), 3c rose perf (11, incl Georgetown, Boston, NY Fancy cancel, Bangor, Schenectady NY target cancel, Albany fancy cancel, mixed condition. (14).

LOT893 United States

1873 90c rose-carmine fine used dotted postmark and small violet h/s quite well centred, tiny thin from hinge otherwise fine, SG 168.

LOT894 United States

1953 (Aug) Cover Argentina to California with UNCALLED FOR AT / METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER handstamp in red on obverse.

LOT895 United States

1981 BEP Souvenir Card $5 Silver Certificate engraved by Bureau of Engraving and printing x 10 examples, very fine B54.

LOT896 United States

1981 Int. Paper Money show ANA Souvenir Card $20 in gold coin engraved by Bureau of Engraving and printing, very fine used 18c tied WASHINGTON DC CDS. Very fine. B53 / NSC 14.

LOT897 United States

Airs: 1918 Air set of 3 heavy hinged mint, fresh frontal appearance, SG A546/8.

LOT898 United States

Extensive fine used collection in a large stock binder from 1851 to 1998, includes better throughout noted 1851 1c blue, 10c green, 12c black (poor), 1861 perf 1c to 30c orange (2), 1870 to 90c (faults), 1898 Omaha to 8c, hereon huge amount of defins and commems to modern, then back of the book incl Rapid Tel (21), Duplicate, Officials incl Treasury to 15c brown, newspaper, revenues etc, approx 2700 mainly all different, good cat value.

LOT899 United States

Local Post: BOYD'S CITY M EXPRESS POST 1860-63 Cover to 19th St New York bearing oval M cancel (type J)without date issued after takeover of Mary Blackham and date omitted as delivery times could not be guaranteed. Paid cancel in oval in black alongside. Fine.

LOT900 United States

Offices in China: 1919 4c on 2c rose fine used, sound, Scott K2 Cat $70.

LOT901 United States

Offices in China: 19192c on 1c green two singles on paper tied slogan cancel, 4c on 2c rose on paper with two separate examples used. Scott K1/2 Cat €280.

LOT902 United States

Special Delivery: 1885 10c blue hinged mint, mainly sound, SG E217.

LOT903 United States

Special Delivery: 1893 10c orange hinged mint, mainly sound, SG E251.

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