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LOT102 Austria

1850-1946 Binder containing mainstream early to modern defins and various commems mint & used. Noted 1867 good range of values to 50kr (2, cat £50 each), 1890s many defins, 1916 to 10k violet used, 1922 Musicians Fund set m, 1934 to 3s mint, 1935 Heroes set 6 mint (Cat £126), 1946 Race Fund set used, good quantity with useful pickings.

LOT103 Austria

1858 2k yellow type I very fine used single side CDS cancel, well centered and sound with expertising mark on reverse, SG 22 Cat £600.

LOT104 Austria

1858-1984 Collection mainly used on annotated pages in a display folder including many useful earlier noted 1858-9 Emperor Embossed set to 15kr incl 3kr black (2), & 3kr green, plus 2kr shades, 1860-61 Oval set to 15kr, 1858 Newspaper stamps in blue and lilac, 1861 1.05kr lilac, 1867 set to 50kr coarse printing, 1874-80 set to 50kr fine printing, 1873-4 Telegraph to 2Fl, 1890 to 2G plus perfs and shades, 1891 set to 50kr plus shades, 1899-1902 New Currency set to 4kr, 1901-04 to 72h plus perfs and shades, 1908-13 set to 2kr, 1910 Birthday set to 1k mint, 1916-18 set to 10kr plus shades and papers etc. Nearly all stamps are different for shades and perfs, printings etc, mainly good to fine mint & used STC €5600+.

LOT105 Austria

1883-90 P.9/10 set of 6 Arms and numeral fine used, 50k bright mauve p.9 with BRUNN STADT heavy CDS, SG range 70/75 Cat £115.

LOT106 Austria

1922 Musician's Fund set of 7 mainly fine used, SG 519b/525 Cat £79.

LOT107 Austria

1923 Artist's Charity Fund set of 9 mainly fine used, couple of pulled perfs otherwise fine, SG 554/562 Cat £144.

LOT108 Austria

1924 Artist's Charity Fund set of 5 mainly fine used, SG 563/567 Cat £111.

LOT109 Austria

1925 Airs short set of 15 with better key values fine used including 20g brown, 25g violet, 30g bistre, 50g blue, 1s blue, 3s brown (Cat £110), 5s blue (Cat £48), 10s brown, mainly fine. Cat £320. (15).

LOT110 Austria

1930 Anti - TB Fund set of 5 mainly fine used, SG 660/665 Cat £190.

LOT111 Austria

1931 Austrian Writers & Youth Unemployment Fund set of 6 fine used, SG 672/677 Cat £360.

LOT112 Austria

1932 Austrian Painters set of 6 fine used, SG 693/8 Cat £540.

LOT113 Austria

1933 250th Anniv. of Relief of Vienna & Pan-German Catholic Congress set of 6 fine used, SG 706/711 Cat £505.

LOT114 Austria

1933 Int. Ski Championship Fund set of 4 fine used, SG 699/702 Cat £681.

LOT115 Austria

1933 Winter Relief Fund set of 4 overprints fine used, SG 712/5 Cat £115.

LOT116 Austria

1934 Top values from the long set fine used 2s green, 3s orange and 5s black-brown all CDS, fine, SG 735/7 Cat £140.

LOT117 Austria

1934 Welfare Fund; Austrian Architects set of 6 fine used, SG 739/744 Cat £240.

LOT118 Austria

1935 Airs short set of 14 out of 15 (needs 25g to complete cat 65p) with better key values fine used including 3s, 5s & 10s, mainly fine. Cat £290. (14).

LOT119 Austria

1935 Welfare Fund; Austrian Heroes set of 6 fine used, SG 782/7 Cat £264.

LOT120 Austria

1935 Winter Relief Fund set of 4 overprints fine used, SG 778/781 Cat £115.

LOT121 Austria

1936 Int. Ski Championship set of 4 fine used, mainly CDS, SG 788/791 Cat £210.

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