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LOT1449 Spain

1850's to 1990's mint and used collection of Spain in 6 22 ring albums . Sparse in places but includes some better 1930's and 1940's commems and good quality albums to continue ( 6 volumes ) .

LOT1450 Spain

1867 Entire sent from Valencia with 20c lilac. With Madrid Au 15 67 cds addressed to Dundee Scotland with Au 18 67 receiving cds wrapper roughly opened.

LOT1451 Spain

1915-1941 Extensive collection including a superb collection of Civil War issues arranged by areas including 1936 Seville (STC €276), Oense (STC €196), Malaga, Cadiz (STC €255), Bilbao, Orphan Welfare issues incl Palencia, Antequera, Huelva, Tarragona M/S, Barcelona, Moncada, Cruzada, Las Palmas, Isla Cristina, Huevar incl M/S, plus many more, interesting lot for expansion. 100s.

LOT1452 Spain

1926-1930 Mint range of sets on 3 Hagner pages including 1926 Red Cross (30c vertical bend set cat £190), 1929 Seville & Barcelona Exhib. (cat £205), 1930 Death Cent. of Goya set 17 (cat £48) plus Goya air set to 10p etc. Useful little lot.

LOT1453 Spain

1935 Three typed covers (2 registered) sent from Valencia to Bristol England with various stamps.

LOT1454 Spain

1937 ( 4 Feb) Civil War cover bearing attractive combination of two bisected stamps and addl 5c alongwith SELLO PROVINCIAL Objetos envasados 5c ovptd label tied SAN FERNANDO / CADIZ boxed datestamps and San Fernando Militar Censor tape affixed on reverse cancelled in Lisbon and Munich arrival cancels. Intr civil war item.

LOT1455 Spain

1940 (9 Jun) Printed airmail envelope Santa Cruz Tenerife to London bearing 3pts20c rate tied S. Cruz TENERIFE CDS cancels and clear boxed DETAINED IN FRANCE / DURING GERMAN / OCCUPATION in black on obverse and second strike across the stamps, rough opening and few bends otherwise fine.

LOT1456 Spain

A mint & used collection on Scott printed album pages in a large Scott album from 1852 to 1980 incl 1860s to turn of the century to middle values, imperfs, 1960s mint sets and ranges, airs including 1930 to 4p m, 1931 to 4p, Spanish colonies, defins and commems etc, clean lot with nice condition. 100s.

LOT1457 Spain

Civil War: A superb mint assembly of 103 mainly all different 1930s collection on leaves incl Calasparra, Alcazar, Llobregat, Caldes D Estrac, Alicante, Montgat, Teulada, Masnou, Tortosa, Cervera, Puig-reig, Ripollet, Novelda, Roquetes, etc, fabulous collection seldom seen so nice all hinged mint (approx 103).

LOT1458 Spain

Civil War: A superb mint mainly 102 all different 1930s collection on leaves incl Santiago de la Epsada, Mont Blanc, Cardedeu, Tortosa, Alcover, Javea, Cupon, Oaxaca, Selva, Alayor, Alforja etc, fabulous collection seldom seen so nice all hinged mint (approx 102).

LOT1459 Spain

Civil War: A superb mint mainly all different 1930s collection on leaves incl Cupon (2), Chiva (10), Denia (11), Gandia (3), Pro Komsomol 5c & 10c, Foyer du Francais antifasciste (2), Vergei, Alforja, Cassa del la Selva, Novelda, Cornella De Llobregat, Villa Carlos, Red Cross issues, Mont Blanc, Pobla de Montornes, Vinaroz, Yecla, Baneres, Silla, Alcoy, Acira, Atur 10c surch, Donativo, Cardedeu, Llorens etc, etc, fabulous collection seldom seen so nice all hinged mint (approx 103).

LOT1460 Spain

Civil War: Attractive collection on leave mainly mint but also some nice pieces with used combination noted LA LINEA ovpts mint (7), Malaga (4), Provincial issues mint and used (c60), Social/Charity issues (c30), Arriba / Viva issues (12), used combinations on (c20) incl comb with EDVIII defin of GV, Paquebot cancel etc. Fascinating lot.

LOT1461 Spain

Civil War: CANARY ISLANDS 1938 (26 Mar) fabulous airmail cover bearing Belgium King Leopold airs tied BRUXELLES D1M CDS and addr to Belgium, then CANARIAS surcharges 50c on 2c & 80c on 5c plus unsurcharged Spain adhs all tied POR VIA AEREA / LAS PALMAS dated cancel alongside CENSURA MILITIA / LAS PALMAS and DEUTSCHE LUFTPOST illus airmail cachet in magenta. Lovely item

LOT1462 Spain

Civil War: CANARY ISLANDS 1938 (7 Mar) fabulous airmail cover bearing 4 surcharged adhs to 1p25 on 10c, neatly tied by ST CRUZ DE / TENERIFE CDS cancels and typed addr to Brussels. Hinges on reverse otherwise very fine.

LOT1463 Spain

Civil War Cover - Mallorca PUERTO DE POLLENSA / BALEARES cover to UK bearing 10c green & 20c violet cds tied CDS cancels alongside PRO PARO / MALLORCA 05 CTS label also tied, and CENURA MILITAR / PALMA DE MALLORCA two line h/s in violet. Address crossed out and manuscript SPAIN in top left. Some toning on the adhs otherwise sound. Nice Island item.

LOT1464 Spain

France used abroad: 1864 (16 May) Entire Letter Marseilles to Valencia bearing Napoleon perf 40c orange tied by superb strike of '2' barred numeral with ADMON DE CAMBIO / BARCELONA / 3ctos handstamp alongside and ESTRANGERO / VALENCIA two line h/s on reverse, scarce.

LOT1465 Spain

Melilla: 1893-94 Military stamps and labels used on letters from the Spanish exclave of Melilla for Spanish Soldiers in Morocco in 1893-4, although unofficially issued these were produced by the forgers Torres, Sanchez and Jumanez and distributed amongst soldiers for free mail. These were used on letters or sold to stamp dealers and 53 different stamps were issued for the different regiments. A superb written up collection of these labels perf and imperf, comprising mint 1893 Arms (6 perf and imperf), one used, one on very RARE COVER, 1894 Arms mint (64), used (13 incl one on piece), 1894 Specialist troops Artillery (2), Admon (2), Ingenieros (2), Estado Mayor (2), Sanidad Militar (2), Guardia Civil (2), Forts incl Cabrerizas Altas, Rostrogordo, Camellos, San Lorenzo, Marine issues incl Gerona, Reina Mercedes, Venadito, etc, these Spanish exclaves in Morocco still exist since 1496 (even though Morocco wants it back), the forgers were arrested in 1894 for their endeavours. Scarce and unique collection. (120 + cover).

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