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LOT98 Austria

1850 - 1935 With a nice mint and used range of approximately 500 different defins and commems, surcharges and overprints with individual stamps cat up to £180 each, noted 1850 imperf 4 values used to 9k blue (cat £205), 1858 4 values used to 15k blue including 3k used black (cat £375), 1861 perf complete used (cat £135), 1863 perf complete used (cat £70), 1867 perf complete used (cat £320), 1883 perf complete used (cat £200), 1899 complete used (cat £70), 1908 set to 5k purple used, 1910 11 values m+u to 1k violet (cat £110), 1922 huge range to 5000k m+u, 1922 air complete m, 1922 musicians complete m, 1923 complete m (cat £66), 1925 complete m, 1925 set to 5s blue used (cat 230), 1929 complete m+u (cat £120), 1933 complete mint (cat £280). Brilliant lot from an avid collector (c500)

LOT99 Austria

1918 Air surcharge set of 3 on paper tied KRAKAU 2.IV.18 CDS cancels, expertised on obverse underneath stamps, fine, SG 296A/298A. (cat £80).

LOT100 Austria

1950 Air Birds fine used assembly of 1s (3), 2s (7 + pair), 5s, 10s & 20s (3), all fine used CDS cancels, SG 1216/7, 1219/1221. Cat £450.

LOT101 Austria

1950 Airmail Birds set of seven hinged mint, including 3s & 5s hinged mint key values, SG 1215/1221 Cat £540.

LOT102 Austria

1951 Balloon post illustrated cover with Salzburg balloon cancel with various stamps plus three cds addressed to Switzerland.

LOT103 Austria

1952 Balloon post illustrated cover with Bregenz balloon cancel with three stamps plus three cds addressed to Switzerland.

LOT104 Austria

1952 Balloon post illustrated cover with Gmunden balloon cancel with various stamps plus three cds addressed to Switzerland.

LOT105 Austria

1954 Balloon post illustrated cover with three Salzburg balloon cancels with various stamps plus Golling cds addressed to Switzerland.

LOT106 Austria

1955 Balloon post illustrated registered cover with Vienna balloon cancel with seven stamps with Bruck an der Leitha cds, addressed to Switzerland.

LOT107 Austria

1958 Austrian Airlines Vienna to Zurich airmail cover with 4d air stamp.

LOT108 Austria

1968-1995 Attractive fine used collection with a good degree of completion for sets throughout in a Lindner hingeless printed album, huge range of issues here, attractive lot, albums expensive new.

LOT109 Austria

1970-2000 Mint and mainly unmounted mint collection in two hingeless luxury DAVO printed albums each with slipcase with a good run of year sets for 1990-2000, mainly empty for earlier, many miniature sheets, thematics, etc. High original retail.

LOT110 Austria

A selection of twenty-two covers and postcards, includes 1949-51 Salzburg festival, 1953 Hugo Wolf s1.50 stamps on typed cover to Switzerland and 1956 registered cover from Vienna.

LOT111 Austria

EXHIBITIONS 1911-1983 an extensive collection on circa 55 album pages for National & International Stamp Shows, covers with special Exhibition cancels, various cards and covers, miniature sheets, 1910& 1911 Exhibition postcards special cancels, 1911 Vienna labels (10), 1933 WIPA Postal card with special cancels (2 diff), 1933 WIPA labels (6), 1946 cover, 1965 set of 5 labels, 1968 WIPA black sheet imperf, 1981 WIPA facsimile sheet, 1981 WIPA aerogramme from Mongolia for the show (scarce), plus much more. Attractive and interesting lot. Ex Eric Stannard.

LOT112 Austria

Fournier Forgery: Newspaper Stamps 1851-58 Imperf strips of three for red or yellow Mercury design, two further pairs in blue or yellow then five postmarks on one piece. (18).

LOT113 Austria

Old time collection on leaves mint and used with useful unpicked from early issues to 1948. Includes sets and many valuable part ranges noted 1859 Imperfs 2k black, other vals to 9k, 1867 to 50k brown (mainly sound cat £275), 1890 set to both 2g used, 1899 set to 4k used, 1904 set, 1908 60th Anniv 10k top value used (trimmed along base), 15 vals to 5k mint (cat £140), 1910 80th Birthday set of 11 to 35h used (cat £175), 1918 air set 3 m, 1918 Deutschosterreich ovpt set mint, 1925 Defin set to 2s used, 1928 10th Anniv Hainisch set m, 1932 Seipel used, 1933 Winter Relief 1s + 50g red mint (cat £55), 1934 Architects set mint (cat £114), 1935 Heroes set mint (cat £126), 1936 Inventors set 6 m (cat £30), 1937 Doctors set m, 1949 Fund set m (cat £118), useful back of the book sets, Military Post etc, mainly sound condition throughout, STC £2100+, (100s)

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