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Serbia Stamps

Serbia stamps in our auctions...

Below are the Serbia Stamps that we are currently offering for sale; you can bid and buy in complete confidence as all the items we sell are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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LOT826 Serbia

1866-1918 Collection on old time leaves from an huge worldwide estate collection formed many years ago, 1866 20p & 40p used (faults), 1869 Prince defins to 50p m & u, 1880 set to 1d m & u, 1903 ovpts nearly complete for 13 values mainly mint, 1904 Coronation set mainly used, German Occup mint ranges etc, etc, useful lot to fill those gaps!

LOT827 Serbia

1890-1918 An extensive mainly postal history collection of covers and cards neatly assembled in large 4 ring binder on leaves including 1890-1903 P/S cards unused with arms ovpt, reply paid, 1917 Fieldpost form with 20k brown tied, 1919 Censored fieldpost 650 boxed cachet in red, FP 51, 178, 152, 114, 87, local post censor, 392, various types for boxed or triangle ZENSURIERT, 1918 Redaktion der Belgrader Nachrichten, Red Cross Serbia h/s, pretty combination cover with 12 diff adhs, Telegraph h/s, Rail Command, 1917 Grosses Meb. Epidemie Laboratium No. 11, unstamped mail, ovptd P/S fieldpost GZNB with Austria censor, plenty of different village and town departures incl Cacak, Lajkovac, Arangielovac, Dubrovnik, Jagodina, Kazerne, Kraljevo, Kragujevac, Krusevac, Vranje,Lescovac, Milanovac, Novipazar, Obrenovac, Palanka, Paulica, Priboj, Sabac, etc, also postcards of military groups in action, regd Valijevo etc, extraordinary collection of approx 75 items intact as arranged. Very interesting lot.

LOT828 Serbia

German Occupation: Collection on printed leaves with useful sets including 1941 set of 15 to 30d m & u with last 4 top values mint (cat £70), 1941 Air set of 10 mint (cat £164), No network set of 5 CDS used (all used postmarks are taken 'as is' Cat £3000 as postal used), 1041 Serbien reading upwards set to 30d mint (cat £52), 1941 Explosion Relief Two miniature sheets used (taken 'as is' postal used cat £2200), POW fund sets for a 3 printings m or used), 1942 Anti Masonic set used, 1942 War Orphans set setenant blk of 4 cto used, 1943 War Invalids set used & both Miniature sheets used (taken 'as is' cat £1500 postal used), 1943 Fun ovpt set mint, all postage due sets used (taken 'as is' cat £3490 postal used) etc. Useful clean collection, the used are taken 'as is', as very few were postal used and are scarce. Nice lot STC £325+ for mint sets.

LOT829 Serbia

TELEGRAMS from WW2 collection of 27 forms sent mainly from the Belgrade National Bank during 1942/3 to Berlin or Vienna, mainly banking business some including Yugoslavia, Germany, Munich, Social politics, etc, interesting lot in German. (27)

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