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LOT741 Norway

1855-1969 An attractive fine (earlier) and mainly mint sets and ranges in a clean DAVO luxury hingeless printed album and slipcase, noted a couple of earlier signed on reverse, 1855 4s blue imperf (2 large margins cat £180), 1856-57 set of King Oscar used (cat £310), 1863-66 set used (some faults incl 3s key stamp two straight edges, cat £1020), 1867-68 set to 8sk used (cat £339), 1872 Posthorn set 6 used (faults cat £431), 1877 set to 60o, 1905 Surchs 1k & 1k.50 used (cat £148), 1907 King Haakon 2k red f.u. (cat £150), 1930 Tourist set m (cat £160), etc, ideal for continuation, 100s, good cat value.

LOT742 Norway

1855-1987 A well filled peg album on plain leaves for a nice fine used collection from earlies noted 1855 4sk blue vfu 4 huge margins nice CDS (cat £200), 1856 3s, 4s & 8s f.u. (cat £180), 1863 set to 24sk CDS (cat £1100+), 1867 to 8sk (cat £380), 1872 posthorn set (cat £415), 1877 to 60o, 1925 Air polar bear set f.u. (cat £150), 1930 Tourist set (cat £185), hereon huge amount of defins and commem sets, etc, high cat value, ideal for expansion.

LOT743 Norway

1855-68 Two album pages full of classics duplicated with many nice fine used including 1855 4sk blue (3, 2 four margins) one with Gridiron cancel, 1856-60 2sk yellow (4), 3sk lilac (7), 4sk blue (11), 8sk lake (8), 1863-66 Marginal wmk 2sk yellow (5), 3sk lilac (4), 4sk blue (6), 8sk red (7), 24sk brown (9), very mixed but overall quite sound, ideal postmark interest and good catalogue value in excess of £4100.

LOT744 Norway

1856-1987 Printed Norwegian album with a used range of defins and commems, few better earlies incl 1856 3sk, 1867 1sk, 3sk & 8sk, many used commems, ideal for expansion.

LOT745 Norway

1877-1971 Mainly unmounted mint collection with high catalogue neatly arranged in a Lindner printed hingeless album well filed, noted 1870s Posthorns mainly used to 60o blue, 1878 Oscar set used, 1910 Haakon set 5 mint, 1925 Air Polar bear set part u/m, 1930 Tourist set m, 1940s onwards mainly unmounted mint, 1941 V overprint set u/m, 1944 onwards appears complete u/m, 1958 King Olav incl 5k purple u/m (cat £65), etc, ideal for expansion, enormous cat value STC £3400+.

LOT746 Norway

1960's-90's Approx. fifty covers some first day covers some posted off shore in various world locations. Includes 1987 FS Polarstern helicopter service cover, 1977 Reindeer Environment Expedition and 1984 Ice Zone Experiment.

LOT747 Norway

A mint & used collection on Scott printed album pages from 1853 to 1970s incl 1863 4s, 1867 4s, 1925 Annexation set 4 m, 1929 Abel mint, 1938 Tourist set m, overprints, back of the book, etc, clean lot with nice condition. Approx 400+.

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