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1872-1947 Attractive mainly mint and some used collection on leaves in a binder with useful sets noted 1903 Opening of New Post Office set, mainly good CDS cancels (Cat £310+, 5l top value taken 'as is'), 1906 Jubilee vals to 3l mint (Cat £250), 1913 Acquisition set used (Cat £60), 1929 10th Anniv. set m, 1932 9th Medical Congress set m (Cat £75), 1941 Restoration long set m, 1906 all 4 welfare fund sets used, 1927 Geographical set m, 1931 Scouts set m (Cat £60+), 1932 Postal Employees set m, 1934 Mamaia Jamboree set used (Cat £70), 1935 5th Accession set m (Cat £70), 1936 Scout set m (Cat £42), 1937 7th Acc. set m, 1945 War victims M/S, 1945 TUC set m (Cat £45), 1945 Charity Sports long set m (Cat £64), 1931 Air set m, extensive clean lot ideal for expansion.


1903 Opening of New Post Office in 1901 5l lilac top value fine used decent CDS example, SG 478.


Extensive collection in 4 ring binder of early to modern mixed mint and used with good runs of sets, starts 1865 imperf, 1868 imperf, 1872 to 50b red CDS used, 1890 to 50b, 1906-07 three Welfare sets mint (Cat £184), 1906 40 Year Rule set 11 mint, set used, 1913 Acquisition used set (Cat £60), 1928 10th Anniv. set mint, 1928 Air set m (2), 1930 8 Junie ovpt on airs mint (Cat £63), 1931 Scouts set heavy mounted mint (Cat £47), 1931 Air set m (Cat £39), 1936 Marine Exhib. set m (Cat £35), 1937 7th Accession set m (Cat £38), 1941 Cenauti set m, then various commems to 1950s. Useful collection. 100s.

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