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LOT192 Austria

1850-1949 Early mint and used collection in ancient Philatelia album. We note used 19th cent ranges with postmark interest including 1850 imperfs 2k to 9k, 1861 set of 5, 1867 complete to 50kr brown (cat £275), 1890 set to 2g(both),1899 set to 4k, later mint and used with 1904 set complete, 1908 60th anniv set mint inc 10k top val used (this trimmed at base) and many more high cat sets to 1949. Some other useful ranges of Telegraphs, Newspaper stamps and Military Post issues make this a very useful collection to continue (100's)

LOT193 Austria

1858-1984 Impressive well written up mint and used collection on annotated leaves within a display binder. Includes 1858-9 Emperor embossed set to 15kr including 3kr black(2), 3kr green, 2kr (shades) 1860-1 set to 15kr, 1858 Newspaper stamps in blue and lilac, 1861 1.05kr lilac, 1867 set to 50kr course printing,1874-80 set to 50kr fine printing, 1873-4 Telegraphs to 2fl,1890 to 2g with perfs/shades, 1891 set to 50kr inc shades, 1899-1902 New Currency set to 4 kr and much more. Chiefly good to fine STC 5600 Euros.

LOT194 Austria

1875-1914 Box containing a large accumulation of early Postal cards both mint and used, the majority used displaying a plethera of different postmarks both Austrian and Czech (possibly some Polish) with duplication of types but still good variety. Condition is very good for this type of mixed lot that will be a delight for the Austrian postal history specialist. Totally unchecked by us so possibility of some good finds (214 cards)

LOT195 Austria

1878-1955 Small accumulation of covers and cards chiefly commercial including 1876 covers with 5kr red (2), early 20th century covers with Czech pmks, 1914 cover with 'UBERPRIFT / WIEN' seal, 1920's Postal stationery, WWII censored cover, etc,.. with some mixed condition but many fine and interesting items (35)

LOT196 Austria

1923-25 Five special Flight cards written up on album pages comprising 1923 Vienna to Berlin via Prague with attractive 4 stamp franking and special cachet in violet (Field 46), Two 1924 PPC's showing Seaplane flying over Alpine lake inscribed 'FLUG-WOCHE in ST. WOLFGANG with five lined cachets on reverse each with different St Wolfgang cds, 1925 Aspern Flying Field postcard with various cachets (Field 66) and a further postal stationery card uprated with 4 different adhesives with various cachets. Very attractive lot that would display well (5)

LOT197 Austria

1936 Dolfuss Second Anniversary 10s slate-blue left marginal examples unmounted mint, superb and fine, SG 793 Cat £1300.

LOT198 Austria

1949-1979 Extensive mint and mainly unmounted mint collection on Lighthouse printed hingeless album leaves, stuffed full of sets and complete year runs mint (mainly unmounted) including many key sets noted 1945 Overprint set of 19 U/M (Cat £150), 1945 16¼mm ovpt 1rm-3rm U/M (Cat £142), 1945 set 7 ovpts mint (Cat £49), 1947 Revaluation set (Cat £90), 1948 Costumes set U/M (Cat £325), 1948 Artists U/M (Cat £55), 1949 Fund set (Cat £80), 1950 Carinthian Plebiscite set U/M (Cat £140), 1950 Air Birds set U/M (Cat £475), 1955 Re-establishment set (Cat £70), hereon mainly complete, huge catalogue value £2500++, 100s.

LOT199 Austria

1980-2006 Modern unmounted mint collection on in Lighthouse hingeless printed album, huge amount of sheetlets, long defin sets, 1984 Monasteries, 1996 Millenary sheetlet (Cat £28), 1997-2000 Myths & Legends (Cat £85), 2002/3 New Currency (Cat £48), 2004 Crystal M/S (Cat £38, real crystals affixed to the stamps), 2005 Embroidery, 2006 Fireworks M/S (2 diff, cat £68), 2006 Stamp Day sheetlet of 5 (Cat £85), etc, huge catalogue value, very fine. 100s.

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