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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT172 Australia

1913 Wmk A 1s blue-green hinged mint with hinges on reverse, very fresh and fine appearance, SG 11a, cat £140.

LOT173 Australia

1913 Wmk A 2s brown hinged mint with hinges on reverse, very fresh and fine appearance, SG 12, cat £275.

LOT174 Australia

1913 Wmk A ½d, 1d, 2d & 2½d hinged mint examples with hinges on reverse, very fresh and fine appearance, SG 1/4, cat £134.

LOT175 Australia

1913-1999 Mainly used collection in a DAVO printed album well filled from 1940s onwards, also earlier Roos to 5s, GV Heads to 1/4d, Navigators 7/6 & £2 mint, some mixed but ideal for expansion, 100s.

LOT176 Australia

1913-1999 Well filled 22 ring binder with a mainly used collection with some better earlier noted Roos to 9d for earlier printings, 1913 6d Kook, 1915 2s brown and 5s black and yellow, GV heads to 1/4d, 3d blue Kook., 1930s Roos to 5s, GVI to £1, etc, hereon many mainstream commems, 100s.

LOT177 Australia

1914 Kookaburra 6d Engraved Plate 1 in a superb (part imprint) block of 4 very fresh unmounted mint. ACSC 60z Cat $3750 as a block of 8 (this a superb block of 4). Lovely example.

LOT178 Australia

1928 Kookaburra 3d blue Miniature sheet of 4 upper marginal unmounted mint, light brownish gum. SG 106A cat £120 for mint, good premium for unmounted mint. ACSC 133MS.

LOT179 Australia

1931 First Flight covers range of 9 first flight covers, experimental flights and airmail flight covers, mixed condition but nice combinations and cancels, noted Karachi, Adelaide to Perth, Australia to England, registered etc, intr lot. (9).

LOT180 Australia

1931 Kingsford Smith 3d blue in a bottom right marginal block of 20 mint / unmounted, mostly split into block of 8 and 12 with some thinning on reverse and other small faults, small part Ash imprint. SG 122 Cat £170 as singles.

LOT181 Australia

1936 (Sep) Airmail cover Sydney to UK sent per Karachi - London, bearing 6d sepia airmail and 2d pair for Cent of Victoria tied AIR MAIL 1 / SYDNEY CDS cancels, neat little cover, SG 139 & 147.

LOT182 Australia

1936-1952 GVI Collection hinged mint complete for the period for defin and commem issues including 1934 Centenary set, 1937-49 set 14 to £1 (cat £250), 1937 150th Anniv. set, 1940 AIP set U/M, 1948-56 set of 7 to £2 (cat £140, 1/6 to £2 are U/M), Cat £510. (83).

LOT183 Australia

1971-1997 Original unpicked extensive collection on leaves from a large A to Z collector's estate unmounted mint, many in mounts with good degree of complete sets for both defins and commems, miniature sheets, setenants, self-adhesive, colourful sets etc, nice clean lot to fill those gaps.

LOT184 Australia

1992 (19 Feb) Australians Under Fire commemorative limited edition FDC bearing the set and tied FDI cancels signed by Keith Payne (VC) & Edward Kenna (VC), limited to 75 covers produced. Fine.

LOT185 Australia

1992 Gold Seekers of the 1890s sealed Australia Post 40pp book includes desert gold stamp pack of 45c x 2, $1.05, & $1.20 stamps. Fine.

LOT186 Australia

Accumulation sorted into many packets from GV to 1960s defins and commems in a file box. Noted GV Heads duplicated to 4d values, 1940s commems in various quantities, Arms to £1 etc, 100s.

LOT187 Australia

British Commonwealth Occupation Force (Japan): 1947-47 Complete set of 7 unmounted mint, very fine, SG J1/7a Cat £190.

LOT188 Australia

GV Heads - Varieties nice range of seven used examples incl 1½d red cracked plate, broken frame, 2d red white patch on head, 2d red inverted wmk, 1½d rounded frame, Pencf error etc, nice group (7).

LOT189 Australia

Postage Due: 1936 P.11 3d carmine and yellow-green attractive unmounted mint example, very fresh, SG D108.

LOT190 Australia

Postage Dues: 1936 6d carmine & yellow-green unmounted mint key stamp, very fine, SG D110, cat £375.

LOT191 Australia

Postage Dues: 1936-49 GVI Mint assembly including 1936 3d carmine and yellow-green, 1938 complete set of 7 (cat £200), mainly very fine hinged mint, SG D108, D112/118 & D124, cat £296.

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