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Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT632 New Zealand

1927 Admiral Head 2s light blue mounted mint, hinge remains but fresh, SG 469 Cat £75.

LOT633 New Zealand

1958 2d on 1½d brown-lake mounted mint, showing error surcharged on SG 725 variety, fine, SG 763b Cat £130.

LOT634 New Zealand

1967 Introduction of Decimal currency part set to $2 mauve on registered first day cover to England. SG 845-862

LOT635 New Zealand

Officials: 1938 Single Wmk 5s green fine hinged mint, sound SG O119. Cat £160.

LOT636 New Zealand

Officials: 1938-41 Complete set of seven unmounted mint, all fine and sound, SG O134-140 Cat £160 mint.

LOT637 New Zealand

Postal Fiscals: 1940 3/6 on 3/6d grey-green lightly mounted mint with hinge, nice example & very sound, SG F187 Cat £80.

LOT638 New Zealand

Postal Fiscals: 1940 5/6 on 5/6d lilac mounted mint with hinge, nice example & very sound, SG F188 Cat £140.

LOT639 New Zealand

Postal Fiscals: 1946 30s brown upright wmk hinged mint with fine, fresh appearance, SG F205 Cat £475.

LOT640 New Zealand

Postal Fiscals: 1946 Wmk Upright £2 bright purple fine hinged mint postal fiscal, extremely fresh and fine, SG F206. Cat £225.

LOT641 New Zealand

Postal Fiscals: 1952 £4 light blue (wmk inverted) hinged mint example with fine appearance, attr example, SG F210 Cat £350.

LOT642 New Zealand

Revenues: 1913 Wmk NZ & Star 12/6 purple fine used Stamp Duty part CDS and embossed canceller, very fine, Barefoot 246. Scarce.

LOT643 New Zealand

Stamp Duty: 1867-70 useful range of 9 different values used including 1867 15s grey and red, 20s rose and blue, £1.5s grey and red, £1.15s grey and red, 1870 onwards 5s, 10s, 15s lilac and green, £1, £2.10s rose and blue. Mainly fine for these. (9)

LOT644 New Zealand

Stamp Duty: 1882 useful range of 18 different values from 30s brown to £100 purple, all used Stamp Duty INVERCARGILL CDS or similar, mostly fine for these includes £3.10s red, £4.10s bronze, £8 green, £20 yellow, £25 purple, £30 salmon, £35 green, £40 red, £45 blue, £50 olive. (18).

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