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RUMANIA stamps in our auctions...

Below are the RUMANIA Stamps that we are currently offering for sale; you can bid and buy in complete confidence as all the items we sell are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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1932 Boy Scout's Jamboree Fund set of 6 hinged mint, SG 1256/1261. Cat £84.


1858-1972 Simplex springback album on pages containing a useful collection all identified by SG number unpicked as found mint and used with mainstream ranges throughout incl 1858 Posthorn imperfs 5p (as is), 1862 6p & 30p mint, 30p dark blue used, 1865 imperfs to 20p (as is), 1866 Heads imperf to 50b used, 1872 25b used, 1872 defins to 50b (both cols), 1885 to 50b, 1890 to 50b, 1893 to 2l, 1903 P.O. to 50b, 1906 issues to 15b, 1906 defins to 50b m & u, Transylvania ovpts, 1928 air set m, set used, 1932 Scouts mint, etc, huge range of commems to 1972, officials & useful back of the book, ideal to fill those gaps. Massive cat value in excess of £2200+, 100s.


1864-1947 Extensive collection in a Devon peg album on leaves mint and used for earlier incl 1872 to 50b used, 1891 25th Anniv. set mint, 1903 Opening of PO Coach vals to 50b mint (cat £100), 1906 Welfare Fund sets (all three), 1906 25th Anniv set mint, 1906 40 Year set, 1906 Jubilee Ex. set m & u (cat £150) plus exhibition label & 3 overprinted SE on the Jubilee 30b, 40b & 50b only used for three days, 1913 Acquisition set used (cat £60), postal tax stamps, Transylvannia 1919 BANI issues including surcharges, 2b brown mint pane of 25 one showing B of Bani omitted variety, Charles & Zita 10b red mint, 1922 Coronation set m, 1927 Geographical set m, Officials 1929-30 sets mint, 1930 Ovpt 1930 air set 3 mint (cat £63), 1931 Navy set mint (cat £70), 1930 Air King Carol set m, 1931 Farman Air set m, Boy Scout set mint (cat £47), Monarchy set m (cat £63), Army set used, 1932 Medical set mint (cat £75), Scout Jamboree set mint (cat £83), 1932 Phil. Ex. M/S mint (cat £85), Frank stamps 1913 brown label & 1933 Gratuit imperf label in green, 1934 Mamaia ovpt set (cat £74), 1935 5th Anniv. set m (cat £70), 1936 Scout set m (cat £42), 1938 Scouts set m, 1938 Painter set m, 1945 80l orange (SG 1682 blk of 9 mint with middle stamp showing I in LEI omitted variety, hereon many sets and ranges to 1947, useful back of the book, occupations incl German 1917-18 Gultig ovpts on set 4 in pairs on piece (cat £240), postage dues, officials, scarce P.O. in Turkish Empire 1896 set 3 used, etc, etc, useful lot with a huge catalogue value in excess of £2500+


1948-1989 Extensive collection in a Devon peg album on leaves mint and used for earlier incl 1952 revaluation surcharges mainly used, good degree of completion for defins and commems sets, also miniature sheets, ideal for further expansion, 100s.


Moldavia: 1858 Bluish Wove Paper 40pa blue in a superb fine used tete-beche PAIR tied to small piece by '2' and 6 barred oval cancel in blue (2 mark is struck twice), very fine and rare, Yvert 6a Cat €3000.


Stockbook with a high cat lot of early material. Includes 3 1862/4 Bull/ Posthorn types as is . 1872 to 1879 defins with perf types ( cat £400 ) .Note SG 478 5L post office top value fine used , cat £225 , 1906 Charity sets including some interesting forgeries ( no hyphen on Posta Romania ) , 1907 Charity SG 525-7 mint , cat £193 etc . Total cat over £1000


Two Schaubek albums with a very comprehensive collection of mint and used 1945 to 1977. Good post war period , much mint , also including 1945 TUC and Postal sets fine used . 1952 to 1962 looks fairly complete fine used then mainly mint thereafter , most look u/m from 1968 . Also a good range of 1960's and 70's mini sheets .

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