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LOT1581 Seychelles

1936 (30 Mar) 1935 Silver Jubilee set on registered airmail cover to New York tied VICTORIA CDS cancels, regd h/s No. B258, nice transit & arrival backstamps via Nairobi & Mombasa, fine, SG 128/131.

LOT1582 Seychelles

1937-1969 collection mainly mint / unmounted mint on New Age printed leaves including 1938 x 33 values (some duplicated) mostly mint, just needs a few key stamps to complete, noted 20c blue, 45c (chalky), 5r red, 3c green, 2.25r ord, 45c choc. (chalky), 1954-61 to 5r, 1962 set to R10 mainly mint, 1969 set 11 m & u, etc, useful cat value.

LOT1583 Seychelles

1938-49 Almost complete set of shades and values with all they key high cat stamps included hinged mint on album pages including papers & shades, noted 6c orange, 6c green (3), 9c (both), 12c, 15c (both), 18c (all 3), 20c blue, 20c chalky, 25c, 30c (3), 45c (2), 50c (3), 75c slate-blue, 75c slate-lilac (2), 1r yellow-green, 1r black (2), 1r50 (2), 2r25 (2), 5r red (2), etc, only needs two stamps to complete (SG 140b cat £2.50 & 143 cat £35) Cat in excess of £1000. (41).

LOT1584 Seychelles

1938-49 GVI Complete set of 25 values to 5r unmounted mint, fresh SG 135/49 Cat £550.

LOT1585 Seychelles

1941 20c brown-ochre hinged mint showing Handkerchief flaw, very fine and scarce, SG 140a ab.

LOT1586 Seychelles

Mint assembly on stockpages incl Queen Victoria defins to 96c (Cat £70), 1897 to 1r incl 36, surcharges, then GVI good range of singles to R1 black, 1948 RSW set (2), 1952 vals to R10, 1962 to R10, later to R20, then a used range early to modern, good lot and cat value.

LOT1587 Seychelles

Original unpicked old time collection on leaves from 1917 to 1950s with useful mint and used ranges and in some cases both usually to middle values making a useful lot for to fill those gaps noted 1917 to 50c mint, 1921 to 50c mint,1938 10 diff vals to 50c mint incl chalky papers 20 brown-ochre, 45c choc., 30c blue, 1952 to R1.50 mint, 1954 to R1.50 mint, etc (c79).

LOT1588 Seychelles

QEII Registered Postal Stationery envelopes unused 40c blue in four different sizes. Few wrinkles otherwise sound.

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