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LOT532 Portugal

Old time extensive collection on leaves mint and used with a useful unpicked assembly from 1853 to 1946. Includes sets and better part ranges noted 7 early imperfs, 1870 12 vals to 120r, 1880 25r grey (Cat £44), 1892 20ore blue (cat £65), 1893 prov ovpt 5r & 10r, 1894 500th Birth Anniv. set to 100r, 1895 set used, 1898 Gama to 100r used, 1910 King Manoel 1000r mint (cat £48), 1910 Republica ovpt to 1000r mint, 1911 500r on 100r mint (cat £70), 1911 Vasco de Gama ovpt Republica 100r brown mint (cat £60), 1925 Birth Cent. 3e red on blue mint (cat £130), 1926 First Indep. 20 vals to 4e50 mainly mint (cat £195), 1926 surch set m, 1927 2nd Indep. set m (cat £145), 1928 3rd Indep. set mainly mint (cat £160), 1933 Pereira set m, 1933 St Anthony set m, 1938 Wine set m (cat £79), 1940 Legion set m 1e red cat £100, 1940 Cent. set m cat £93, 1941 Costumes set cat £140, 1947 Costumes set m cat £255, back of the book etc, few are slightly stuck otherwise mainly fine condition throughout, STC £3000+.

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