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New Zealand Stamps

New Zealand stamps in our auctions...

Below are the New Zealand Stamps that we are currently offering for sale; you can bid and buy in complete confidence as all the items we sell are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT575 New Zealand

1934 Trans Tasman First Flight Cover Auckland to Sydney Australia sent airmail Per Faith in Australia and bears 7d blue Tasman adhs tied Auckland 17 FE 34 / 1 / NZ and violet cachet FIRST TRANS TASMAN AIRMAIL, mainly fine.

LOT576 New Zealand

1935 King George V Silver Jubilee 6d red-orange on 7th May 1935 Christchurch first day cover used locally. SG 575 Plus 7th May typed fdc with 1d carmine from Dunedin. SG 570.

LOT577 New Zealand

2004 Lord of The Rings large special folder containing 18 cupro nickel special coins for characters in the book / films. Few bends on the folder as so large otherwise coins are mint condition. High retail.

LOT578 New Zealand

Postage Dues: 1906 P.11 2d red and green fine used with pinhole where a neat part CDS cancel has struck, SG D20 cat £120.

LOT703 New Zealand

1862-63 Perlure paper P.13 1s deep green very fine used part incomplete cancel, only a couple of pulled perfs at the base & a few light tones otherwise nice scarce stamp, SG 94 Cat £2000.

LOT704 New Zealand

1862-63 Perlure paper P.13 6d black-brown very fine used part incomplete cancel, a few pulled perfs on the right otherwise sound, SG 85 Cat £350.

LOT705 New Zealand

1862-64 P.13 1s dull green sound fine used with OTAGO barred postmark, some clipped or rough perfs otherwise sound, SG 78 Cat £425.

LOT706 New Zealand

1863 No wmk Thick soft white paper 2d dull deep blue fine used with 4 close to good margins and neat part barred cancel in black, very fine for these, SG 96 Cat £800.

LOT707 New Zealand

1874-78 P.12½ Blued paper 3d brown fine used with NZ Christchurch CDS, uneven and rough perfs otherwise fine, SG 168 cat £110.

LOT708 New Zealand

1875 P.12½ Wmk Large Star 1d deep lilac fine used with good strike of 'A' duplex, rough perfs otherwise fine & 2d rose fine used, SG 178/9 Cat £338.

LOT709 New Zealand

1878 5s grey fine used example with D duplex, two clipped perfs on right corner otherwise sound top value, SG 186 Cat £300.

LOT710 New Zealand

1878 5s grey fine used example with incomplete postmark, rounded top right corner and few blunt perfs otherwise sound top value, SG 186 Cat £300.

LOT711 New Zealand

1898 No Wmk 5s vermilion, nice fine used example centred left with neat CHRISTCHURCH d/r CDS cancel, fine, SG 259 Cat £475.

LOT712 New Zealand

1899 No Wmk Thick paper P.11 6d yellow-green a superb very fine used sock on the nose CHRISTCHURCH CDS cancel, well above average, SG 264a Cat £130.

LOT713 New Zealand

1915 2d orange fine used with a superb strike of dotted outer circle AK.W black cancellation, unusual. SG 430

LOT714 New Zealand

1915 4d yellow both perf combinations in a vertical pair very fine used side CDS cancel, SG 421d cat £250.

LOT715 New Zealand

COVERS AND FDCS collection in a cover album from early including 1909 1d universal on cover PAPAROA to USA, 1906 ½d & 2d combn to USA, 1971 Paquebot signed commanding officer HMNZS TUI, HMS Danae, Waikato, Inverell, Tarapuno, 1934 Trans Tasman First Airmail cachet on cover with 7d light blue affixed but not tied on printed airmail cover to Scotland (pencil lines), 1936 14th Congress set of 5 on FDC, 1947 Life Insurance set of 7 on official FDC, 1948 Cent. FDC, 1957 75th Anniv. FDC, 1953 Coronation FDC, variety of others to 1992, mainly sound some faults but interesting lot.

LOT716 New Zealand

Express Delivery: Fine used range of 3 different 6d vermilion or carmine & bright violet, SG E1, E2, E4. Cat £99.

LOT717 New Zealand

Express Delivery: Mint range of 3 different 6d vermilion or carmine & bright violet, SG E1, E2, E4. Cat £198.

LOT718 New Zealand

Life Insurance Dept: 1893-98 P.10 2d brown-red PAIR fine used with right stamp showing Z flaw in top right corner, usual uneven perfs, nice pair, SG L9a. Cat £110.

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