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LOT1566 South Africa

1902 Boer War Cover army post office cancel MR 6 02 from J Robertson Troop 18 with Queen Victoria 1d lilac readdressed cover Thornton Heath Station office CDS MR 08 02 on reverse.

LOT1567 South Africa

1910-1970 Original unpicked collection on leaves from a large A to Z collector's estate mint & used with a degree of complete sets for both defins and commems noted 1913 to 10/- used, 1947 5/- mint pair, 2/6 vert pair used, 1954 defin set to 10/- mint, 1961 new currency set m, etc, nice clean lot to fill those gaps.

LOT1568 South Africa

1926-1947 Stockpage with useful mint assembly of pairs incl 1927-30 3d, 1s, 2/6, 1930-44 2d, 3d blue (both wmks), 1947 1s (2), 4d & 1s, SG 35, 36, 37, 44, 45c, 45cw, 46, 48bw (2), etc, STC £450 (not checked). (55).

LOT1569 South Africa

1932 Typed envelope with two 1/- yellow first air post Durban to London. Jo'burg cds on reverse, note has two folds and crush marks.

LOT1570 South Africa

1938 KLM New Year's flight South Africa-Netherlands-England with various stamps with Amsterdam cancel 31 XII 1938.

LOT1571 South Africa

1938 Voortrekker 1d, 1½d & 3d in U/M pairs, 1939 Huguenot set 3 U/M pairs, few tone spots on gum but mainly fresh, SG 77/84 cat £144.

LOT1572 South Africa

1938 Voortrekker set of 4 pairs unmounted mint, mainly fine, SG 76/9.

LOT1573 South Africa

1941-46 War Effort set of 7 pairs and two singles unmounted mint, mainly fine, SG 88/96..

LOT1574 South Africa

1950-1951 Ship 1d grey and carmine unmounted mint stock in various blocks and multiples including marginal examples for two different printings 1950 and 1951 (smaller) including cylinder imprints, nearly complete sheet of 220, good quantity for study. Approx 650+. Mainly SG 115 or 135.

LOT1575 South Africa

1960's-90's Approx. one fifty covers a number posted off shore in various world locations. Includes 1986 posted at sea Southern tip of Africa Pelagic Fish Research, 1986 Soviet/Spanish participation posted at sea, 1983 Posted off Gough Island.

LOT1576 South Africa

1960's-90's Approx. one fifty covers a number posted off shore in various world locations. Includes 1981 posted at sea off Prince Edward Island, 1981 Gough Island expedition, 1984 Posted Southern Tip of Africa and 1978 last relief voyage to Sanae.

LOT1577 South Africa

1980's Twenty-one government covers posted off shore in various world locations. Includes 1982 posted at sea from the MV SA Agulhas at Gough Island, 1980 South African National Antarctic Expedition, 1978 Department of Weather Office South Atlantic and 1983 Emergency Causality Evacuation from Marion Island. Very interesting collection.

LOT1578 South Africa

1983-1988 (102) First Day Covers (37) and maxi cards (88) plus Miniature sheets all official unaddressed items, many nice sets & thematics, special cancels etc, (102).

LOT1579 South Africa

An ex-dealers stock of attractive mint & unmounted mint issues neatly arranged on many large stockcards noted 1980s-1990s setenant blocks, strips etc, miniature sheets, 2000-20082004 Dignified Blue self-adhesive pane 10, 2009 SAA 75 years M/S (2), commem sets cat up to £12 each, mainly modern commemorative sets with nice thematics, SWA useful commem sets, useful lot for resale, PTSA £230 at around 40% cat value. (100s).

LOT1580 South Africa

GV to QEII assembly neatly arranged on twelve large stockcards noted P. Dues to 3d pairs mint, officials incl vertical pairs mint to 5s, SWA 2/6 blk of 4 used (SG 82), 5s pair used (SG 83), War Effort set to 1s 6d & 1s with labels, mint, Huguenot set m, SWA war effort pairs set mint, plus large War Effort set m, few provinces incl Cape of Good Hope EDVII to 6d mint (Cat £76), Voortrekker set mint (Cat £110) etc, useful assembly.

LOT1581 South Africa

Officials: 1930s-1954 Stockpage with useful mint assembly of pairs incl (not checked) 2d (4), 6d (4), 1s (2), 2/6 (2), etc, STC £520 (not checked). (42).

LOT1582 South Africa

Officials: 1938-1949 GVI Collection hinged mint mostly complete for the period including 2/6 blue and brown (SG O19 cat £55), 1940 5s black and blue-green (SG O28 cat £120), 1948 5s pair (SG O26 cat £55), 1948 10s blue and charcoal pair (SG O27 cat £110), 1949 1½d (SG O34 cat £85), 1950-54 'set' of 9 values to 10/- all mint pairs (SG range O39/49, O50 & 51 cat £280), useful collection total cat in excess of £750. (50).

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