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LOT915 South Africa

1910-1935 Collection mint and used range on old time Imperial printed leaves with better including 1913 GV defins to 2/6 & 5s mint (5s heavy hinge remains and gum bend cat £120), 1927-30 10s very fine used pair (neat CDS Cat £160), 1930-22 to 2/6 green and brown f.u. (Cat £120), etc, useful little lot (86).

LOT916 South Africa

1910-1939 Small assembly on leaves including 1938 Voortrekker set 4 on plain FDC, 1939 Huguenot set on plain FDC, 1913 to 10s used, coil set of 4 fine used.

LOT917 South Africa

1938 Voortrekker Fund set of 4 on two commercial covers cancelled on first day of issue at Johannesburg. Wrinkles but colourful pair. SG 76/9.

LOT918 South Africa

1938-1949 GVI Collection hinged mint partly complete for the period including 1938 2d blue and violet scarce pair (SG 44e cat £350), 2/6 blue & brown (SG 49b), 1936-48 hyphenated mixed pair printings to 10s blue & charcoal U/M SG 64c ca cat £45, (the 5s not included as issued in 1933), 1949 2/6 pair U/M (SG 121), 1938 Voortrekker set (cat £80), 1939 Huguenot set (cat £50), 1941-44 War Effort set (cat £70), 1942-43 Small size set (cat £50), Cat £725. (68).

LOT919 South Africa

Boer War: 1900-1901 Group of five covers (one front) GB QV 1d lilacs cancelled ARMY POST OFFICE / NATAL FIELD FORCE octagonal postmarks including Heidelberg, Standerton, Volksrust etc mainly to UK, one to Natal. Very mixed. (6).

LOT920 South Africa

Officials: 1938-1949 GVI Collection hinged mint mostly complete for the period including 1938 2d blue & violet (SG O15 Cat £160), 1946 2/6 blue and brown (SG O19 cat £55), 1935-49 Hyphenated set to 10s mint (SG O20-34 & O36 Cat £1380) includes 1948 10s blue and charcoal pair (SG O27 cat £110), 1940 10s blue and sepia (SG O29 Cat £550), 1950-54 'set' of 9 values to 10/- all mint pairs (SG range O39/48, O50 & 51 cat £280), useful collection total cat in excess of £1700. (28).

LOT921 South Africa

Postage Dues: 1943-52 GVI sets only hinged mint for 1943-33 units of 3 set of 4 (SG D30/3 cat £80), 1948-49 set of 5 singles (SG D34/8 cat £80), 1950-2 set of 6 U/M (cat £32 m). Total cat £192. (16).

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