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LOT676 Norway

1867-8 Set of five values used 1sk to 8sk all CDS used, odd faults on perfs or rub mainly fine, Facit 11/15 Cat Skr 2840. (5).

LOT677 Norway

1871-5 Set of six values used 1sk to 7sk all CDS used, odd faults on perfs or rub (4sk is poor) mainly fine, Facit 16/21 Cat Skr 2900. (5).

LOT678 Norway

1877-8 Set of ten values used 1ore to 60 ore all CDS used, odd faults on perfs or rub (5o pen cancel) mainly sound, Facit 22/33 Cat Skr 2310. (10).

LOT679 Norway

1878 Oscar II set of 3 fine used CDS or Christiansen two line cancel, mainly fine, Facit 34/6 Cat Skr 745.

LOT680 Norway

1882-85 12 ore dull olive-green fine used part double ring CDS dated 1884, nice and rare, Facit 41 Cat Skr 3300.

LOT681 Norway

1893-1965 Mainly used collection in two small springback albums noted 1925 Air Amundsen set (Cat £150), 1935 Nansen Fund, 1940s Relief Fund sets, 1955 Norwex set, plus many commem sets to 1965, clean lot. Approx 970.

LOT682 Norway

1905 Surcharge set of three 1kr on 2sk CDS used (corner crease), 1.50kr on 2sk boxed cancel (expertised on reverse), 2kr on 2sk CDS used 15.7.05 cancel (expertised on reverse), mainly fine and scarce, Facit 87/9 Cat Skr 1975.

LOT683 Norway

1907 Haakon VII (Second profile) 1kr green fine used CDS example centered right, mainly fine, Facit 93 Cat Skr 1100.

LOT684 Norway

1907 Haakon VII set of three fine used CDS cancels, mainly fine, Facit 90/2 Cat Skr 2100.

LOT685 Norway

1925 Polar Bear & Aeroplane set of seven fine used, odd tone on 5o otherwise very fine, Facit 151/157 Cat Skr 1000.

LOT686 Norway

1930 (20 Aug) Tourist Association Fund set of 3 on real photo type of the North Cape and liner similar design used for the stamps, tied NORDKAPP / LE CAP NORD CDS cancels, unaddressed a little soiled from gum tones. SG 223/5 Cat £185 used singles.

LOT687 Norway

1930 North Cape I set of three CDS used, all fine, Facit 181/3 Cat Skr 1300.

LOT688 Norway

1941 Centenary of Oslo University 1kr olive-green fine used CDS, fine, Facit 265 Cat Skr 550.

LOT689 Norway

1941 Norwegian Legion 20 + 80ore red fine used CDS, fine, Facit 264 Cat Skr 850.

LOT690 Norway

1941 V overprint in black on set of 20 unwatermarked to 5kr and 10ore all fine used CDS (first 10ore green has crease), all fine, Facit 279/298 Cat Skr 2600.

LOT691 Norway

1955 Oslo Norwex overprint set of three fine used, Facit 426/8 Cat Skr 420.

LOT692 Norway

Binder containing extensive early to modern defins and various commems mint & used. Noted 1856 4s & 8s red (2), 1863 24sk brown CDS used (Cat £140), 1867 3s lilac used (Cat £170), 8s red used, 1877 12o green CDS (Cat £31), 1878 1k & 1k.50 used, 1953 Tourist Association set mint (Cat £80) spread over two pages), good qty and then mainstream here to 2000 m & u, 100s.

LOT693 Norway

LOCALS: 1888 unused sets of four for Stenkjaer, Namsos, Levanger and Hammerfest all stuck down on album leaves. Nice lot (16).

LOT694 Norway

LOCALS: GRIMSTAD 1887 unused set of five stuck down on album page.

LOT695 Norway

LOCALS: TONSBERG 1884 All three sets of four plus both perf types of 1885/6 3ore on 5ore green all unused mostly stuck down on album leaf. Few faults. (14).

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