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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT764 United States

1831-1852 Nine entires from Frederick MD to various states with paid and mileage marks

LOT765 United States

1847 Thin bluish paper 5c red-brown Franklin fine used four good margins, small part red cancel postmark, few minor rubs or corner bend, nice example, Scott 1.

LOT766 United States

1893 Columbus 50c slate-blue heavy mounted mint part original gum with thins, nice frontal appearance, Scott 240 Cat $240 for unused.

LOT767 United States

1893-1991 Extensive mint / unmounted mint collection on printed album pages in springback binder includes good run of commemorative sets and singles, a few used incl back of the book material etc, approx 1400+.

LOT768 United States

1898 Omaha 10c grey-violet mounted mint with hinge remains and thinning, one pulled perf & one tone spot otherwise very good centring and colour, fresh looker, Scott 290. Cat $150.

LOT769 United States

1923-25 Perf 10 Horizontally vertical Coil PAIRS unmounted mint for 1c green, 1½c brown, 2c carmine, Scott 604/606 Cat $226.

LOT770 United States

1929 Kans. overprint set of 11 unmounted mint, NH, very fresh, Scott 658/668 Cat $962.

LOT771 United States

1931 Rotary Press Complete set of 10 unmounted mint (NH), usual gum bends all look fresh, Scott 692/701, Cat $140.

LOT772 United States

1945-1985 Collection in DAVO printed album of approx. used commems mainly in sets, about 90% complete ideal for expansion. Approx 1300.

LOT773 United States

1975-1999 Mint and used collection on leaves and Hagner stockpages, strength in mint sets to 1993, then 1997 Dinosaurs sheet, 1999 Arctic Animal sheet etc, plenty of extra used, 100s.

LOT774 United States

1983 Presidential Medals Cover Collection of 39 special gold plated medal covers for Presidents from 1732 to 1917, in special gold embossed box.

LOT775 United States

A selection of nine pre stamp entires, includes Claremont free cover, 1882 sent unpaid entire, 1842 Cumberland to Lancaster and 1847 legal document addressed to County Court.

LOT776 United States

Hunting Permit: 1965 Three Canvasback Drakes in an unmounted mint block of 4, attractive block, Scott RW32 Cat $400.

LOT777 United States

Hunting Permit: 1966 Whistling Swans in an unmounted mint block of 4, attractive block, Scott RW33 Cat $400.

LOT778 United States

Hunting Permit: 1967 Old Squaw Ducks in an unmounted mint block of 4, attractive block, Scott RW34 Cat $440.

LOT779 United States

Parcel Post: 1912-13 Range of six values mainly mounted mint for 2c, 3c, 4c, 5c, 10c & 15c different shades carmine or carmine-rose, mainly fine, Scott Q2/Q7 Cat $175.

LOT780 United States

Postage Dues: 1879 Proofs on India card 30c brown and 50c brown, both well cut very fine, Scott J6P3 & J7P3. Cat $64.

LOT781 United States

Postage Dues: 1884 Red-Brown Set of 7 values mainly fine used light cancels and sound, 3c appears unused small ink spot, 5c is unused, 10c neat crayon mark other decent postal cancels, huge catalogue Value Scott $1318. Sc. J15/21.

LOT782 United States

Postage Dues: 1891-93 Bright Claret Set of 7 values mainly mint or unused for 1c mint, 2c unmounted mint (NH cat $90), 3c unused, 30c mounted mint (cat $575), 5c, 10c & 50c are nice fine used, huge catalogue Value Scott $976. Sc. J22/28.

LOT783 United States

Postage Dues: 1894 30c pale rose a superb mounted mint example with heavy hinge remains otherwise extremely fine and fresh, Scott J36b Cat $450.

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