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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT226 Australia

1913-1935 incl 1913 to 1s used, 1914 Kookaburra 6d claret used (Cat £55), 1915 to 5s used (5s heavy late fee, SG 30 cat £350), 1915-27 to 5s, 1918 to 1/4d, 1926 to 1/4d, 1929-30 set to 5s, 1931-36 to 10s (2), commems to 1935. (132).

LOT227 Australia

1916 1/- blue-green packet of seconds used (many CDS) mainly with perf faults or creases, unchecked for dies, wmk inverted etc, cat £855, SG 40.

LOT228 Australia

1919 Duel embossed octagon without postage ½d green and 1d red used with South Australia machine cancel to UK, few minor age marks otherwise very pretty dual use cover. Hard to find.

LOT229 Australia

1924 4½d violet on an undated cover to Fremantle sent AERIAL MAIL with Western Australia incomplete CDS and box circle FORWARD / BY AIR MAIL in black alongside. Faults but nice early airmail cover.

LOT230 Australia

1928 Fourth National Stamp Exhib. 3d blue top left corner sheet of 4 unmounted mint with even toned gum, fresh looker, SG MS 106a Cat £120 mint.

LOT231 Australia

1931-36 GV Head complete set of 8 unmounted mint, three are margin, 5d is part imprint, 1/4d has small patch on one side otherwise very fresh, SG 124/131, Cat £130 for mint.

LOT232 Australia

1932 C of A Wmk 5/- grey and yellow and 10/- grey and pink both fine used decent CDS cancels, 10/- has blunt corner perf otherwise sound, SG 135/6.

LOT233 Australia

1935 (7 Oct) Airmail envelope Canberra to Currie King Island bearing 3d airmail and GV 2d red tied CANBERRA / 7 OCT 35 / FCT CDS and typed By First Airmail Flight / Canberra to King Island, Melbourne and Currie King Is. backstamps. Fine.

LOT234 Australia

1937 3d blue Die I unmounted mint showing white wattles variety, TA completely joined along with left frame breaks and completely white wattles, chin made of strokes, very fine, SG 168a.

LOT235 Australia

1937 3d blue Die Ia unmounted mint showing separated TA & part strokes on chin, very fine, SG 168b. Cat £150 mint.

LOT236 Australia

1938 3d blue Die II unmounted mint side marginal, showing new Die and cheek lines extending into ear lobe, very fine, SG 168c. Cat £65 mint.

LOT237 Australia

1950 £2 green Coast of Arms unmounted mint showing roller flaw variety, very fine and fresh, SG 224d da Cat £150 mint.

LOT238 Australia

1950 £2 green Commonwealth Coat of Arms top value, a duplicated range of approx 140 used examples, many have minor faults like short corners but ideal for study, approx 140 cat £2240. Only 5% cat.

LOT239 Australia

1952 Qantas first regular air service linking Australia to Mauritius typed cover.

LOT240 Australia

1961-64 Both shades of 5s Aboriginal Stockman top values for 1961 5s red-brown, & 1964 white paper brown-red both superb unmounted mint, white paper is top marginal, very fresh, SG 327/327a. Cat £104.

LOT241 Australia

1986 US-Australia Woomera cover concerning the shuttle flight in Australia. Cancelled in USA?Australia on same day Jan 24th 1986 rare item.

LOT242 Australia

1994-95 Wetlands Conservation stamp $10 mountain duck U/M with a bottom left corner imperf proof on white paper printed without the black inscriptions, nice thematic item.

LOT243 Australia

And STATES small group of covers and postcards incl NSW 1905 697 William Street pmk, 1904 Randwick, 1907 2d pale blue x 2 on env to Hobart, Australia 1935 irm cover to London plus 4 others. Mixed but nice little lot (8).

LOT244 Australia

Clean mainly mint assembly on twenty five large stockcards with some light duplication many commem sets, thematics noted 2007 Horse Racing long set (Cat £18), Island Jewels, 1996-1997 Flora & Fauna, 2000 Millennium long set plus many other 1990s commem sets, attractive range. (c530).

LOT245 Australia

Clean mainly mint assembly on twenty five large stockcards with some light duplication many commem sets, thematics noted 2005 World Heritage, 2006 Native Wildlife, 2006 Wildflowers set to $10, miniature sheets, plus many other 1990s commem sets, attractive range. (c400+, 7 M/S).

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