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LOT749 Portugal

1853 - 1937 With a nice mint and used range of approximately 400 different defins and commems, surcharges and overprints with individual stamps cat up to £1600 each, noted 1853 25r blue used, 1855 5r used (cat £120), 1862 4 values to 100r used (cat £255), 1866 4 values to 120r m+u (cat £970), 1867 perf 4 values to 240r used (cat £980), 1870 near complete set with 17 values m+u - notably a lovely 240r used - (cat £2400), 1880 perf complete used, 1882 perf set to 500r used, 1892 set of 11 values to 300r used (cat £330), 1882 provisorio opd 4 values to 25r, 1893 2 values to 50r used (cat £197), 1893 75r on 80 used & 20r on 25r mauve m, 1894 perf 8 values to 100r used, 1898 perf 7 values to 150r m+u, 1895 complete used, 1912 huge range of values, notable 2$40 used & 3$ used, 1924 complete m+u (cat £90), 1925 big range of values up to 10e m+u (cat £45), 1926 independence set of 21 values to 10e m+u (cat £250), 1927 13 values m+u to 4e.50 (cat £90), 1928 revalidado opd 5 values to 1e.60 m+u, 1929 telegraph stamp m, 1928 surch 21 values to 1e.60 on 20e m+u, 1931 perf set to 5e m+u, 1931 700th aniv compete m+u, 1937 air 7 values to 20e used. Very attractive lot with some brilliant examples. High cat c400

LOT750 Portugal

1855-1999 Extensive collection used, mint or unmounted mint for later on a pile of Lighthouse printed leaves (13 hole, good condition) with a nice collection from middle to modern commems. Noted 1894 500th Birth Anniv. of Prince Henry 1000r black on buff top value mint part original gum with 1894 overprint in circle (slight surface rub otherwise cat £850 mint, SG 326), 1931 Fifth Death Centenary of Pereira 4e50 green and brown key top value mint (SG 864 Cat £275), then good amount of completion in 1989 to 1999 mint & U/M sets. Lovely clean lot ideal for expansion just needs two or three Lighthouse binders to make the beginnings of a lovely collection. Useful cat value STC £2600 (not checked). Approx 1000 all different.

LOT751 Portugal

1880 25r grey cancelled with numeral 1 in black and Lisbon in green, addressed to Madrid with receiving CDS on reverse,

LOT752 Portugal

Old time extensive collection on leaves mint and used with a useful unpicked assembly from 1853 to 1946. Includes sets and better part ranges noted 7 early imperfs, 1870 12 vals to 120r, 1880 25r grey (Cat £44), 1892 20ore blue (cat £65), 1893 prov ovpt 5r & 10r, 1894 500th Birth Anniv. set to 100r, 1895 set used, 1898 Gama to 100r used, 1910 King Manoel 1000r mint (cat £48), 1910 Republica ovpt to 1000r mint, 1911 500r on 100r mint (cat £70), 1911 Vasco de Gama ovpt Republica 100r brown mint (cat £60), 1925 Birth Cent. 3e red on blue mint (cat £130), 1926 First Indep. 20 vals to 4e50 mainly mint (cat £195), 1926 surch set m, 1927 2nd Indep. set m (cat £145), 1928 3rd Indep. set mainly mint (cat £160), 1933 Pereira set m, 1933 St Anthony set m, 1938 Wine set m (cat £79), 1940 Legion set m 1e red cat £100, 1940 Cent. set m cat £93, 1941 Costumes set cat £140, 1947 Costumes set m cat £255, back of the book etc, few are slightly stuck otherwise mainly fine condition throughout, STC £3000+.

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