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Netherlands Stamps

Netherlands stamps in our auctions...

Below are the Netherlands Stamps that we are currently offering for sale; you can bid and buy in complete confidence as all the items we sell are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Lot No. Country of Origin: Estimate: £ Bid:
LOT554 Netherlands

1852-1936 Old time collection on Ideal printed leaves with much useful material incl 1852 imperf set used (nice 4 margin copies), 1867 25c & 50c gold used (cat £365), 1869 set used (cat £345), 1872 set to 2g50 used (cat £335), 1876 set, 1891-4 Q. Wilhelmina mint for 3c, 5c, 7½, 10c (2 shades), 12½c, unused for 15c, 20c, 22½c, 25c & 50c (50c bistre cat £800 mint, unused without gum), 1898 12 values mostly mint to 17½c, 25c, 30c, 40c, 60c, 1906 TB set mint (cat £118), 1913 Indep. set to 25c m, 50c to 5g yellow used (cat £183), 1921 set 3 mint (cat £80), 1920 surch 2.50 on 10g (Cent.) used cat £170, 1923 Culture Fund set m, 1928 Olympic Games set m (cat £78),1931 Gouda set 2 m (cat £58),1932 Tourist set m (cat £120), 1933 Seamen's Fund set m etc, mainly sound. (260+). Huge cat value in excess of £3700.

LOT555 Netherlands

1867 Die I 50c gold very fine used neat dotted cancellation, mainly very fine and sound, SG 16.

LOT556 Netherlands

1869 2½c mauve fine used neat CDS cancel, sound, SG 62 cat £100.

LOT557 Netherlands

1888 22½c blue-green fine used corner CDS example, sound, SG 86.

LOT558 Netherlands

1920 Surcharge 2.50 on 10g orange Wilhelmina fine used CDS cancel, fine, SG 236 Cat £170.

LOT559 Netherlands

1920 Surcharge 2.50 on 10g orange William I fine used two CDS cancels, one weak corner bend otherwise fine, SG 237 Cat £170.

LOT560 Netherlands

1923 25th Anniv. of Queen's Accession 2½g black fine used decent CDS example, sound, SG 268. Cat £350.

LOT561 Netherlands

1923 25th Anniv. of Queen's Accession 5g blue fine used decent CDS example, sound, SG 269. Cat £300.

LOT562 Netherlands

1924 Int. Philatelic Ex. set of 3 10c, 15c & 35c mint / unmounted mint, SG 290/2 Cat £190.

LOT563 Netherlands

1947 Queen Wilhelmina 5g olive hinged mint, fresh and fine, SG 260 Cat £170.

LOT564 Netherlands

1950 Bombed Churches Rebuiklding Fund set of 4 fine used CDS cancels, SG 720/4. Cat £70.

LOT565 Netherlands

1952 Int. Stamp Ex. Utrecht set of 4 mounted mint, SG 757a/757d Cat £148.

LOT566 Netherlands

A selection of approx. fifty Netherlands covers with various stamps and postmark interest.

LOT685 Netherlands

1852-1944 Mainly mint collection in a DAVO hingeless luxury printed album with slipcase with useful throughout including 1852 set 3, 1864 set 3, 1867 set, 1869 set, 1906 TB set all used, 1913 Centenary 2½c to 2½g mint (cat £360), 1921 set of 3 defins mint (cat £84), 1923 surch set 2 used, 1923 Queen's Accession 8 vals to 1g mint (cat £74), 1923 Culture Fund set 2 m (cat £52), 1924 Pigeon & Queen defins 21 vals to 2½g mint (cat £290), Child Welfare sets mint or used, 1927 Red X set m, 1928 Olympic Games set m (cat £78), 1929 surch m,1932 Tourist set m (cat £120), 1933 Orange set m, 1933 Seamen's Fund set m, 1934 Tercent. set m, 1935 Air m, 1940 Wilhelmina set to 60c mint, 1946 Top Values 1g, 2½g, 5g & 10g all hinged mint (cat £676, 10g is slightly curled), 1942 Netherlands Legion Fund miniature sheets hinged mint (2, cat £340), etc. Enormous catalogue value in excess of £3050+.

LOT686 Netherlands

1852-1977 A well filled DAVO album with a massive range of material on crunchy plain leaves mint , unmounted mint and used with huge range of defin and commem sets, many with both mint set and used set, few earlier imperfs and defins, 1891 to 1g used, 1898 to 5g used, 1906 TB set used, 1907 Ruyter, 1913 Indep set to 25c m & u, 1920s Welfare sets mint, 1927 Red X set used, 1928 olympics set m & u, 1932 Tourist set m & u, 1930s Child Welfare, 1946 to 10g m & u, 1940 to 80c on 3c mint, 1949 to 10g used, 1950 Fund set m, Bombed Churches set m, 1950s Welfare & Fund sets m, 1952 Telegraph both sets m & u, 1953 set to 10g mint, complete for most issues hereon 1977, 1940s commem sets and part sets to 1977 etc, great lot for sorting out and expansion, some mounted mint are heavy but huge catalogue value and qty.

LOT687 Netherlands

1852-1980 Useful collection in a DAVO hingeless album mainly fine used with many better sets including 1852 5c blue (good 4 margin), 10c (2), 15c orange (2 shades), 1864 set 3 f.u., 1867 to 25c purple used, 1869 set f.u., 1872 set to 2g50 used, 1891 12 vals to 1g brown and green, 1898-1905 vals to 5g used, 1906 TB set, 1913 Indep. Cent. set to 1g used, 1920 2.50 on 10g orange Cent. used (creased), 1928 Olympics set, 1932 Tourist set, hereon much complete for defins and commems, great lot for completing, huge cat value in excess of £2000+.

LOT688 Netherlands

1852-1989 Simplex springback album & pages containing a useful collection all identified by SG number unpicked as found mint and used with 1852 imperfs set 3, perf set 3, 1867 to 20c, 1869 to 2½c, 1872 to 2g50 (cat £150), 1891 to 50c & 1g green and brown, 1898 to 5g, 1906 TB set, 1907 Ruter set m, Child Welfare sets, 1946 1g & 2½g, enormous amount of mainstream ranges throughout incl commems some to 1980s, back of the book incl many colonies, postage dues, Justice & fiscals, etc, ideal to fill those gaps. 100s. High cat value in excess of £1200 just for earlier.

LOT689 Netherlands

1864-1989 Well filled DAVO ALBUM Vol I Printed album & slipcase with a mainstream mint and mainly used assembly incl many complete years of defins and commems to 1989, spaces for back of the book issues, airmails, mainly just needs key items and M/S to complete, clean lot for expansion, expensive new.

LOT690 Netherlands

1898 10g orange top value nicely fine used part double ring CDS cancel, very sound and fine, SG 197 cat £1000. NVPH 80 cat €900.

LOT691 Netherlands

1924-1986 Child Welfare A superb mint or used collection of complete sets only neatly laid out on black leaves in display pockets, noted 1924-8, 1935-1986 totally complete mint or unmounted mint, 1929-34 sets fine used, lovely lot cat in excess of £630.

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