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LOT1325 Seychelles

1890-1935 Collection mint and used range on old time Imperial printed leaves with better including 1890-92 Mainly Die I set to 96c mint (Cat £190), 1893 surchs incl 12c on 16c, 15c on 16c, 1893 15c m, 1897 to R2.25 (heavy used), 1903 EDVII to 18c mint, 30c used, 75c mint, 2r25 used light tones (cat £90), 1917 to R1.50 m & u (R1.50- has rub), 1921 to R2.25 mint, etc, useful little lot (86).

LOT1326 Seychelles

1898 (30 July) 8c carmine tortoise postal stationery envelope to New York uprated with QV 4c & 8c tied Seychelles CDS cancels, with P.O.N.Y / PAID ALL arrival backstamp. H & G 1.

LOT1327 Seychelles

1903 (June) 15c blue tortoise postal stationery envelope to Sicily uprated with EDVII 3c green tied Seychelles CDS cancels, with complete strike of PALERMO squared circle arrival backstamp. Slight tones otherwise sound. H & G 2.

LOT1328 Seychelles

1935 Silver Jubilee set of 4 fine used on an attractive cover from an old time collectors hoard, SG 128/31.

LOT1329 Seychelles

1937-1952 GVI Collection hinged mint complete for the period including 1938-49 Complete set of 25 to 5r (cat £550), 1948 RSW set, 1952 set of 15 (cat £90), Postage Due 1951 set of 8 U/M (cat £16 m). Cat £671. (59).

LOT1330 Seychelles

1937-1986 Colourful collection of First Day Covers in a small cover album incl mostly 1977-1986 official unaddressed mainly sets and nice thematics noted 1978 defins to R10, Whales, Aircraft, Flora & Fauna, Space, etc, nice lot mainly fine. (c60).

LOT1331 Seychelles

1938 (29 Apr) Registered philatelic cover to UK bearing GVI Defins 2c, 3c, 6c, 9c, 12c each tied VICTORIA CDS cancels, hinge marks on reverse otherwise mainly very fine and pretty cover. SG 135/6, 137, 138a, 139.

LOT1332 Seychelles

Postal History useful group of c30 pre-independence covers 1915-1971 mainly all different for overseas rates, GVI combination covers, airletters, mostly from Victoria, Anse Royal, Jubilee 1953 slogan, 1950s QEII defins, postage due 1956 Grande Anse Praslin, 1915 OHMS 15c, 1936 PPC to USA, intr group, approx 30.

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