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LOT203 Austria

1867 New Grand Austrian state Loan Distribution registration certificate (faults) affixed to paper issued to pay for loan capital for the government for the Rev G Sandford, New Grand Prize Drawing on 31st July 1867 signed by Edward Schneider for 6 shares amounting to £5 No. 3154. Interesting early loan ephemera.

LOT204 Austria

1935 Air set of 15 to 10s hinged mint, very fine, SG 763/777 Cat £127

LOT205 Austria

1937 (23 Aug) regd airmail cover to Holland bearing 1937 Paddle Steamer set, 1935 3s air, Railway set, Relief set all tied WIEN 1 CDS cancels, hinges on reverse otherwise amazing combination.

LOT206 Austria

1938 (9 Apr) Printed regd airmail envelope to Holland uprated with top airmail values 5s & 10s tied by special illustrated cancels WIEN 9 CDS cancels, very attractive item, seldom seen & huge cat value on cover.

LOT207 Austria

1945 Hitler Vertical overprint 5rm blue top value neatly used GRAZ CDS cancel, thinned on reverse from hinge removal otherwise fine, lovely looker & cat £900, SG 856.

LOT208 Austria

1949 Child welfare Fund set bottom marginal unmounted mint, sound. SG 1162/1165.

LOT209 Austria

1950 30th Anniv. of Corinthian Plebiscite complete set of 3 unmounted mint, very fine and fresh. SG 1212/1214. Cat £140.

LOT210 Austria

1950 Air Birds fine used assembly of 1s (3), 2s (7 + pair), 5s, 10s & 20s (3), all fine used CDS cancels, SG 1216/7, 1219/1221. Cat £450.

LOT211 Austria

1950 Air complete set of 7 lightly mounted mint, mainly sound, SG 1215/1221. Cat £439.

LOT212 Austria

1950 Airmail Birds set of seven hinged mint, including 3s & 5s hinged mint key values, SG 1215/1221 Cat £540.

LOT213 Austria

196 Two Illustrated balloon covers one has autograph of the pilot J. Boesman with Vienna cancels.

LOT214 Austria

1962-68 A collection of seven balloon covers/postcards. Various stamps cancels and cachets. Nice lot.

LOT215 Austria

Well filled stockbook of defins and commems mainly used from 19th century to modern, huge amount of different including sets and ranges, extensive qty approx 2000+. Cheap lot!

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