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LOT143 Austria

1850-1976 EXTENSIVE Collection of mainly mint from 1910 onwards with better items throughout and enormous catalogue value noted 1854 1k yellow, 2k black fine used, 1858 Tye I 2k yellow part o.g. (Cat £3250), 1867 to 50k brown f.u., 1883-90 to 50k used, c1896 2g green (Cat £65), 1899 to 4k green used, 1908 Accession set to 5k mint (Cat £150), 1910 80th Birthday set to 1k mint, 1916-19 to 10k m & u, 1922 Musicians Fund set m, 1923 Charity Fund set m, 1925 set of 21 mint (Cat £60), 1929-31 set of 14 mint (Cat £120), 1931 Rotary set m (Cat £275), 1931 Writers set m (Cat £110), 1932 Painters set m (Cat £170), 1932 Smaller set of 14 (Cat £200), 1933 Ski set m (Cat £275), 1933 250th Anniv. set m (Cat £190), 1934 Fund set m (Cat £80), 1934 2s mint (both colours, cat £59), 3s & 5s mint (Cat £59), 1935 Fund set (Cat £80), 1936 Ski set (Cat £65), 1945 Barred ovpts set of 7 mint (Cat £49), Osterreich ovpts on Hitler to 3rm mint, 1948 Costumes set mint (Cat £325), 1950 Plebiscite set m (Cat £140), 1951 Fund set (Cat £80), Airmails from 1918 incl 1925 set 20 mainly mint (Cat £150), 1935 set 15 mint (Cat £95), 1950 Birds set m (3s is used cat £160), commems mainly complete to 1976, substantial back of the book, Occupations, Military Posts, Territories, Offices in Turkish Empire, etc, superb lot with enormous cat value.

LOT144 Austria

1908 60th Anniv. of Emperor's Accession 10k deep brown, blue and ochre top value mounted mint with hinge remains, fresh looker, SG 206 Cat £300.

LOT145 Austria

1936 Second Anniv. of Assassination of Dr Dolfuss 10s slate-blue mounted mint with neat hinge remain, fine, SG 793 Cat £950.

LOT146 Austria

1937 (23 Aug) regd airmail cover to Holland bearing 1937 Paddle Steamer set, 1935 3s air, Railway set, Relief set all tied WIEN 1 CDS cancels, hinges on reverse otherwise amazing combination.

LOT147 Austria

1950 30th Anniv. of Corinthian Plebiscite complete set of 3 unmounted mint, very fine and fresh. SG 1212/1214. Cat £140.

LOT148 Austria

1950 Air complete set of 7 lightly mounted mint, mainly sound, SG 1215/1221. Cat £439.

LOT149 Austria

1950 Airs Birds set of 5 fine used, sound SG 1215/1221 Cat £440.

LOT150 Austria

1950 Birds Air set U/M, very fine, SG 1215/1221, (Cat £475).

LOT151 Austria

1950 Costumes 10s grey top values in a superb unmounted mint top left corner marginal block of 4 IMPERFORATED, very fine and impressive album piece, SG 1144 var.

LOT152 Austria

1958-1988 Unmounted mint collection in a stockbook of many commem sets, some nice thematics, neatly arranged. STC €620.

LOT153 Austria

1978-1986 Unmounted mint assembly of sets in a neat little stockbook defins and commems, most cat from £1 each, attractive lot STC €200. (c235).

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