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LOT291 Bahamas

1861-1935 Mint and used assembly with some better pickings including Chalon heads different printings and shades 1d red (6), 4d rose (4), 6d lilac (2#0, 1863 1s green (3), 1902-07 values to 5s mint (Cat £139), 1912-19 to 5s m & u, War Tax issues, 1920 Peace set m, 1921 Staircase set 4 m (Cat £75), 1921-37 3d-5s mint (cat £58), 1930 Tercent set m (Cat £70), 1935 SJ set. (93).

LOT292 Bahamas

1863-77 P.12½ 1d rose-red with watermark inverted variety fine unused without gum, great colour, and sound clean example, SG 23w.

LOT293 Bahamas

1902-10 MCA set of 5 to 5/- dull purple and blue all nicely hinged mint, very fresh, SG 62/64, 66/67, 69.

LOT294 Bahamas

1906 ½d pale green in a bottom gutter marginal plate block of 6 mainly unmounted mint, few light tones and blunt perfs otherwise sound positional piece. SG 71.

LOT295 Bahamas

1935 Silver Jubilee set of 4 fine used on an attractive cover from an old time collectors hoard, SG 141/4.

LOT296 Bahamas

1937-1949 GVI Collection hinged mint almost complete for the period including 1938-52 set of 17 to 5s (cat £90), 1938 set 3, 1942 Columbus overprint set 14 (cat £80), 1948 Tercentenary set to £1 (cat £75), 1948 RSW set, Cat £260. (61).

LOT297 Bahamas

1938 Chalky 1/- grey-black and carmine on thick paper in a plate 1 bottom right corner marginal block of 4 mint / unmounted mint with toned gum and slight staining on front margin, bottom left stamp, SG 155 cat £128.

LOT298 Bahamas

1938 Duplicated mint and mainly unmounted mint assembly on stockcard incl ½d green (4), 1d grey (5), 1½d (4), 2d red (5), 1/- (4), 5/- (2) & £1 (2). Ideal for sorting minimum cat £330+.

LOT299 Bahamas

1938-52 KGVI one pound blue green and black and 5/- red purple and deep bright blue SG 156e 157a.

LOT300 Bahamas

1938/52 George VI fresh mint selection on leaves with 1938 set complete (17) plus various shades. Chiefly u/m including the £1 value and 3x 5/- values. Also includes 3d overprint u/m, 1942 Columbus with vals to £1 (£1 has no gum). Very desirable range (30).

LOT301 Bahamas

1942 (12 Oct) First Day of Issue sepia postcard showing Columbus First Day Cover and Map with ½d ovptd block of 4 cancelled SAN SALVADOR undated CDS's with San Salvador being first set foot on soil on the Islands. Addr to Nassau.

LOT302 Bahamas

1942 Columbus ovpt set fine used CDS cancels, sound, SG 162/175a cat £60.

LOT303 Bahamas

Clean mainly mint assembly on large stockcards with some light duplication many commem sets, thematics noted 1954 set to £1 (Cat £110), 1965 long set (Cat £50), 1984 Nat. Trust strip (2), 1996 Shells long set (Cat £60+), 1987 Tourist strips, 1980 long set (Cat £22), 2013 Coronation, 2013 Reef, 2012 Marine long set (Cat £55), 2012 Flamingo M/S, 1991 Birds set, 2006 Flowers long set (Cat £65) plus many other modern commem sets, attractive range. (100s).

LOT304 Bahamas

Clean mint & used assembly on eight large stockcards with some light duplication noted QV to 1s m & u, value in mint GVI incl 1942 Columbus ovpt set plus shades and extras (Cat £80 + shades), War Tax ovpts m, 1948 Tercentenary set m (Cat £75), 1938 to £1 mint, £1 used (not guaranteed), etc, useful range. (c100).

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