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LOT792 Saint Lucia

1912 (18 Sep) Printed registered cover Castries to Germany bearing 5s green and red on yellow EDVII defin tied neat CDS cancel, R h/s in oval with manuscript violet crayon No.40, London transit and Germany arrival backstamps, some light toning otherwise attractive cover. SG 88.

LOT793 Saint Lucia

1935 Silver Jubilee set of 4 fine used on an attractive cover from an old time collectors hoard, SG 109/12.

LOT794 Saint Lucia

Stockpages with a useful mint / unmounted mint duplicated stock incl better noted 1886 2d (3), 3d (2), 6d & 1/- (2), 1902 2d Columbus, 1938 1938 few vals to 2/-, 1949 set to $4.80, 1953 set to $2.50 (6), plus many commems to 1970s etc, useful collection and good cat value.

LOT1287 Saint Lucia

1860-1969 Collection on Scott printed leaves mainly mint, or used for earlier including 1860 1d rose-red f.u, 1864 1d, 4d & 1s orange used, 1881 2½d brown-red part o.g. (cat £60), 1882-4 surcharges to 4d yellow, 1891 to 1s, 1921 to 1s, 1916 War Tax mint, 1938 6d & 1s in mint blk of 4, 1948 RSW set m, postal fiscals (7) etc, nice collection with a high cat value.

LOT1288 Saint Lucia

1863-1935 Mint and used range on old time Imperial printed leaves with better including 1864-73 to 1s orange (3), 1881-4 surcharges mainly fine used, 1883 to 4d, 1886-7 to 1s used, 1891-98 to 1d mainly fine used, 10s (very poor cat £160), 1902-03 to 1s m & u (1s is vfu cat £50), 1904-10 to 1s m & u, 1912-30 to 5s m & u, (1923 5s is fine used CDS Cat £95), 1936 Pictorial set mint to 5s (cat £50), Postage Dues etc, useful lot (102).

LOT1289 Saint Lucia

1891 Die II ½d dull green fine used CDS cancels showing unlisted non constant break in top frameline variety, very similar to top left triangle detached variety but on inner frameline. Intr, SG 43 var.

LOT1290 Saint Lucia

1935 Silver Jubilee set of 4 fine used on an attractive long registered cover Castries to Barbados tied neat CDS cancels and regd h/s in violet No. 406. SG 109/12.

LOT1291 Saint Lucia

1938 ½d to 3d defins 6 different values unmounted mint each with diagonal Specimen perfin, all fine and sound, SG 128s/9s, 130s/132s, 133s.

LOT1292 Saint Lucia

Extensive mint, unmounted mint and used collection on dozens of Hagner pages including QV earlier values used to 1s vermilion, later to 4d brown, then various GV/ defins, GVI mint and used to £1 plus extras fine used, QEII huge amount of defins and commems to $20 mainly mint or unmounted mint to 1989, duplication and needs sorting out, 100s, useful cat value.

LOT1293 Saint Lucia

Postage Dues: 1930 1d black on blue & 2d black on yellow both in vertical pairs showing No. & wide No. variety unused, 1d has few light tones, otherwise both sound, nice positional pairs showing both varieties, SG D1/b, D2/b. Cat £107.

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